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  1. Crazy Stiff Shaft

    Sorry Gents! Was/am after Driver shaft
  2. My very own putter project

    I'm also liking that putter so keep me in the Loop... Dale
  3. Crazy Stiff Shaft

    Looking for a Crazy Shaft in Stiff Flex What ya Got?
  4. PXG Parson Extreme Golf

    We are on about Golf clubs, right?
  5. PXG Parson Extreme Golf

    I myself prefer JLC watches but that's just me.... I've been fortunate enough to hit all the above mentioned golf Clubs, and I could easily find Pros and Cons with ALL. I play with a Boutique Brand, Buchi, which I'm told is a very good Manufacturing House/Brand, yet my 6 week old PW is showing signs of rust on the Face??.... Epon I played for Years, steadily went on a Decline in Quality and Design. Miura, again liked them BUT I thought these looked old Hat too. Hit PXG, and I was impressed, not by the Looks but they worked, actually straight off the Bat, they worked better than my own Clubs!!..... Results told the Story. I think, on the whole High End Equipment, be that Audio/Cars/and Golf club's is just that ... High End and as a General Guide you Get Quality. But I do agree that "we" need to open our eyes and minds to other Brands, that said this is in most Part a Japanese Golf Club Forum, so "we" are here for a Reason.... I
  6. Here's a a pair of Hot Dogs....
  7. A few more SEVEN Putters Added to the Store

    Chris Can you make Mallet style?
  8. Love it... Can I have her Number ;-)
  9. Crazy Shaft equivalent?

  10. Coming this week...

    Maybe she banged out all these "made For" shaft for TM?...... J/k
  11. LOOP Shafts!

    How do these rate against the likes Of Crazy.?
  12. Crazy Shaft equivalent?

    How's the CB46 compare to the CB50
  13. Crazy Shaft equivalent?

  14. Kamui Works KM-300 Custom Spec Driver

    Chris. Will there be a "Matching" 3 wood or Ute