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  1. $175 plus some shipping..... Anyone wanting to try this club?
  2. Yup. Times are changing..... Looks like this will go on the Bay. Lots of members seem to be having success there.
  3. Reduced to rock bottom..... come and get it now. Thanks.
  4. PM me. Since I am not playing it at the moment I am sure we can work something out. :)
  5. A real give away .... and a treat for a newbie to JDM clubs. $245 shipped!
  6. It would help if you let us know your handicap, ball launch, weight preference etc. Also where are you located? I think this group of FMs can recommend many drivers that may suit you.
  7. LOL. I have one but it's not for sale as it's in my bag :) I could offer you my Iya-Domo wedges very cheap in case you would like to try them instead.
  8. $250 anyone? It's a great set up.
  9. Reduced to $270. Hit me with offers, I may agree....
  10. As the subject says, I am looking for a Japanese driver shaft with similar characteristics to the new NV 2KXV shaft. Low spin, low lauch, high kick point in the 60 - 65 gms range. Thanks. Any recommendations.
  11. Will trade for heel-shafted L mallet putter....
  12. This 15* 3-wood goes bullet straight with this shaft. SR flex but plays closer to a stiff. Was butt trimmed only to length (43 inches) with a new Lamkin grip. Spine aligned. There are some sky marks from use. Please see photographs. The crown, face and sole are in very good used condition. Comes with original Epon head cover. Wonderful dependable club for the right player. OK how about $290 $275 $245 $190 $175 plus minimum shipping !!! (PP gifted) Can't get less!
  13. Driver length in S flex please.....