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    ZY-7 Speeder Diamond - 3W Baldo Brassy/Roddio - Maruman Shuttles - Baldo irons/Basileus Biz 90 - Frog's Leap wedges - CURE/DPT putter

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  1. SOLD thanks

    Even at give away prices it was tough to move stuff ....
  2. I can't make this cheaper....but still open to interesting trades ! Will also trade for unused L size t-shirts or new golf shoes in size 42 (EUR) / 9 (US).
  3. SOLD

    Head sold! Thank you TSG.
  4. SOLD

    Head only.....
  5. Will trade for some nice SR or R shafts..... I don't know why but looks like my swing speed has dropped a bit :)
  6. SOLD

    Comes with free set of weights and a like-new headcover. Selling because I realize I do better with heavier drivers. The shaft is the Fujikura Jewel Line Diamond 50S (58.5 gms). Shaft available.
  7. WTB: Epon Driver Dead or Alive

    Hello. I am not sure you realize this is the What's in the Bag section ...not Want to Buy :)
  8. Donated

    I currently use the Kasco Taro Super Hyten driver and it is a bomber!! GLWS.
  9. Trades: Scotty Cameron Futura x Evnroll ER5
  10. Will trade head for a driving iron (Epon / Honma etc.) 17* or 18* or 21* - 23* hybrid.
  11. PM me. Since I am not playing it at the moment I am sure we can work something out. :)