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    Ping G SF Tec 12* Attas Rockstar, Srixon H45 16* Hybrid, Miura HB3 20*, Miura HB4 24* HybridIN THE BAG - 2012 Yamaha InpresX Tourmodel 5-W Modus3 120Bench - OnOff Kuro 4-W Modus3 105, 2008 Yamaha Inpres Fuji MCI 120, Odyssey Lucky 777 Putter, Machine Megladon, Sun Mountain C130, pom poms

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  1. oldracer


    So 5-w + 56 Stu?
  2. oldracer

    OnOff Kuro 4 or 5-W

    they're already gone Steven but thanks for the heads up
  3. oldracer

    OnOff Kuro 4 or 5-W

    Looking for a good set of 2015 Kuro irons 4 or 5 - W, head only or shafted, posted to 3608 Australia, anything out there???????
  4. oldracer

    Callaway Legacy Black 4-PW (SOLD)

    sweet sticks T, glws
  5. oldracer

    Looking for PXG 0311 or 0311XF 4-P

    maybe PXG are not for you if you don't want to donate a lung and kidney
  6. oldracer

    Liquidation on Onoff.

    Interested if they are, price?
  7. oldracer

    Liquidation on Onoff.

    So they're not Kuro wedges?
  8. oldracer

    Liquidation on Onoff.

    what degree are the wedges Vic?? pics pls
  9. oldracer

    SOLD - M2 head 9.5*

    pm sent
  10. oldracer

    2017 Iron Recommendations

    Miura MB 001 blades are great, a tad larger than the baby and a very good combo is the Epon AF Tour / 302
  11. oldracer

    Buchi MT201 Prototype 1st Run 52/28 SOLD

    What's the bounce pls
  12. oldracer

    Onoff Kuro 4-pw

    Kuro's are 2015 and the best CB going around
  13. whats the weight of the Bassaras Ian pls???
  14. oldracer

    The New Bridgestone Tour-B Series Golf Clubs

    very much like the 08 Inpres V Forged