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    Ping G SF Tec 12* Attas Rockstar, Srixon H45 16* Hybrid, Miura HB3 20*, Miura HB4 24* HybridIN THE BAG - 2012 Yamaha InpresX Tourmodel 5-W Modus3 120Bench - OnOff Kuro 4-W Modus3 105, 2008 Yamaha Inpres Fuji MCI 120, Odyssey Lucky 777 Putter, Machine Megladon, Sun Mountain C130, pom poms

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  1. I have a set of '15 OnOff Kuros with i95 Steelfiber shafts and new midsize gripmaster grips, 4-W if you are interested Carlo
  2. oldracer


    So 5-w + 56 Stu?
  3. they're already gone Steven but thanks for the heads up
  4. Looking for a good set of 2015 Kuro irons 4 or 5 - W, head only or shafted, posted to 3608 Australia, anything out there???????
  5. maybe PXG are not for you if you don't want to donate a lung and kidney
  6. what degree are the wedges Vic?? pics pls
  7. Miura MB 001 blades are great, a tad larger than the baby and a very good combo is the Epon AF Tour / 302
  8. Kuro's are 2015 and the best CB going around
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