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  1. Epon P3 - sold Epon202 woods remaining.
  2. magpies

    Epon AF 202 3 HT wood (PRICE TO CLEAR)

    5 wood sold. Left the 3 wood HT
  3. magpies

    Tour AD shafts

    I use 5 stiff and it plays well. I finally get to bring my spin and flight down. My swing speed is only 98-100.
  4. magpies

    Epon AF 202 3 HT wood (PRICE TO CLEAR)

    added Epon AF 202 3 HT wood - 200 USD in excellent condition wont find a better one out there. AF 202 5 wood - 150 USD. All come with head cover and price include shipping thanks! Take both for 300!
  5. magpies

    Tour AD shafts

    I never a fan of tour ad esp the DI. but I have the iz in my f9 driver and I like it a lot.
  6. magpies

    Epon 303 (SOLD)

    Selling a set of excellent condition 303. It is MOI build with ACCRA ICWT 95 shaft. Other than a small dink on the 9 iron, otherwise it is perfect. It comes 6 pieces 6 to Gap. Interested parties pls pm me.
  7. magpies

    Epon 303 (SOLD)

    All sold
  8. 1. Selling a set of Kyoei MB (4-Pw) head only. Condition 7/10. Sold 2. Epon Af tour MB 4 iron head only (Brand new) SOLD Interested please pm me. Cheers
  9. magpies

    Epon AF Tour MB 2

    Looking for epon af tour MB 2. Prefer heads only. Pm me if you got 1 for sale. Cheers
  10. honma beres series, yamaha ud+2 or the new titleist type d (i think) series. Recently got the ud+2 for my friend who was a beginner. Driver go with Ping. Its hard to beat ping for forgiveness, fairway as well. The XXIO hybrids are excellent.
  11. looking for kyoei mb and roddio pentacross utility 8 stiff shaft. Let me know if you have one for sale.
  12. That’s fine. I’m looking for U-8 stiff not I-8s.
  13. magpies

    Fujikura Bangvoo iron shaft (ALL SOLD)

    modart hybrid and epon wedges sold.