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  1. Yup. I plan to get it done with my Epon 303 when it gets ruffle up. Favourite irons for me.
  2. Hi weird question. But where can I get those ferrules?
  3. After using miura/epon and a few other brands, I went back to Vokeys. Just glad they have it in the forged version. So for me, its the vokey forged.
  4. Tame it as in? it launches too high?
  5. new stuff added! please send me some offers!
  6. 1. Selling a set of Epon 503 irons. Comes with brand new KBS Tour V stiff shaft and new golf pride MCC grips. 1/2 inch longer than standard and 2 degree upright. Recently fitted professionally with a progressive swing weight. Condition 8/10 except a small nick on the 8 iron. Asking for $SOLD 2. Epon 202 3ht heads only. Condition 8/10 Asking for $SOLD 3. Epon 903 hybrid 23 deg (used a few times only). Comes with quadra fire express utility 100 stiff shaft Asking for $400 350 usd Shipped 4. 2015 PRGR egg UT 23 degree heads only (used once) Asking for $SOLD
  7. hey nob so after all your graphite putter shaft testing, could you rate your favourite? maybe top 3?
  8. magpies

    Epon 302 copper!

    really long shot. I posted earlier before and till now still no news. It is literally extinct. Better to buy a normal set and get TSG to copper work on them.
  9. Huge fan of the Titleist Japan series. Cant wait for the reviews as well.
  10. Yes I tried going to fitter and found out fujikura speeder 8.8 shaft works best. I generate a lot of spin and I have a steep angle of attack. The fitter recommended a smaller hybrid for me.
  11. thanks for the offer mate. But I am always on the move. I'll drop u a msg when I'm back. Hi Nob, no hybrids. sold them all. Used the epon 902, xr, adams, masda and miura. They all didn't work out so well. Perhaps ur right. I will get a hybrid and start practising with it.
  12. yes i need to do more research on it. Is it the normal UT or the I series? But how does it compare to the A grind proto? too many woods will make my bag ugly. I don't want that. yeah but i did think of that :D
  13. Don't think I have game for the 901.... Frustrating it's the 180-200 yard issue for me. Yes I tried. My 3 wood goes about 220-230 yards. 3 wood is my best club I hit. Reliable and solid. It's just natural to me. 5 wood goes about 210. Tried easing off the 5 wood gripping lower. But it isn't consistent.
  14. i would say my swing speed is medium? Driver swing speed is between 95-105. Ive never used any driving irons before tbh.
  15. Hello mates, So recently I have decided to maybe, give up on hitting hybrids. It might be my swing fault or not practising enough with hybrids but I find it really hard to get along with hybrids. I finally decided to introduce a 5 wood in my bag and couldn't be more happy. (so that replaces my 18 degree hybrid) Now, I play the Epon 303, 5-Pw iron set with the loft of 5 iron being 26 degree. It will be fair to say, that I am only fully confident of my irons till 6. My 5 iron is not my strongest but it can still go decent. Would anyone who have experience in such a situation be able to recommend me a club or advice to bridge the gap between my 5 iron and my 5 wood? Would you still advice me to practise more with a hybrid because I don't believe i have the game for driving iron when I can't even hit my 5 iron well. Any advice is much appreciated.
  16. Gold's factory all day. It's like having a putter made for you. Why buy a ready made putter when you can create you own. Gold's factory is one of the best thing that happen for the majority golfers.
  17. Haha thanks for the offer mate. But I am done with experimenting with JDM drivers. I came to a personal conclusion that I prefer the performance of US drivers. I will still be sticking to JDM mostly.
  18. Hey Steven, isn't the original Ryoma better? I had the original Ryoma before. It is definitely forgiving but I felt that G30 and 915 are better. I am trying to find a good JDM driver. But i always go back to the US drivers. Had the Epon 153 as well. It was just alright.
  19. It's the ugliest golf equipment Epon has created so far. Wtf were they thinking.
  20. they look similar to a titleist 714 cb. However, if it is thick enough, it might be forgiving.
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