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  1. Looking for a grind hybrid proto at 22 degree. Preferably with shaft. cheers
  2. so many options. I will be very interested in the a grind now. If anyone have a 23 degree for sale please let me know. recently just missed out on one.
  3. Is the a grind forgiving enough?.
  4. Oh man. The romaro looks very similar to the epon 902 i just sold. Is it hooky? I used the Ryoma. It is too big for my liking. Besides, i like something with better turf interaction.
  5. Thanks for the feedback. Which would you recommend for a forgiving and long hybrid? One that is very easy off the rough would be preferred. I usually have no problem on the deck, but have issues in the rough. I always prefer a shallow face hybrid. However, I went for a Titleist fitting last week, and found out I am more of a digger than sweeper. So does the deep face/ shallow face matters?
  6. I just realise I posted this topic in the wrong section. Could the moderator help with moving the topic. Apologies on that.
  7. Hello mates, I was just wondering, are the JDM hybrids as good as the US market hybrids? In terms of performance such as distance and forgiveness. I know that JDM makes great product and are known for feel. But comparing between the new Titleist 816 and M1 hybrids, are they any better as say compared to the new release such as Epon 903 hybrid and the Modart?
  8. Best feeling: Epon 303 Easiest to hit: Onoff 2013 Most forgiving: Epon 503.
  9. C tapered lite regular. Progress swing weight. Length is 1/2 inch longer.
  10. updated with new items! Wedges and 21 degree hybrid sold! open to trades such as Epon 903 hybrids!
  11. price revise and new Epon hybrid added. Make some offers guys!
  12. Hi looking for a pair of epon 903 hybrids. Interested sellers please msg me. Preferably heads only.
  13. shall wait for the reviews for these. I prefer the VG3 line to AP.
  14. wow. thats nice. the hybrid looks so similar to the 816. Are the irons forged?
  15. MASSIVE PRICE DROP $350 with shaft and shipped!
  16. no love for these? not even the Epon wedges? come on guys make me some offer!!!
  17. Hello, A few things for sale before the year ends. ALL SOLD. 1. Miura CB57 (5-PW). Condition is 8/10 Asking for $1200 shipped. Miura CB57 4 IRON MINT head only at $150 USD 2. Epon AF 902 18 Degree hybrid (literally new) with brand new Fubuki AX 400 S (SOLD) 3. Miura K grind 56. Condition 9/10. Comes with dynamic gold s200 shaft. Practically unused. Asking for $250 shipped. Please let me know if my price is not attractive. Open to offers.
  18. Hi anyone know the bounce of epon 303 iron?
  19. Price reduced: 300+ shipping
  20. Looking for the 2012 Vokey forged wedge by endo. 50-08 and 56-10 degree. Minty condition will be preferred. Cheers
  21. price reduced. 400 inclusive of shipping. Worldwide.
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