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  1. Hi Roycehart. The shaft is still available. Please PM me if you are interest.
  2. Hi Chris, Can you advise me which CB model is close to the size of 2016 Seven CB?
  3. Any offer? Things seem pretty quite. I'll re-shaft it with the spare shaft If this doesn't work till end of February.
  4. Moving from the Seven CB to Itobori take me a short time getting used to. Its a lovely club and the feedback are really enjoyable.
  5. Hi Chris. I only have 2 round with these club and its still early for the final comment but I am really enjoy the feedback outside of center and the pro who tried these club really like it.
  6. Finally, I have a chance to play with this combo set last week on the range and on course. The Itobori CB are soft only in the center for feedback on miss-hits. The feel on miss-hits is rather hard compared to others CB that I played before. On the other hand, the driving iron are more spongy soft feel at impact which is very similar feel to the A-Grid UT Proto but tad solid than the A-Grind. I found it’s a bit lighter and easy to play however the trajectory is lower than what I am expected. This is not the longest and softest iron that I played in the past but the feedback is essential to shake my rusty swing and its really feel fantastic and addicted when I have a good strike.
  7. Great club as always from TheBoomer. GLWS Will definitely consider this set if I am able to sell my spare club.
  8. Hi Grumpy, I will get my club shafted today and will try it on weekend. In which particular area you could like to know more about this club. Mine is 4 DI and the rest in CB.
  9. Price further drop for quick sale. Will consider part trade with Ryoma Utility 18* with Stiff Shaft in good condition Looking also part trade with Fujikura Black 80 iron shaft in stiff flex or Bangvoo Iron shaft in Regular flex.
  10. Shafts pulled out for my new iron set therefore the club with shaft options are not anymore available. Revised the post for iron and wedges head only. Things seem pretty quite, will start to listing in other forum.
  11. I played with the difference wedge shaft to my iron shaft and heavier wedge shaft in the past. Chad of Fujikura recommended me to keep my wedge shaft same as my iron shaft or not more than 15 grms which I did last year, Its more consistence in my swing and improvement in the distance gap than the previous setup. I do not have a fast swing speed and strong loaded swing. It could be the reason suit me better with the same iron and wedge shaft
  12. I am using the same shaft for my iron and wedge, the only change I did is to increase the SW in wedge
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