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  1. Dean Have a JBeam ZY-7 10" with a Bangvoo Premium 260 stiff Willing to swap Best J
  2. Only Benock seems to surpass the putting community in the feel department with their micro milled face Control over that feel seems to be another thing that makes it anyone's game
  3. What I do like about the TM is the Carbon Steel I'm a sucker for Carbon Steel Used to gaming them and that cushion soft insert like feel without the insert As nice or better than German IMHO
  4. yes I would have to lean to that direction as well there are limited editions that have caught my eye similar to what Cameron does but integrates them in to the ingot
  5. yep Supo Maybe But the HM logo in the cavity denotes a hand made Hiro Just no feeling about weather to go for something that's soft due to the milling their newer flagship stuff or a traditional metal infused insert putter like the older models head scratcher
  6. Any input on this guys???? Not made like older Hiro's but have seen a transition to this type of milling HM website no input
  7. jsrz3


    No doubt! Nob Plus how I swing is another issue...….very flat a high launching shaft for some and others are suited to 9 and even lower due to their swing plane it's a journey
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