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  1. What’s the PS2? Playstaion? 😆 Have the Pantaleone w/ Dogatti/ Pantaleone CS/ Golds Superdalehead / Yamada Emperor HM / Kronos Touch and D’arcy Thought to pick up the Zen but now this PS2 and Ryoma has crept into my brain bank Whats the verdict guys Even though I love the Benocks for feel sometimes the lie angle isn’t what I’m after as I like it a bit upright Anyways good read j
  2. Everything so shiny and so sezzzzy got target tours in my 2011 Kuros as well but in XS woulda liked to have tried them in 105 and in stiff oh well couldn’t pass on them when they came around
  3. jsrz3

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    Ok guys here you go
  4. jsrz3

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    I may have grabbed the wrong top line / face pics as the shafts are MCI black and it looks like I infected some of the pics from the Miura / Yamaha just what I had on my phone i will get up some better shots here shortly
  5. jsrz3

    Some stuff

    Oh I could but several snaps each Whew! Maybe I will but it will be a slow grind
  6. jsrz3

    Some stuff

    Ahhhhhhhh Super They don't call me Super Rookie for nothing Oh well, that's what I was afraid of Might as well just close the thread Apologies mates J
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