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  1. Everything so shiny and so sezzzzy got target tours in my 2011 Kuros as well but in XS woulda liked to have tried them in 105 and in stiff oh well couldn’t pass on them when they came around
  2. jsrz3

    Some stuff

    Ok guys here you go
  3. jsrz3

    Some stuff

    I may have grabbed the wrong top line / face pics as the shafts are MCI black and it looks like I infected some of the pics from the Miura / Yamaha just what I had on my phone i will get up some better shots here shortly
  4. jsrz3

    Some stuff

    Oh I could but several snaps each Whew! Maybe I will but it will be a slow grind
  5. jsrz3

    Some stuff

    Ahhhhhhhh Super They don't call me Super Rookie for nothing Oh well, that's what I was afraid of Might as well just close the thread Apologies mates J
  6. Hi guys, Just some stuff laying around in VG condition Shoot me a PM if anything catches your eye and I can send pics if that is ok w/ everyone Putters: Yamada Emperor/ Benock Center Shaft/ Kronos (Xander Scauffelle’s) Mamiya ust shaft w/ Kronos magister ludi grip +hc/ Kronos Release long neck/Gold's Super Dale head Matrix Ozik proto shaft /Hiro Matsumoto 007/ Drivers: Ryoma type D 10.5 w/ Crazy tj black 80/ Crazy black 435 10 w/ Basileus AAA 70s/ Waccine Compo Silver 10.5 quadra fire express/ A Grind y proto w/ NDS Rey SR/ A Grind 440 w/ fire express WBQ max 65s/ JBeam 535 Black w/ AAA Shafts: Crazy Boron sx ( now w/ JBeam ZY11)/ Labospec Tataki 70S / Crazy Fairway Reg Hybrid: Ryoma IP black 21 w/ crazy UT / Ryoma IP black 24 tour ad S type 95g Crazy full titan 5 wood w/ Crazy black fw 80/ Crazy full titan 7 wood w crazy black FW80 Ryoma IP balck 3 wood w Crazy tour la bomba/ Kamui 3 wood w/ Diamana X Torurspec wedges w/ tour AD shafts 52/58 /Epon tour wedges 50/54/58 / Yonex ezone wedges 52/56/60 w/ Nippon limited Bronze shafts Miura baby blades 8-pw /Miura CB 1008 5-7 combo set w/ Mitsubishi OTI 95 shafts stiff Prgr id Nabla tour 4-pw w/ MCI black 100x / Prgr id Nabla tour wedges 52/58 Mci black 100x shafts Epon stand bag/ Sunnyhaha stand bag Royal Collection 3 wood w/ Diamana x 60s / AGrind 3 wood head Yonex Z01 4 di with a Tour AD Bb7
  7. jsrz3


    I think I could do those covers Dean best J
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