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  1. I have to agree with both of my colleagues. I would never buy those clubs in that condition. Pre-owned Epons is like buying a Mercedes - you know the person who had them took great care for them as they are $$$. Obviously, this person did not care about his ownership. For close to $400 you can buy some great sets here on TSG Buy, Sell & Trade. However, if you are happy with them, then more power to you. Enjoy them and have fun every time you're out on the course. ⛳ Nothing really matters except if you're happy. Cheers TK
  2. I also have the F2 Ryoma 3W with a Matrix shaft and it is a rocket launcher. It will be very hard to knock that club out of my bag... A blessed 2021 to one and all ⛳
  3. I love my 2015 Kuros...can't see anything knocking them out of my bag. Why are you selling yours? For those interested, jump on the 2015 Kuros - legendary sticks and they don't go on sale very often. GLWS - Cheers, TK3
  4. I agree with Dr.Shankenstein I love my 2015 Kuros. Long and very forgiving. When it comes to excellent iron choices like the ones mentioned, it's hard to go wrong. Try them all (if you can), but I think that how they look at address inspires confidence and that is also very important.
  5. I think the Ping G400 Max is one of the most forgiving and longest drivers out there. IMHO, I would not touch that club. If you're having trouble with your 2nd shot, look at some forgiving / player friendly JDM irons. There are plenty out there that will definitely help you - same with player friendly hybrids & FWs. Also, as another members said, keep with the lesson and practice!
  6. Tommyk3


    Ah, if only it was a lefty.... Beautiful - someone will definitely find love with this girl.
  7. New Price Drop. Come on guys - Great clubs just sitting in my garage!
  8. Hi guys, After a long bout of indecision, I am finally ready to put my Titleist VG3 irons on TSG. As I'm sure everyone knows, these are fantastic irons, long, forgiving and feel wonderful when struck. I've had them for 3 seasons and I just bought a set of OnOff Kuros 2015 and I love them to much to let them sit in my garage. The VG3s are in excellent shape - they show very little wear as I take pride in my clubs - pictures tell the story. Only the logo on the back of the #5 iron has some scratches on it (it came this way when I bought them used 😒. Has absolutely no effec
  9. Bought one here last year. With the right shaft, it is truly a rocket. GLWS TK
  10. I just bought a set and these replaced my Titleist VG3s....love the new OnOffs 🏌️‍♂️
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