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  1. DMG


    Some better daylight pics...
  2. DMG


    Thanks mate. Damn interest rates here in Australia are killing me!
  3. DMG


    Adams Idea MB2 Raw irons 3-PW KBS Tour S stiff flex shafts 10MIC grips Clubs are in excellent condition. These are a raw iron head so patina is expected after use. There is only some slight patina starting on some, which highlights the little use these have had. Rare find in this condition, and a bit of a cult iron (some say GOAT). $old. Located in AUS so would need to neg. shipping. Review https://mygolfspy.com/adams-idea-mb2-iron-reviews/ Forum Thread https://forums.golf wrx/topic/1768030-adams-mb2-greatest-irons-of-an-era/
  4. DMG


    Wishon 565MC irons 5-GW (GW not in pics but same condition as the rest) - 7 clubs total NS Pro Modus3 Tour 105 R (black) Golf Pride Tour Velvet Midsize grips Had these built up by Royal Adelaide pro shop last year (shafts were purchased new). Condition is excellent, washed after every round. Slight paint chip on the shaft of the 7 iron (shown in pics). $old - Located in AUS so would need to neg. shipping.
  5. DMG


    Bridgestone J40DPC (dual pocket cavity) irons - 4-PW Project X Flighted 5.0 (reg) shafts Bridgestone grips Standard specs as far as I'm aware. Excellent condition. Very regretful sale, but can't justify multiple sets given the amount I play. I've only ever used them a few times at the range (off mats) and always stored them in covers. $old - I'm located in AUS so would have to neg. shipping.
  6. ...and no-one would ever blame you for that! Those Yammy's are one of the best ever.
  7. Bump... any final interest before they find their way onto various market places?
  8. Dude... was there no option to dispute the decision due to the description having the actual length? If he paid with PayPal, perhaps they have something? This is a joke!
  9. Certainly looks the business mate! Love the Xanadu for the match as well.
  10. Both are now head only as I've pulled the Crazy shaft to pair with my new TSi2.
  11. Couple of gems available if anyone is interested. I love both, but need to reduce excess stock and just can't beat the PING woods for my current game. 1. Crazy FX BM-435 Driver Head I believe the loft is 10* (or very close to it) Knitted headcover (but could throw in a SIM headcover if preferred) Excellent used condition. $300pp 2. Crazy CRZ-435 Limited Edition Driver Head Full matte black I believe the loft is 10* (or very close to it). Crazy headcover Excellent used condition, basically new. I got it mint from Hutchy and used it for one range session... so it's still mint. $500pp
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