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  1. Amazing, thank you for sharing. You should definitely play them.
  2. Interesting, thank you.
  3. 7 iron swing speed is currently 74 - 80mph, at the top end of regular flex. I have a smooth swing, not very aggressive. Speed may increase later in the season. Mainly interested in low kick point iron shafts, mid kick might work. 110g - 115g is ideal, but 100g to 120g is fine. Curious about wedge, hybrid, fairway, and driver shafts also. Thank you
  4. Wondering if someone might have these sitting in their collection somewhere...... desired flex depends on the shaft. Interested in 3/4 - PW/GW/SW/LW. I have a couple items I'd be willing to trade if you're interested. Crazy CBI-80 Crazy Target Tour Quadra 4AX SOF 100i - interested in other 4AX SOF models also Fire Express DGL Fire Express Max WBQ Iron N.S. Pro Super Peening N.S. Pro Prototypes Design Tuning Nippon Design Tuning Shimada Muziik Rombax Bangvoo Premium Iron Muziik Dogatti Other JDM brands Thank you
  5. Anyone here ever gamed or tested either of these? If so, what would you compare them to in terms of looks (from address) and performance? Who forged them?
  6. You may never see another set in this condition. 2 degrees upright, heads are slightly heavier than standard MP-18 SC heads. 8 heads total. (2) - 7 iron heads, one can be used for testing different shafts. Each head is still in the factory plastic (shown in 5th photo) underneath the outer factory bag. Offers welcome. $700 plus shipping 4 7 5 6 7 8 9 PW
  7. Cool video. It's interesting to see everything that goes into producing an iron. I believe this is the Kyoei factory - Vega irons are shown.
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