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  1. 4 hours?? Ridiculous. Nice collection.
  2. Still available - $400 shipped in the US, trades welcome
  3. It's probably hidden in the Japanese wilderness
  4. What happens to unsold golf gear? I'm guessing it depends on if the brand themselves are trying to sell it direct to customers, or if it's being sold by a shop such as TSG. If it goes unsold for a long time, do the employees get to choose what they want? Does the CEO of the brand or owner of the shop keep it? Is it given away to friends or business partners? Is it sold off in bulk? Is it recycled/thrown away? Surely it would be better to give it to someone who could use it, instead of throwing it away.
  5. Looking for MADE IN JAPAN wedges, 5 wood, and driver. As close to 100% made in Japan as possible - Japanese materials, forged in Japan, etc., not just assembled in Japan. New, like new, or slightly used condition. Also looking for a Miura Giken CB-1008 4 iron. New, like new, or slightly used condition. Sand and gap wedge - 2010 or newer, conforming, not raw, around 52 and 56 degrees, head only or shafted. Yururi chili, yururi Okamura satin, kyoei prototype, kyoei tour, prgr 2010 tr forged, crazy Toyoshima 104w, royal collection 2010 cp model, or something similar. 5 wood - Con
  6. Are either of these drivers made in Japan?
  7. Greetings, Mizuno ST200G / Atmos Black Tour Spec 7S with extras. There are a few small scratches / marks on the driver as shown in the pictures. I tried to capture them as best I could. It's nearly impossible to see the marks on the crown from address. There are a few marks on the shaft as well, as the pictures show. Shaft is $300 new. Info on shaft - https://fujikuragolf.com/woods/atmos-tour-spec Headcover, wrench (not Mizuno but it works), new unused adapter, 2 extra weights, and new midsize Iomic putter grip included. $500 $450 $400 including shipping in the US, offers welco
  8. Greetings, I've read what I can about all of these wedges, but wanted to see if anyone here has tested/owned any of these. Interested in hearing your thoughts on how they perform, and how they compare to each other if you've used more than one. OnOff - http://blog.tourspecgolf.com/onoff-2015-forged-wedge/ Yamaha - http://blog.tourspecgolf.com/2013-yamaha-inpress-x-forged-wedge-2-round-update/ Yururi - http://blog.tourspecgolf.com/yururi-wedge-models-comparison/ Thank you
  9. Greetings, Does anyone know if either of these wedges were forged at Endo? Each review mentions Endo, but does not specifically say that they were forged there. I asked TSG about the OnOff wedge and they think it was Endo forged, but are not 100% sure. http://blog.tourspecgolf.com/onoff-2015-forged-wedge/ http://blog.tourspecgolf.com/2013-yamaha-inpress-x-forged-wedge-2-round-update/ Thank you
  10. Just saw this, I might be interested.
  11. I checked it close to when it was posted, but thank you.
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