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  1. junior_golfer

    Driver and three wood shafts - X flex

    Looking to try something new in my driver and three wood...must be X Flex (115mph+) Thanks so much!
  2. junior_golfer

    A-Grind Proto or Utility

    Hi All, I'm looking for an A-Grind Proto or Std. Utility Head (the slightly smaller one) with 18* or 19* of loft. If it's shafted, I'd need something in X-Flex. Thanks so much, DB
  3. junior_golfer

    VA Composites

    Anyone here played these with any success? I did a search, but little came up. I have a Raijin 64-FIVE (X) en route to me and am curious as to how it'll hold up. I've been playing the Rogue 125 MSI since early 2015... https://www.vashafts.com I know the owner is the same individual who founded Oban. Thanks so much, Junior.
  4. junior_golfer


    Hi All, Looking for a hybrid head somewhere from 17* to 19*. Little to no offset is preferred. If it's shafted w/ X-Flex even better! Thank you, Junior
  5. junior_golfer

    Zero Offset Irons/Wedges

    Hi All, Looking for a set of zero offset irons...and perhaps wedges, too. Would prefer Mizuno Yoro's, Most anything by Don White, Miura CB 1008's, etc. Let me know what is out there! Thank you.
  6. Hi All, For sale is a very (very!) rare set of wedges. I was fortunate enough to acquire these and have them touched up by Continetal Golf. They haven't touched a ball since. Just couldn't pass them up. Unfortunately, the top end of my bag won't allow for this wedge set-up so they're out the door to somebody that will play them. These were distributed as a set and should stay as such. See the ordered tour serial #'s, hand stamped 'Titleist' on each head, square address position too...insanely cool. ***In full disclosure the 60* has a small mark on the sole and the 52* has two pin sized marks on the sole.*** Asking $OLD shipped and PP...which is less than I have into them :/ Any questions please ask! Thanks.
  7. junior_golfer

    Titleist F3.05 15*

    Hi All, I know the Titleist F3.05 is old, and there weren't too many produced but I've wanted to try one since they came out. If anyone has a 15* head or shafted I'm interested! Thanks.
  8. junior_golfer

    Zero Offset Irons

    I will reach out if need be! Thanks. Please, no congratulations...I had to work very, very hard to get where I was. Many that were, and are, far, far superior. The waters sure run deep :) I'm happy with my level of play these days because I can't expect much more quite frankly.
  9. junior_golfer

    Zero Offset Irons

    I play to a 4 these days...and as you'd expect it can be very good, or not so great (by my standards). Was as low as a +1.7, 7-10 years ago when I was playing regular, competitive golf. Certainly familiar with what it is to play good golf and go low; but that was then and this is now :) Not trying to pump myself up, but just painting more of a complete picture for you. Ball striking has always trumped my short game. It's honestly a mental thing for me this offset issue. I just can't get comfortable over my current irons as I see more offset in them than there actually is. This, in turn, affects my ability to make a good pass at the ball as I feel I'm having to manipulate the offset with my swing/hands. That's the best way I can describe it...so much so, infact, that I've gotten wayyyyy out of position from time to time at the top of my swing - resulting in those dreaded 'lateral fades'. I'm also a picker of the ball. Seeing a square leading edge coming from the hosel just suits my eye and inspires confidence. I had a set of the 714 CB's prior to this, but am just getting back into more regular play. Thought I'd upgrade to the 716s after the glowing reviews. No doubt they're good - but if I'm not comfortable, I'm not comfortable. So I hit the 716s 'well' most of the time, but feel I'm leaving something on the table not feeling 100% comfortable.
  10. junior_golfer

    Zero Offset Irons

    Yes, I understand that there's no such thing as zero offset in any set I'm likely to find. Just what I, and most every other golfer, would perceive zero offset to look like is what I'm after. Sorry for not having used the correct terminology. Every iron has some offset, but I want the ones that trick my brain into thinking there isn't any...fair? Lol I'll continue my search for a modern alternative 'minimal offset' to ones I've already played. Seems there are a couple options in your store even. Thanks to all those who chimed in.
  11. junior_golfer

    Zero Offset Irons

    I'll put it this way, the 716 CB's I currently game have too much for my eye. Toss in a couple hosel rockets early in the season and I've moved on mentally :)
  12. junior_golfer

    Zero Offset Irons

    Scratch zero offset or taylormade onset is the closest I've had then...anything close to that?
  13. junior_golfer

    Zero Offset Irons

    I've done very, very close to zero in the past with custom builds and it just suits my eye. What suggestions do you have with close to zero in your store?
  14. junior_golfer

    Zero Offset Irons

    Okay, noted. Thanks. Any other suggestions?
  15. junior_golfer

    Zero Offset Irons

    Hi All, What's out there for zero offset irons? I had a set of Maruman Tour M irons w/o offset and also a set of Scratch TD's w/o offset. Thought I'd try the 716 CB's, but even that little offset now messes with my eye...to the point of hitting the odd 'lateral fade' Any input would be appreciated! Thanks. 0