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  1. Fourteen FH1000 Irons. 4 to PW (Ultra rare 2 iron an option to buy separately...but not easily had!) These were re-released with a Limited run in 2017. Like a forgiving blade with low offset? There is no better. Gamed 8 rounds and 2 range buckets, but very well taken care of and professionally built. 1/4" over (38.25" 5 iron), D3 SW and PW is D4. Modus 125X shafts w/ ugly red decal removed. Lamkin corded grips. Will include like new RM-12 58* if full price is paid! $OLD
  2. Anyone here able to comment on how the Nippon Modus Tour 125x (current shaft) would compare against the Shimada K's Tour in the same flex? Thx Also are the K's offered on TSG the same shaft that is simply called the Tour?
  3. Good advice. Price I am totally open on, new or old, but must be in excellent condition, and less offset is always better!
  4. Looking to try something different. Looking for a set of irons, 4-PW. Player's CB or a combo set. Please let me know what you have! Thx
  5. junior_golfer


    Any interest in the 2017 release of the Fourteen FH1000? Seems like you want low offset, and these are really, really low.
  6. Hi All, looking for a set of .355T iron shafts in X or TX Flex. Also, does anyone have Tour G Grips? Looking at the 50 Cord option in black, but am open to suggestions having never tried them. Thx!
  7. Hi all, will respond...was only checking PM's. Sorry about that. Thx for reaching out!
  8. Hi All, Looking for some nice wedges somewhere in the 52 & 58 degree range. Also looking for a hybrid at 17-19*, if it has an X Flex shaft that's a bonus. ANNNND If anyone has the Miura CB-1008 irons with the offset pressed out (sold in the pro shop sometime ago) please let me know! Thanks very much! DB
  9. Looking to try something new in my driver and three wood...must be X Flex (115mph+) Thanks so much!
  10. Hi All, I'm looking for an A-Grind Proto or Std. Utility Head (the slightly smaller one) with 18* or 19* of loft. If it's shafted, I'd need something in X-Flex. Thanks so much, DB
  11. Anyone here played these with any success? I did a search, but little came up. I have a Raijin 64-FIVE (X) en route to me and am curious as to how it'll hold up. I've been playing the Rogue 125 MSI since early 2015... https://www.vashafts.com I know the owner is the same individual who founded Oban. Thanks so much, Junior.
  12. Hi All, Looking for a hybrid head somewhere from 17* to 19*. Little to no offset is preferred. If it's shafted w/ X-Flex even better! Thank you, Junior
  13. Hi All, Looking for a set of zero offset irons...and perhaps wedges, too. Would prefer Mizuno Yoro's, Most anything by Don White, Miura CB 1008's, etc. Let me know what is out there! Thank you.
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