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    MY BAG DRIVER: MARUMAN Conductor LX Deep KURO KAGE 3WOOD: TOURSTAGE X-fw 14* type T ROMBAX 7x07 5WOOD: YONEX NanoV 18* FUJI 869 3 HYBRID: CALLAWAY Legacy Black 20* AD Di85 4 HYBRID: YAMAHA InpresX 2014 24* FUJI Rombax TAYLORMADE Burner TP 5-pw TT Tour Concept CHIKARA V1 Black 52* & 58* DG Spinner BYRON MORGAN Bombara M VOLVIK iS Vista RC Staff Bag FootJoy Classics

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  1. Jbeam zy7

    Wow tough crowd, I’m open to reasonable offers guys.
  2. Jbeam zy7

    Up for Jbeam zy7 HEAD ONLY 9.7deg 0.5fa comes with HC in great condition! $280USD shipped with tracking from Australia.
  3. OG 5wood!

    Price drop $100usd posted
  4. OG 5wood!

    I’m open to reasonable offers!
  5. OG 5wood!

    Original PRGR EGG 5wood head for sale, no headcover but it will be packaged very well. $120usd now $100usd shipped from Australia.
  6. Sdj wedge heads

  7. Sdj wedge heads

    Last price drop $100usd shipped
  8. Hi Im interested in buying. Do you have its respective head weight? Thanks.

  9. Sdj wedge heads

    Price drop $120usd shipped for the pair!
  10. Sdj wedge heads

    Just heads the shafts have been pulled.
  11. Sdj wedge heads

    Hey guys I’m selling my beautiful sky dream jump wedge heads 51 & 58 deg in good condition. No major dings or gouges. $100usd shipped from Australia with tracking.
  12. Buzz shafts

    Hey guys have any of you hit the buzz tg005 shaft? Just looking for some feedback on how this shaft performs. I currently use a speeder 661 ts in stiff flex and love it.
  13. Hey T what's the price on the epon?
  14. WTB: Shinagawa's or Chikara 4-pw CB's

    I have some yururi km0107 irons with crazy cbi02 stiff shafts
  15. WTB Titleist VG3 iron set with graphite shaft.

    I have some 2010 heads for sale or a set of yururi km0107 Irons with crazy cbi02 stiff flex shafts