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  1. Thank you so much ....been looking all over & could not find any spec sheets ...must be looking in the wrong places . regards Steven
  2. Japan Experts ..! Just needing a definitive answer to the above , looking to purchase a set of these irons & need to know if they are parallel or taper hosels will be either getting a stet of 2011 tour models or std V forgeds's ,...... or the 2012 Std V forged & looking to re shaft .. Any info , or where to get the info, greatly recieved . Regards Steven
  3. Thanks for your reply . What country are you shipping from ? Witout knowing this would you take €70 plus postage as long as it is not too steep . I am in Scotland postcode DD8 2JE Regards Steven
  4. Is this shaft still available..? Regards Steven
  5. Hello , been on the site a while & not had much success in getting anything , but here we go again .. I am looking for a Miura Precious Ed driver in any loft , prefer a 10 but will take a 9, if there is anyone prepared to sell on . I will take a head or complete club , but to make it financialy viable a head would be the preferred option as I am from the UK , reasonable condition also . So ...if you have one gathering dust & would like to part with it , give me a nudge & we will see how things go ...... regards Steven I almost had one .. went into a local store here ( Carnoustie ) there was a 10 deg in great cond , had no cash on me !! spoke to the shop owner who had not a clue about Japanese clubs, nor knew that it was a Miura club ..... as soon as I got home phoned the store to ask for pay by card & I would pick up the next day ..only to find he had ebayed it .!! was on sale for £50 inc h/c in the store ( yes £50) ! .....................sold for £122 on the bay ! Gutted totally regards Steven
  6. Golfincolors....had a Wishon 919 done by them & was very pleased with the result .
  7. Hi , I am looking for a used Geotech head , the 435 Black model in no less than 9.5 degrees & no more than 10.5 degrees , paintwork on crown/ side & neck should be in good condition , not concerned about the sole / face , as long as there are no gouges / dents or cracks ....lol If you do have one that you are looking to get rid of , give me a shout with pics please . regards Steven
  8. As the title says , looking for a Gauge Design L forged , this is an oldie , but someone must have one gathering dust . This is simillar to aTM maranello / SC del Mar or like a wilson TPA XVlll. Cheers Steven
  9. As title states would like to try a Code 6 Matrix ozik in S or SG . Any condition at a non silly price & I will seriously consider. Prefer non tipped & at 43.5 inches min though . Thanks Steven
  10. Hi again ; Same request as before - Looking for a Gauge Design L forged Hand Made , can either be the ''Gauge Design original'' or the ''G Field pro Division'' that was available for a time . Any of you out there willing to part company with an old friend , please give me call on 01307 ................ alternatively you can always PM me . Kind Regards ........in anticipation . Steven
  11. Looking to add a Gauge Design L forged Hand made putter to my collection needs to be in good condition with no dings .ok minimum dings then ! Also in the market for Dance with Dragon stuff , have been on the site but I am unable to sign in as I have not a clue about the Japanese language. Regards Steven
  12. Having just aquired a 970 series F/W in a paint finish I was wondering if anyone knows whether Titleist will refinish in Pearl /Silver to match my other F/W , or will I have to take a chance on a third party restoration company or stick with the paintwork ? Just that Titleist are notoriously difficult to get an answer from ............................ Any info greatly recieved . Regards Steven
  13. Has anyone out there in golf land played the Precious series Fairways , interested to know as they look good from inital pics as I may take my 970 series Titleists out'a my bag if they're any good ! Regards Steven .
  14. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL :tsg_smiley_laughatyou: :tsg_smiley_laughatyou: :tsg_smiley_laughatyou: :tsg_smiley_laughatyou: Steven Take it that is a non starter !!!!!!!! :tsg_smiley_laughatyou:
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