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  1. Sorry, but the look of the head was not pleasing enough to the eye for me to commit to without seeing in the flesh, the face of the mk2 also looked an odd shape... But who knows it might be my next purchase into the Japanese equipment market. 😊 Will post up a review of the eRook when It eventually gets here from Japan, looking to install a Roddio Amorphous smooth shaft in it...... All new to me, having used yamaha as my driver for the past few years.
  2. Hello, just wondering how I can get weight screws for my eRook, tried contacting jigen direct on two occasions but have had no replies.. Regards Steven
  3. Hello , I would like the members considered opinion on the Roddio line of shafts , in particular the Pentacross ... I know they have been around a few years now , but was looking for experiences with these in comparison to other highish end / exotic shafts ... I am currently playing a Tour AD BB6 in stiff & also have a Oban Kyioshi Gold in similar make up 65 g in stiff ... .How does a similar Roddio compare against these and if i was to venture into the resale used market are they worth picking up ? Thanks in advance
  4. Thank you so much ....been looking all over & could not find any spec sheets ...must be looking in the wrong places . regards Steven
  5. Japan Experts ..! Just needing a definitive answer to the above , looking to purchase a set of these irons & need to know if they are parallel or taper hosels will be either getting a stet of 2011 tour models or std V forgeds's ,...... or the 2012 Std V forged & looking to re shaft .. Any info , or where to get the info, greatly recieved . Regards Steven
  6. Thanks for your reply . What country are you shipping from ? Witout knowing this would you take €70 plus postage as long as it is not too steep . I am in Scotland postcode DD8 2JE Regards Steven
  7. Is this shaft still available..? Regards Steven
  8. Hello , been on the site a while & not had much success in getting anything , but here we go again .. I am looking for a Miura Precious Ed driver in any loft , prefer a 10 but will take a 9, if there is anyone prepared to sell on . I will take a head or complete club , but to make it financialy viable a head would be the preferred option as I am from the UK , reasonable condition also . So ...if you have one gathering dust & would like to part with it , give me a nudge & we will see how things go ...... regards Steven I almost had one .. went into a local store here ( Carnous
  9. Golfincolors....had a Wishon 919 done by them & was very pleased with the result .
  10. Hi , I am looking for a used Geotech head , the 435 Black model in no less than 9.5 degrees & no more than 10.5 degrees , paintwork on crown/ side & neck should be in good condition , not concerned about the sole / face , as long as there are no gouges / dents or cracks ....lol If you do have one that you are looking to get rid of , give me a shout with pics please . regards Steven
  11. As the title says , looking for a Gauge Design L forged , this is an oldie , but someone must have one gathering dust . This is simillar to aTM maranello / SC del Mar or like a wilson TPA XVlll. Cheers Steven
  12. As title states would like to try a Code 6 Matrix ozik in S or SG . Any condition at a non silly price & I will seriously consider. Prefer non tipped & at 43.5 inches min though . Thanks Steven
  13. Hi again ; Same request as before - Looking for a Gauge Design L forged Hand Made , can either be the ''Gauge Design original'' or the ''G Field pro Division'' that was available for a time . Any of you out there willing to part company with an old friend , please give me call on 01307 ................ alternatively you can always PM me . Kind Regards ........in anticipation . Steven
  14. Looking to add a Gauge Design L forged Hand made putter to my collection needs to be in good condition with no dings .ok minimum dings then ! Also in the market for Dance with Dragon stuff , have been on the site but I am unable to sign in as I have not a clue about the Japanese language. Regards Steven
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