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  1. Thanks Chris for the insight! I have owned irons from Miura, EPON, and various Kyoei-forged heads (Vega/J.Lindnerg, United, Yururi, etc) but have not tried the current Kyoei models yet. Kyoei heads does feel softer while miura/EPON were clickier. At the end of the day it's all about marketing and selling a story to justify the price.
  2. Hi everyone, I want to apologize for the confusion caused in this thread. Summary: As this was my first transaction with seller, I posted a comment to see if others had received response after making payment. Several other buyers confirmed similar experience so I erred on the side of caution and opened a PayPal case. Eventually the seller reached out and apologized for the delays and explained that he was sick, and also he had other work and family commitments that further delayed reponse. Seller was in the process of refunding my money when I closed the PayPal cas
  3. I have closed the PayPal case after communication and clarification with seller and item will ship out Monday Understood, thanks for clarifying!
  4. Sorry about your situation and glad you have recovered! I was not aware you were already dealing with health issues when i purchased from you.
  5. I don't think its anal at all. While buyer beware is the norm we also can't assume every buyer is a club expert and know what to ask for. A used golf club could have a lot of damage / repairs / modification done that cannot be seen unless you know what to look for. All i think we're saying is if you bought a used club share as much info as you can, including info you don't have or didnt verify.
  6. I'm not without fault either but any mistakes were due soley to not knowing or forgetting to check, but never intentional. In my early days of selling golf clubs that I bought used and don't know the history on, my buyers came back with horror stories of: finding a 4 inch drive shaft extension after pulling the grip; a 132g DG X100 iron set with 109g S300 SL labels, etc.... and each time I had to offer discount or take the club back losing shipping both ways... I started learning more about club fitting then club making probably 12 years ago and I would never sell my clubmaking exper
  7. Was on the EPON US site reading their history/story http://epongolf.us/story/ then in the "manufacturing expertise" paragraph, they wrote this: "Endo sticks with the time proven forging method of creating a 1-piece head. Other leading brands use another approach. They purchase a raw forged body without a hosel on it. The hosel is spin welded into place to create a 2-piece head that appears like a 1-piece design. While spin welding offers flexibility on the manufacturing side such as varying the club’s offset, it also leads to a different feel at impact. Golfers in general p
  8. Where would the Miura Baby Blades fit in to this? I had them once and the blade was barely large enough to cover the ball but the feel was awesome when struck well. Club was totally unplayable from the rough and scary to hit even from cleam lies....
  9. I've been using 8.5° to 9° heads and the high tee helps, but recently picked up a couple 10° heads and they balloned with the regular tee height. I had to tee them lower for a more penetrating flight but it also promoted a streper AoA so spin was higher
  10. How people do their BST is largely reflective of how they are as a person. If you can't be bothered to put in the effort to provide a little bit of customer service to make it a positive buying experience then DON'T sell on BST. I'd always say transparency is key, list all the info you have on the club and take as many photos as possible. Be responsive to buyer inquiries and promptly ship out and provide tacking number, rather than taking eons to process the transaction then comming up with lame excuses for the delay (and sometimes not even acknowledging the lateness!) I underst
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