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  1. If the dispersion numbers were for shafts of comparable flex I would be tempted to try something other than a Roddio I-10...
  2. I would also say that the egg is a little easier, especially off the deck. I haven't put an iff into play but another option would be an OnOff model. I like the smaller Type-S off the deck.
  3. Congrats on a solid set of rounds! In broad strokes - I think there is some benefit to trying the most forgiving club that your eye is comfortable with. Many moons ago I did an experiment with a set of oversized game improvement irons, a players cavity, and a Hogan Anniversary Edition (early 1990's). The oversized iron gave me fits, the players cavity helped me craft some nice shots, mostly due to the grind, but that set of Hogans... they were brilliant off the turf, out of the rough... everywhere. I was striking the ball reasonably well but I wasn't anywhere near scratch. So, on to grinds and sole widths. I used to be a big fan of finding the right grind for your swing and playing conditions. Width is certainly a factor, but I think the leading edge and relief around the heel and toe are also important to look at as well. While a more narrow sole is a good start for more dry conditions I would still try a few different leading edge, trailing edge, and heal to toe relief combinations to see what works well. Good luck and keep throwing down those low scores!
  4. That is a nice find! While it is not my favorite Diamana paint scheme the design and bend profile sound interesting. Does this use Mitsubishi's 78T carbon?
  5. Tourstage provided my initial foray into the JDM world as well. I miss the clubs and style from that era in Tourstage's history. Chris, I will look forward to the expanded coverage! I will have to remember to switch back and forth between forums for OnOff vs Labospec Gear but I should be able to manage that. AKM - with a thoughtful post like that I would imagine that you are more discerning than many. It is also interesting to hear that others think Bridgestone has more of a sporty appeal, liked Puma or Adidas. I am looking forward to seeing how a consolidated Bridgestone competes in Japan and in global markets.
  6. Ahh - thank you for the clarification on which Kuro. As far as the NS950s - I played a round with those in some older Tourstage irons down on an open, cold, windy course in Oz. Sure they went higher than an S300 but I managed to get around just fine.
  7. While the Thump caught my attention when it first came out I never heard anyone rave about the Kuro series. I might demo a DGL 90 alongside an I-9 this weekend if time permits. That said I haven't come up with a compelling argument to to go with a 90 gram iron over a 105 or 115 gram model right now.
  8. Hi Chris, Thank you for the quick reply and thoughts... whether the Messenger, X-Line, or Air, it sounds like I will have to try a TRPX shaft. For the driver I am honestly happy with 55-65 gram shafts, the Tataki piqued my curiosity though It looks like it doesn't have an SX option.
  9. So by chance I was able to try a few lightweight shafts the other day and I wanted to see if anyone here with a ~ 48 m/s or 105-110 mph swing speed managed to get along well with ~ 50 gram driver shafts or lighter (80-90 gram) irons. I didn't have any issues with this on a range but I wonder how it would work over the long haul - would you have a problem maintaining your tempo, trajectory control, and finesse for shotmaking? The back story - a gentlemen next to me at the range had a set of Miuraism SC-01's with Roddio I-8's and a Miura driver with a Tataki 40. He wanted to try my I-10's and I was keen to try the I-8s. Iron to iron my distance looked to be the same (range balls, off mats, no launch monitor) - I felt the I-10's were easier to keep low (obvious I know) but the I-8's were so easy to swing and the SC-01's were beautiful.
  10. I am a big fan of OnOff and Callaway Japan clubs. The Legacy Black 440 caught my eye the other week, and I am intrigued by the Legacy Irons but I love my OnOff LaboSpec irons...
  11. Thank you for the quick reply! Yes, the AD-115 has been around for awhile, and the price difference between that and the AD-95 is noticeable. The shop that had the protos attributed that to a difference in materials I never heard or read anything more specific than that. If I do find a combination that performs better than the Roddios I will be sure to share my feedback, but I have a sneaking suspicion that I will have a few more OnOff clubs in the bag sometime soon.
  12. Has anyone here played both the Roddio I-10 and the Graphite Design Tour AD-115? Other than the weight being different, could your compare bend profiles, flight, and most importantly feel? I am happy really happy with my I-10s in a set of Labospec build OnOff Forged irons but I am looking to build up a second set and have always been curious about the AD-115. I tried a set of what I understood to be AD-115 prototypes a long time ago but they were in a different iron, not side by side, etc.
  13. Hi Chris, Thank you for the rundown on a few different options. I am going to get back on a launch monitor in a few weeks after I am done with a few little adjustments. Based on my driver distance with the new swing (aka easy on the back) I think I will be closer to 49 than 51 m/s. Both the crazy Boron and the TRPX X-Line looks like good options. As far as flex I can usually keep a stiff shaft in play, even something in the 60 g region. I am okay with an X-flex if someone swaps it into a demo without telling me. When I pull an x-flex demo though I feel the need to go after it more. I need to get that out of my head and just keep swinging the way I do with a stiff shaft.
  14. Hi Chris, thank you for the quick reply! I hadn't realized the Impact Shaft was made by another manufacturer. Other shafts I was looking at were the Crazy Boron shaft, Roddio (love my I-10 irons), or maybe a TRPX 1st Messenger (I need to read up on the bend profile on the TRPX shafts a little more on). Head speed hovers from 49-51 m/s but I am trying to retool my swing to keep it between 48 and 50 m/s or less. The backstory - I tried an unmarked boron shaft at the range last weekend after chatting with a gentlemen next to me and it reminded me of the Diamana Stinger Prototype from 2009 (loved that shaft).
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