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  1. $495 posted worldwide
  2. Hi i have a beautiful Golds Factory putter for sale. Length is 34" with naked sole and what appears to be half a sound slot. Minimal stamping for an extremely clean look. putter face has no milling - absolutely smooth face. 'It has been gamed and has some minor marks as tried to capture in photos. Comes with golds Factory grip but unfortunately no head over but will be posted with one.
  3. Sold
  4. Bitachi PM sent
  5. Mint condition Ryoma D1 Maxima Special Tuning head in 11.5 loft. inhave cotton balled this head to mute it and not have to play it at 46.75' to get swingweight up. headcover included - high launching long fun non conforming driver looking for quick sale $375 USD posted worldwide willing to trade for ZY11 white head with high loft (happy to throw some $$$ in)
  6. .

    Hmmmm so tempting Is the club in Oz or with you?
  7. Chris, Will the Epic irons be the same as USA release or incorporate some differences??
  8. Looking for a new or mint condition legacy black 3 iron. I know it is a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack scenario but what the heck, you never know. thanks in advance
  9. How many shafts are the recoil set and what are the lengths world wide shipping?
  10. $645 USD shipped worldwide
  11. Selling for a friend. great set of onoff kuros - 5 iron measures 38.5" NS Pro modus3 tour 120 shafts in Stiff flex 2 degree upright all irons come with grip master leather grips (black) $685 USD shipped worldwide - now $645 usd shipped worldwide
  12. Interested in trades??
  13. I spoke to Tuan about his ZY-11 and he told me you took it - I was hoping you didn't like it and would take it off your hands, but I am guessing this is not happening anytime soon :-(
  14. Can the overall weight of the head be increased by changing that weight in the sole? 46" is a bit long and would look at tipping the shaft.
  15. Steven Let us know how it goes as I am really keen on this Itobori beauty.