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    Epon 101 AF 10.5* w/ Ozik S Epon Technicity 14* w/ Ozik S Miz Fli-Hi 24* Epon 301 4-PW w/Nippon 1150's TM cb's 2005 Tour Vokey 50 Vokey 52 bent to 53 Vokey 58 Scotty Classic 1 Augusta Winner/Scotty DLIII/Scotty weld-neck cs NP2 Tour
  1. Matrix Ozik Program 130 (S). Pulled from Mizzy JPX 850's. ??? LMK, Ken S
  2. Have a old set of 501's shaft w/ 5.0 px, I believe. Used as a back up, have been used, a few chips on the 7 & pw. I need more bounce and didn't want to grind them down. Will let them go at a reasonable price. LMK Ken S
  3. Getting my Matrix Ozik Program 130's pulled (5-pw) next week. They are in a set of Mizuno JPX 850's (1/2' over). If you're interested please let me know. They are in good shape as I've had them for 1 1/2 seasons and play a lot of golf out here in the SoCal area. Regards, Ken S
  4. Sold & closed. Thanks
  5. Let me find out about shipping costs to Australia. If it's fair to both of us I'll probably do it. Ken S
  6. Epon AF 101 @ 10.5* with matrix ozik code 6 (s) shaft & Epon Technicity @ 14* with matrix ozik code 7 (s) shaft, all shipped conus for only $450. Great entry point for those wishing to upgrade to Epon's.
  7. Supo, I'm back for the Miz 50*, please check your pm's. Ken S
  8. Had a set, sold it to a Finnish Hogan Collector. Limited Edition (2000 pieces, note the serial number shadowed on the back of blade), copy of his famous 1953 Personal Irons. It sold for $2000 w/ a oak case and came with a Letter of Authenticity and a medallion of Hogan. Can't remember the anniversary date, but these were produced in Ft. Worth at the Hogan Factory (pre-AMF & way before Callaway). Beautiful set of irons. Ken S
  9. Did not receive a response from Chris.
  10. Verizon here in the Palm Springs, CA area. Customer service is very poor though. Ken S
  11. Chris, I'll take 20. LMK. Thanks, Ken S
  12. I also agree with your assessment. My 301's are the backups to the X-Proto's out here in the Palm Springs area. Always tight turf conditions here and as a digger I feel that I need a little more bounce to my Epons. Possibly " Muira Forged" TM cb's (2005 tour) are the back-backups to these sets. Ken S
  13. 2003 TM cb's weren't all forged by Miura, the Miura forged had a shaft band reading "assembled in Japan". This starts the questio-When did Miura stop forging for TM. I believe it was 2005 when even some of the tour sets could not (would not) be confirmed by TM. So they may be forged by Miura or they may not (2005). I happen to own both these sets of irons and I smile when someone on the "bay" says Miura forged. Ken S
  14. Chris, Pro Shop prices them out at $4.00, are they listed in the sale category? I would like to purchase 12. Please PM with correct info. Regards, Ken S