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  1. I like the look of the Mizuno MP-R wedges. Are these similar in shape to those (maybe a little squarer leading edge)? Used to play the old Miz Faldo wedges for a looooong time and have never really found anything as versatile (for me). They had the curved, sharp leading edge you could lean forward and play low spinners, or open up soft.
  2. I have played the Z101s for several years and think they are very rewarding sticks. Great blend of feel and forgiveness, nice heavy heads, and best of all the nicest shaped PW I have ever come across. May fav club in the bag! Mmmmmmmm, those new Epon wedges look like they might just blend in perfectly with this set!
  3. In a couple of weeks I will have the pleasure of meeting Chris at the big show and thought it might be nice to show before and after pics of my bag. Like all of you, v. fussy about my clubs, and place an emphasis on feel and (heavy) weight. Play of 4.6 index at The Brisbane Golf Club, Australia. 9* (conforming) PRGR TR340/ GDI65x 45 inches (shaft is great for me, this head goes a bit low and left - need new 460 head!) 13* Sonartec SS-03/ GDYS7+x (great feel, goes a bit low with today's new low spin balls, new more lofted head perhaps?) 17* PRGR040i#2/ Rifle 6.5 (fairway finder, but heavy -
  4. Have this 2i in the 17* version with 6.5 rifle shaft and it is my "fairway finder". Love it soo much I am now looking for a 3i/19* brother to share the bag with it (head must be in good shape). This is the pro model with minimum offset. Going to Japan in Dec-07, but not sure I can wait this long! I'm in Brisbane, Australia, so it's a long way for 1 club. I have a set of rare Mizuno s-30 forged cavities in very good nick (s200, 3-pw, FW, SW) if anyone is interested in trading other gear... best Darren
  5. Part 1: In Australia we are at least 6 months behind when it comes to new gear releases, and I think the general public don't know as much due to lack of demo days, advertising etc (small population base here). Having said that, there are a small number of people around who are golf equipment mad. And guess what, more often than not these guys/ girls will have Japanese gear in their bags, Japanese shafts, etc. With our close proximity to Asia, and growing Asian population base in a very multicultural land, we do have some access to a nice mix of stuff (even if it is slightly used). Many of o
  6. Quad7 shaft specs look nice - I use the Graphite Design YS-7 (x) shaft in all my woods and love it. What differences would you see btw the "butt stiff" and "butt std" Quad shafts (feel, trajectory?). I wonder if Chris has hit this one and compared with Tourstage Xdrive 435 or PRGR T3?
  7. We have heard a lot about the FT-3 in this forum, but almost nothing at all about this driver. I still can't get used to the "wooden baseball bat" sound of my playing partners' composite Callaway drivers, but they seem to play very well. Just wondering if anyone has played the MP003 and can compare the performance. How do the Exzsar (sp?) Mizuno wood shafts stack up with other Japanese stock? I guess I could put the new Yonex "nanospeed" in this category as well, although I am a Nanotechnologist/ Nanomaterials Scientist and I don't think putting a few carbon buckyballs in clubheads or sha
  8. You reckon I would have any chance of catching a JPGA tournament in Tokyo last week in May? All this info is much appreciated. Also, any advice on a good choice of a JP driver/shaft combo to best suit my specs (below) appreciated. Am a high ball hitter but looking for a forgiving low spin instrument to hit big high sweet rainbow balls. I do like the look of the PRGR T3 black 9deg/ M49 shaft. If it is windy I can revert back to the old trusty Sonartec! driver swing speed 115mph (late hit) Driver: Sonartec Ti-01 8* Penley Tour light X 3W: Sonartec SS-03 13* GD YS7+ X Hy: Sonartec TRC 18*
  9. Thanks heaps Matthew! Very informative. Sounds like I might need to sqeeze a few more days in
  10. I will have the pleasure of visiting Tokyo for a conference end May/ start Jun. Have a couple of days free and was wondering where the best new and used golf shopping might be (Okachimachi??). Love JP golf gear and love this TSG website, so quite excited about my first visit to JP from Australia. Any other travel tips (food, baseball games, must-see things) much appreciated! :tsg_smilie_smile: Driver: Sonartec Ti-01 8* Penley Tour light X 3W: Sonartec SS-03 13* GD YS7+ X Hy: Sonartec TRC 18* GD YS7+ X 3-PW: TourStage Z101 DGs300 SW/L: Bridgestone J33 56* (bent 54)/ J33 60* P: PRGR To
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