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  1. Blader-X


    PM sent.
  2. Blader-X

    Melting Butter Soft - Epon Zen

    The Zen is the last putter I will ever use and I honestly believe that. I used to use the old 8802 Wilson and putted very well with that and then went on a mix of different Anser type putters back when G-Field was all the rage. However when the Zen came out, I just had to have it. And I found I've never putter better with any other putter. Its the entire package, the feel, the look, weight, you name it. Its everything its name implies.
  3. Blader-X

    Comparing the Miura Giken Y-Grind Type F vs Type-D

    Type F look fantastic from a shape point of view. Really love the toe look especially from address. Graphics look fine to me as they don't play into the setup nor distract when you're actually playing the club and I don't think they're over the top at all. If I weren't in love with my 909's these would be the clubs I would definitely take a look at. My son plays the left handed Miura CB's and he loves them to death especially the feel.
  4. Blader-X

    iron lofts thoughts...,

    ah, a question near and dear to my heart. Still playing the 909's but haven't used the PW in some time. (47). I have been using the Original Vokey forged in 46 along with a 50 DB forged, 54 Vokey cold forged and a 62 Original Vokey. However, wasn't liking the 54 dropped it, and have my old fav 56 DB forged back in. And then I pulled out the old 901's and decided to put the 3i from that set back in the rotation, am seriously thinking of dropping the 46 vokey in favor of the 909 PW and then there's this: I'm going to get two new A-Grinds 52 and 58 just haven't ordered yet but I will be. The 58 looks a lot like the DB forged in terms of grind so I know that's a winner without even hitting it yet. The 50 will most likely leave the bag as I don't use all that much even though its money. I'm going to keep the 62 on board unless the 58 is just so stellar I can live without. I'm a blade guy and still prefer the old setups like the Tourstages in terms of loft. Can't even fathom a 44 PW, that's a 9iron; of course it used to be an 8 long ago. But still. so to wrap up, PW 909 in 47, agrind 52, 58 and the Vokey 62. That setup is intriguing to me even with the apparent gaps. I can make those up with hand placement adjustments and such on full shots, but wedges are the artistic side of golf. They're for scoring, creating and not so much for hitting all out. Those are my thoughts.
  5. Blader-X

    Torn between Wedges !!

    Longer hosel used to be a staple of TourStage irons. Its to help stability and keep ball flight down for better players.
  6. Blader-X

    Torn between Wedges !!

    The Titleist-Japan Vokey Forged are extremely nice. I prefer the very first model line that came out before the Cold-forged ones. I do believe they are slightly superior to the cold-forged. However until full disclosure I do have a Cold-Forged model in 54. Its a great club. If you ask me why I like the older model versus the newer ones, it comes down to feel. The cold forged have more firmness to them.
  7. Blader-X

    iron shaft test....

    Just wanted to chime in on the MCI's. For me they were and are the real deal. I found the dispersion to be tighter than steel and much more responsive. I went to them because I'm mid 40's now and wanted to smooth out the swing some. I used to use KBS tour 6.5 and just wanted something that I could put a smoother swing on. What I loved about them was the higher soaring ball flight without any ballooning whatsoever. My MCI's are 100x and they're in Tourstage 909 X-blades. I had also put them in my wedges but subsequently took them out after several months. Put the KBS steel back in the wedges. I think the 100's are too light for me when it comes to a wedge; however, I recently bought some MCI 120's which are on the way shortly and I'm going to build a couple wedges with those. I'm anticipating that going heavier will be better. When I think about going back to steel in the regular irons I don't think I would. I really like the MCI's for myself. If one is considering them and they swing aggressively I would take Stew's recommendation and hardstep them.
  8. Looks like it, I cracked an Epon head a few years back but I believe mine was on top of the crown. Sometimes happens,
  9. Blader-X

    fujikura MCI iron shafts

    I've got the 100x in my 909's and love them so much. Tario turned me on to them when the 909s first came out so I had them and the MCI's sent to Goodsie who did the build for me. They are everything everyone says. I went from the KBS to these. Ballflight is high but in a good way as its not at all ballooning, but I'd describe as soaring. Great feel and and perfect in the 909's I will say though that I didn't like them so much in my wedges. I had the 100x in a 54 and 62 Vokey and really gave them a long time to get set in, but I eventually went back and had the KBS steel reinstalled into the wedges. After much deliberation I felt that while the 100x were great in putting in the irons which, they didn't match up well on my touch shots. I really feel that if you put them in wedges that you need to go heavier say the 120. I actually wanted to to do 120s in them but kind of talked myself out of it. I'm keeping the configuration I have now because it works and I enjoy it. The MCI's in irons though are absolutely fantastic. Ever since putting them I haven't reconsidered at all other than the wedges mentioned above.
  10. For me, pure is playing the ball right at the very front of my front foot, with both feet together. That's optimal for me. I started putting with the old 8802 style, then went Anser style for while especially when Gauge was all the rage. Then for awhile I started moving ball back, widening stance; then ball middle, then forward; but now, I've gone back to the feet together and then added playing the ball right at the front foot. Everything is square and there may be just the slightest amount of foward shaft lean. Its been a journey but that setup for me is golden. With the Epon Zen and that setup, I'm lethal. Well as lethal as one can be putting.
  11. Blader-X

    iD Nabla Fairway Wood Pics

    This open face intrigues me. I've long had many of my drivers and woods custom made to have open faces; (especially when I bagged Epon). From personal experience I can say that the utilities I hit are by far the easiest for me to hook/draw. Can pretty much dial that up whenever. My utes have always had square faces but it must be the design in general of wood style utilities. I would say that the design lends itself to being able to draw/hook readily.
  12. Blader-X

    Bridgestone 2015 LIMITED J15MB!

    I miss TourStage. These just don't stack up. The 909's will stay in my bag. Nothing better.
  13. Awesome Chris, I just remember the first two weeks being absolute hell but in a fantastically good way. Thing is, all the books and all the prep really can't prep you enough. We've got three, 17, 15, and 12. But it seems like it was only yesterday they had just arrived. Just enjoy the ride and I mean REALLY, enjoy each and every thing, even the setbacks or times when it seems tough. As for golf, Chris you know my boy just got a set of the LH Miura's and he loves them. On the golf team at HS. He also plays travel hockey but golf was one thing I never pushed him in only put a club in his hand from his very early days and let him do what he wanted. He's played a lot of places but golf is the one thing now that we'll always share. Last bit of advice, as parents I think we tend to overdue everything with the first. Even with our fears. Just relax, or at least try to relax. Most things work out but I just remember overthinking everything with the first one. By the time the third came around, no worries. Have fun you two!! You and Jacque will be great parents. B
  14. All the newer TourStage have the blunted leading edge. The old one's you play are the last time they used that sharp leading edge design. I'd go with Chris's suggestion.
  15. Blader-X

    S-Yard XV Fairway Wood Review

    Yea, I'm still deciding. No hurry but I keep going back and forth between the two. I'll figure it out in due time.