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  1. Please check out my post on the TSG Blog on Endo Golf Lab and the new LFD. http://www.tourspecgolf.com/blog/introducing-endo-golf-lab-endos-new-brand-of-golf-clubs/ I probably don't need to tell you TSG will try its best and work on getting these clubs to it's customers! (^_^)
  2. Found my old backup set of 2008 ONOFF Red irons. Ultra forgiving and easy to play. Tungsten soles, maraging face and graphite shafts in R flex. 6-PW + AW + SW and a 2012 ONOFF Type S Utility in 24* which takes the place of the 5 iron. This is a really easy to hit set with very good distance. Great for the senior player or average golfer. Shows signs of use over the years, some of the grips have been replaced so are no longer original onoff grips (but they all look similar with black /red caps). Priced for a quick sale and will throw in a few goodies. 360.00 INCLUDING shipping via paypal gift.
  3. Coming from Toronto where I shifted with the right hand, surprisingly there was no transition to the left hand. The hardest transition is being on the other side of the road (left side) and constantly wanting to move in to the right side lane.
  4. So spending time off allowed me to play for hours everyday with my son. It also gave me a lot of time with my new toy a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX. Thing is a monster and it is a completely different beast from my previous WRX STi. Tuning and modifying it is loads of fun.... my son enjoys this car more than the minivan as he loves the rumble and rough ride surprisingly!
  5. Hello everyone, greetings from the land of the rising sun. I just wanted to drop in and say hello. I've been sort of disconnected from the world of golf over the last few months as I decided to take a break and basically recharge my batteries. I decided to spend time enjoying some other things in life besides golf like my 1 year old son who is my pride and joy but who I never get to spend enough time with. Plus the wife is tired of nagging me to take a break from work to be a husband and dad and to look after my own well being and health. TSG has been supportive of my time off and moving forward I'll be helping with TSG in more of a reduced capacity ie no longer working with customers but more behind the scenes ie with special projects and a focus on improving the site and experience. Blogging once in while etc. I apologize for disappearing so abruptly as the truth is one of the best aspects of TSG is it's community. The members here and all of your passion for Japanese golf clubs and all the friendships and camaraderie all mean a lot to me. As busy and as stressful as any job can be, it's the people we interact with day to day in life that make everything worthwhile. I enjoy interacting with each and every one of you so I'll try my best to pop in one in a while to post a little more often as I get back in the swing of things. (^_^) I'm feeling more refreshed and I hope I can contribute!
  6. This amazed me as well... Zodia had always been known for raw heads, and these as well as the masterpiece wedges look VERY RAW, but they are satin plated... but look raw!! To be able to get that much grain to show in a plated iron surprised me!
  7. Romaro's newer irons are slated for late May and early June for the global market. It should be in the shop soon!
  8. The right shaft will depend on you and your swing style. What you like in a shaft, ie stout with less feeling or more flexy with more feeling (ie torque). What kind of weight you like. What kind of launch you want. What kind of tempo and transition you have a well as your bad shot. What your current driver distance is as well.
  9. The Glorious was originally designed for slower swingers and seniors as a premium distance driver. JBeam even matches it with a high modulus Glorious shaft which is very soft... But as it made the rounds, people found the distance to be amazing. Several top Drakon (driving contest) competitors are now using the Glorious and 535 along with the TRPX Air shaft and doing very well in competitions.
  10. Harder feel is not necessarily a bad thing... it means more feedback and I actually prefer it. Glad you like it!
  11. You have a choice of finishes but plated finishes will cost more. Raw will rust. Raw satin and plated satin are very similar looking (before the rust that is!)
  12. Great to hear Ash, it definitely is a great all around driver as it's feel is very good which for many is very important.
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