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    Driver: Srixon Z355... 3 Wood: Srixon Z355... Irons: Yonex N1-MB 3-PW...Wedges: Yonex N1 52-56-60...Putter: Kevin Burns 9303
  1. Thanks Nob, That is exactly what I am looking for. Btw, your "whats in the bag" is impressive.
  2. Can anyone speak to that? Compare to other shafts? Thanks
  3. Can anyone compare? Or share thoughts on one or the other? Thanks
  4. I hear so many great things about the ONOFF Forged irons, but I like a more compact iron with very little offset. I would really appreciate any info from those who have hit, or play, the CB-358. Thanks
  5. Would like to hear your preference between the two. And what the differences are. Thanks
  6. Anyone seen these before? I love the HI-610 driving iron. These look very forgiving but with very little offset, which is what I have been looking for. I know they make a TC-610 iron set for ladies that look similar, but these are apparently not ladies clubs. Imagine my embarassment if they are. Appreciate any info.
  7. Sorry, not much knowledge of JDM. Is the crazy FW-80 just a newer version? Or, is there a difference in the two? Thanks
  8. Anyone know much about the older honma blades? I would like to know your opinion on which were the best models, and the latest models. There seem to be quite a few.....CL505, CL606, PP717, PP727, etc. etc. I know there were some Tour Athelete blades from the early 2000's. And the TW902's from late 2000. Any knowledge you could share would be appreciated.
  9. Long shot...but I'll give it a shot.
  10. Very interested in these irons. Like the neo-muscle, or possibly a combo set. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  11. I strike the ball just barely well enough to play blades. So, ease of use, forgiveness, playability, whatever you want to call it, is a factor in my decision. I'm definately more concerned with performance than feel. For me, spending 1,200 to 1,800 on irons is a big deal, so i want to get it right. I would appreciate as many opinions as i can get. Thanks!
  12. EPON Wedge Aresenal!

    I am interested in your AXIV-V 7068. For some reason my pm's aren't reaching you. Please try to send me a message. Thanks
  13. Which G-Field Premium Zone is most like the Scotty Newport 2 in terms of shape and design? Thanks, JNH
  14. What shaft tip does the Epon take, .335 or .370? Thanks
  15. OK, I think I have confused everyone, and now I'm confused. Let me start over. The second set of pictures are of the putter that I own. Here's what's on the bottom: G-Field Pro Series Type M2 Plus Designed By Gauge Design Japan The first set of pictures are of a putter that I saw on another site. I downloaded the pictures from that site. I have never actually seen the putter. Here's what it says on the bottom: G-Field M2 Plus (then it has the upside down 4) Premium Zone CNC Designed By CT Paten Pending This is the putter that I am looking for. I may be wrong, and someone correct me if I am, but, it appers to have the same insert as the G-Field Premium Zone Anser putters. Thanks, JNH