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  1. I would say the impact sound is "crisp".....not muted but not tinny either. Feel is incredible.
  2. Mint condition Mitsubishi C6 Series 50 shaft Stiff flex 45.5" $249 OBRO shipped to CONUS, will calculate for overseas
  3. IMO this is one of the best looking JDM drivers out there. I'm itching to order a conforming head but I'd like to have some feedback first. Anyone who has one or has had one or just hit one...please let us know your thoughts.
  4. Might consider a 9.5 HEAD ONLY!!
  5. What does the Kasco look like at address.......open? closed?
  6. Damn....this is one good-looking driver! Just wondering if there are any reviews or general feedback before I plunk down the money. Long? Forgiving? Sound / feel?
  7. Very clean. No rock dings, mild face, sole wear. Classics!! $350 / OBO to CONUS. More overseas.
  8. MINT! Will sell either head alone or assembled club. $240 for the head; $365 for head + shaft Will NOT sell just the shaft.
    • Great, great seller. Very highly recommended!
  9. Maybe this has already been covered and if it has then please direct me to the right place. If it hasn't, does anyone have any reviews or feedback about this driver? I have had a CT112 for years and love it. I wouldn't play it at 47". Anyone playing one at a more standard length? Any feedback appreciated!
  10. Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
  11. This is on the USGA Conforming Head list and there are plenty of pix on another site. WHEN is it coming to market?
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