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  1. Damn....this is one good-looking driver! Just wondering if there are any reviews or general feedback before I plunk down the money. Long? Forgiving? Sound / feel?
  2. Very clean. No rock dings, mild face, sole wear. Classics!! $350 / OBO to CONUS. More overseas.
  3. MINT! Will sell either head alone or assembled club. $240 for the head; $365 for head + shaft Will NOT sell just the shaft.
    • Great, great seller. Very highly recommended!
  4. Maybe this has already been covered and if it has then please direct me to the right place. If it hasn't, does anyone have any reviews or feedback about this driver? I have had a CT112 for years and love it. I wouldn't play it at 47". Anyone playing one at a more standard length? Any feedback appreciated!
  5. Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
  6. This is on the USGA Conforming Head list and there are plenty of pix on another site. WHEN is it coming to market?
  7. Japan-only Fourteen CT-416 in 10.5. Pretty rare outside Japan. Has Diamana Ilima 60 stiff. Plays at 45.5". MAJOR PRICE DROP............$329 to CONUS Will split cost of shipping to Japan.
  8. Anybody have one they can part with? My understanding is these are still available through Fourteen Japan's Online Store but Fourteen will not ship outside Japan. Sounds weird but that's what I was told. To anybody living in Japan: I would have no problem paying you to buy one for me and then shipping to me in the US.
  9. Anybody have any thoughts to share on this head? Distance, forgiveness, sound / feel, etc. I love my CT-112 but always looking for something new.
  10. Just one more question: how does the face depth of these three heads compare? shallowest to deepest?
  11. OK......Thanks to everyone. I'd like a little more help. I have eliminated the Freiheit. My choice now is one of the following: Baldo 8C Craft TA-001 Romaro Ray Alpha Silver Grandista RS001 Type S I'm a 12 h'cap currently using a Fourteen CT-112 (10.5) with AeroTech Claymore 48 stiff at 45.5". Achieving moderate-to-hihj call flight, SS ~92 - 95 mph, good drive 240 - 250 yds. Which of these three do you think would be the best fit?
  12. Thanks. It's quite a coincidence that my response came from a guy playing the Grandista Version S because that is exactly the other head I'm looking at. What can you tell me about the Grandista? I'm sick of all the TM and Callaway and PING hype; I'm in the market for another JDM head. My other is a Fourteen CT-112 and I will NEVER get rid of it.
  13. Nice looking head from a company I never heard of (and I though I head of all of them). Anybody out there have any experience with this head? How it performs vs other JDM (or even non-JDM) heads?? Sound? Distance? Dispersion? Any thoughts appreciated.
  14. Sold. Please close.