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  1. 1.) A-Grind Y Proto 10* Driver w/ TRPX El Dorado SR (Stiff-Regular) Shaft & Crazy Cadero Ribbed/Reminder Grip & Watanabe Skull-02 Wood Ferrule 44” Playing Length $375 PayPal Gift (No Trades)
  2. Hi guys, looking to unload some nice gear. Everything is in really nice condition. I take good care of my equipment. Not interested in trades, sorry. I’ve listed pricing for continental US. Feel free to message me for international and overseas inquiries. Rare Ryoma Maxima Type V in 8.5 Degree Loft. This is easily the longest driver I’ve ever hit. Absolute bullets and Super forgiving. Excellent condition. Unique feel. If you’re looking for more distance, there is none better than this. Comes with original head cover and optional heavy tungsten weight. $549.95 Free Shipping. Scotty Cameron Xperimental Prototype 1998 Longneck Newport LN Teryllium Tiger Woods Putter. Cameron Crown shaft band. Comes with head cover and divot tool. Super soft, buttery feel. 34.75 inch. Asking $549.95 Free Shipping Crazy Sigma Fairway 50 Full Length 50T Carbon 80g 2.7 Torque Super Low spin and launch. Extremely accurate shaft with a unique feel. MSRP - $400 Asking $175 $15 shipping Continental US Quadra Fire Express Prototype Hybrid Shaft 100x Full Length 50T Carbon Fiber. Best hybrid shaft I've ever used. Extremely tight dispersion, smooth and stable with a mid, penetrating ball flight. Quadra were the first brand to create the quad axis weave used in many shafts from many different brands today including Axiv, Honma and Graphite Design. 2 sections of 4 axis weave using high elastic carbon. Nano Technology that helps create a tight dispersion with low spin. They produce such high quality carbon that they actually supply carbon sheets to some of the top brands including Honma's ARMRQ which also feature the 4 axis weave in their shafts. The Quadra Fire Express Utility Shaft is quality shaft that that have become known for great performance and feel. 40 inch 105g 2.3 Torque X-flex. MSRP - $225 Asking $84.95 $15 Shipping Continental US A-Grind CMB Hybrid Driving Iron 18 Degree. Outstanding soft feel, made in Japan. Beautiful simple looks and very forgiving. This head is actually hollow which is required when producing a metal club this size and keeping it at the proper weight it's a 2 piece stainless steel SUS-431 body and head designed all around accuracy and straightness. Asking - $95 Free Shipping - Continental US Royal Collection BBD 505V 18* Really great head. Great sound and feel and great out of any lie. Definitely one of the best utilities I've ever hit. New this head went for $350 Asking - $49.95 Free Shipping - Continental US Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks guys.
  3. A-Grind UT 23° 4 iron Shafted with a OTI95 S-Flex Really good shape with head cover WT Trade with PRGR Egg UT
  4. 3-woods tend to stay in my bag longer than most clubs, even more so than drivers. I just have a hard time settling on one I like and can count on both off the tee and the fairway. It was the last club in my bag to go JDM as I just couldn't let go of a beautiful wine colored TM-R7 (before TM went all white and stupid...), even though discovering JDM had thoroughly changed my game and my bag otherwise. Then along came Kobayashi with his S-Yard XV line, and there was no looking back. Nice soft thwack and unbelievable distance and roll out for me even if the flight was way lower than I was accustomed to. That club has been a solid keeper in my 3-wood slot for as long as it's been out. But then watching as my bag went further and further into A-Grind territory -- everything from irons and wedges to hybrids, and even trying the 440 and Proto drivers -- I finally felt I had to try the DST 3-wood. And whoa, mofo!, am I glad I did! The DST is everything I've loved about the XV -- it's hyper long and delivers precision with that soft thwack I need to hear and feel -- but with one important exception: it flights the ball much higher for me without losing the rollout I so loved with the XV. Beautiful long high arcing shots off the tee have really helped me on one hole on my home course that is a blind tee with a rising hillcrest the first 40 or 50 yards with nothing but an embedded white rock to aim at. Easily up and over with a lazy draw and then past a fairway bunker that sits about 210-220 out on the right side. And also able to lift a shot off a downhill lie on another (too) long Par-4 hole later in the round makes me smile at a shot I just couldn't hit before with anything but a hybrid or an iron (for a layup). And of course that stealth black A-Grind finish that just makes me chill. I don't know how else to put it, but shiny finishes on metal woods just don't do it for me. They look like kids over dressing to make an impression or something... DST is the new 3-wood in my bag. I want to sleep with it at night.
  5. New Year's Toys / Part 1 A set of A-Grind R1 blades beautifully refinished by TSG Works in soft smoked copper
  6. There's a Par 3 hole on my home course that I've always been between clubs on. For years, I'm either short or long off the tee, and if I ever hit the green, the ball would run through. It's a gorgeous hole designed by Billy Bell as a tribute to a Par 3 at Merion (I don't remember the number...). It's severely uphill through a chute of trees, with a deep bunker front left and a 20-foot drop off to a deep rough valley the entire length of the green on the right. It lists on the card at 182, but easily plays 195. And if there is wind -- which there often is down the hill and in your face between the trees near the tee -- it plays just over 200. Oh, and it's a very small green that is blind to your sight from the tee below. Here's a pic taken with my phone (which doesn't do the elevation justice): Well, long story short, I've been trying different clubs on this hole since I joined the club, and have never managed to find a green seeker -- until now. I picked up the A-Grind 5-Util, and I've now stuck shots on the green my last three rounds. I needed something with distance that would go high and land soft. And this thing did the trick! As a util, it has a wonderful click on contact. Some have noted that it looks similar to old Adams hybrids, and while this is true, the description doesn't do justice to the look and feel of this club. The black matte finish gives it a feeling of being a real weapon, and the shape and small size make it play like a fine iron while giving hybrid distance. And it is NOT a hook machine -- my first priority when it comes to hybrids. The only thing it comes close to in my experience is the other hybrid I'd never be without -- my Miura 18-deg HB3. I shafted it with an old favorite, a Matrix Ozik Program 95, and I'm sleeping better at night knowing it's in my bag to pull on #12. Big thumbs up to A-Grind on this club! Some pics below, but I also wanted to mention another winner -- the 56-onset tour wedge. I love this baby, too. It's literally velvety smooth magic out of bunkers, and the onset makes it wonderful from tight lies on fairways and around greens for chipping. Terrific grind and nice solid, click on contact. Lots of controllable spin off the face. For now, it's even knocked my trusty Miura C-grind from the bag. Another thumbs-up to A-Grind!
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