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Found 4 results

  1. gregoire56

    Grandista RS-W

    I'm dying to hear some feedback on these new Grandista wedges.. anyone purchased or tried them out yet? any additional info? all I know about them is the little bit written on their page in the pro shop. (update 11/22) ...I just found this info on the Grandista FB page in their post from April announcing the new wedge (also saw something special for anyone who's interested in looking, don't want to spoil any big reveal though): The first wedge RS-W from Grandista! REAL SPORTS Corporation will release a wedge "RS-W" with a completely new structure, "tungsten socket", that has never existed since the "Grandista" brand. <Material> Head: soft iron S20C; Socket: tungsten <Production method> Head: Forging; Socket: cutting out <Tungsten socket> PURE IMPACT SYSTEM (PIS) 【Application for design】 A totally new system designed to easily realize top professional's clear impact sound, trajectory, backspin, even in amateurs. ※ Because the inside diameter is 9 mm, only steel shaft is supported. <detail of function> 1. With a tungsten socket, it is possible to place the weight at a higher position. As a result, ultra-high center of gravity which has never existed, and backspin amount increase. 2. With tungsten socket, the weight becomes closer to the neck and the center of gravity distance becomes shorter. As a result, the ball gets on the face by getting much better, the height of the ballistic becomes stable, and the sense of vertical distance becomes easy to match. Also, the head does not hang in downswing, and fallout mistakes called pookon decrease. 3. With tungsten socket, the weight becomes closer to the face, the depth of center of gravity becomes shallow. As a result, the loft stood with impact, it became easier to hit cleanly while keeping the hand first, and Zakkori and top mistakes dramatically decreased. 4. Material uses S20C, to a soft batting feeling to overcome. 5. The head shape repeatedly polished repeatedly, while it is a professional model, it has a shape that made gentleness and beauty compatible. 6. Sole design is a designer and professional golfer, Yoshida Ichinobu tested the various wedges, realized it by considering the sole shape with the best coming out. <Generally gentle wedge> 1. The head is large The center of gravity distance is long, the head easily drips, the ball does not ride on the face 2. The sole is wide The center of gravity is lowered, the head becomes easy to release, and HandFirst can not be kept. 3. Looks bad It seems to have appealed that it is bad approaches just by having it. "From doubt to development" In recent years, if you are taking lessons from amateurs, symptoms like approach yips are increasing more rapidly. It seems that it is a technical problem, but as a result of examining a number of amateurs, I understood that the possibility of a club causing a mistake is high. In general amateurs who are not good at approaching are likely to use wedges that are said to be gentle. Even a gentle wedge is a pitch shot that keeps the shaft perpendicular to the ground, although the sole is easy to slide on the ground, if you do pitch & run that is suitable for the turf of the Japanese course, which is best suited for hands first, It can not be kept, released, it is easy to become a zakkuri, if you dislike it, it becomes the top and it will cause the approach yips. From that point of view, we began developing the Grandista wedge. Even from the thin turf in winter, from flower roads, from the spring turf in which sand was scattered everywhere easily, like a top pro, it was clear and hit clean. In order to realize touching impact ... Grandista developer × professional golfer Kazuaki Yoshida
  2. *** Hi guys, With Spring right around the corner, it is time to clean up the stuff acquired over the winter and get ready for playing season!! ( well.. for us here in the Northern hemisphere that is. ) Unfortunately not interested in trades... I think these are priced fairly considering the condition they are in! Please feel free to ask me any questions or request additional pics if you need. I will try to respond as soon as I can in the order received. Thanks and here we go!!! ***** Irons: 1. A Grind R1CB / MCI Black 100 S 4-PW Spec: 4-PW Standard Loft and Lie 5i measures 38.25" Cond: 9/10 Some marks on the sole from and face play. Head cover used since day 1 Shaft still looks new. Golf Pride MCC plus 4 wth 2 layers of tape ( good for someone with +1/32" from std ) Note: Best looking cavity back irons from address. Shaft feels great and plays awesome. Price: SOLD!!! 2. A Grind MB / Nippon SP Blue 4-PW + brand new CB 4 iron head Spec: 4-PW Standard Loft and Lie 5i measures 38" Cond: 8/10 Some marks on the sole and face from play. minor bag chatter , 6i has drop mark Shafts are in excellent condition. Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips in excellent condition. Note: These are the first generation MB irons from A Grind. not the R1 muscle backs. Very pure feel .. no nonsense design! SP Blue provides for a smooth feel! WIll add a brand new A Grind CB 4 iron head to the buyer. SOLD Heads: 3. Grandista LS-001 9.5 deg (Insulated Version for quieter sound) Spec: 9.5 deg / Square Face / 200g / headcover Cond: 9/10 only about 3 rounds and 5 or so range sessions on mat w/rubber tees Note: Very forgiving head.. Shallower profile with beautiful shape at address. Trajectory is mid-high trajectory with low spin. Sound can be somewhat adjusted by loosening the 9 weight screws. You can also adjust trajectory and weight bias by arranging the heavier weights to different locations on the sole. Withdrawn! 4. A Grind FW Type-D 15 deg Spec: 15 deg / 212g / headcover Cond: 9/10 only about 3 range sessions on mat. No course time There is a small white spot on the sole where the Black IP is chipped. Note: Other than the small issue on the sole, Looks like new. Price: SOLD!! 5. A Grind UT Type-D 21 deg Spec: 21 deg / 238g / headcover Cond: 9/10 only about 3 rounds and 5 or so range sessions on mat. Note: Looks new .. no marks My loss is your gain! Price: SOLD!! 6. P--Tune PG 516 10 deg w/extra weight screw. Spec: 10 deg / Square face / 203g / headcover / optional weight to decrease weight to 200g Cond: 8/10 I am the second owner. I have had it for about 4 months, Note: Remember the PG 313? that was a good head! PG414 was loud as heck! This latest one has refined soft feel with ultra low spin. Low spin like Jbeam heads .. but with a refined soft feel of Epon. One of the most under rated brands in my opinion. Price: $250 $175 $150 shipped PP gifted within CONUS; will ship internationally for extra Odd balls: 7. Sonartec SS502 UT 21 deg w/ Crazy Black UT "Stiff" Spec: 21 deg / Crazy Black UT Stiff - built to 40" / headcover Cond: 7/10 Head is a bit rough around the leading edge of the crown / shaft has a section with paint rubbed off from rub against the club separator in the bag. Note: Looks and feels like a Royal Collection UT ( or A Grind for that matter ) has a nice softer feel off the face like RC hybrids. Shaft has some cosmetic issues but still performs like a champ! Price: $100 $75 shipped within CONUS will ship internationally for extra 8. Mizuno Y0903 "MP Craft" Mallet putter w/headcover Spec: 34" long with Golf Pride Tour SNSR Taperless Jumbo grip Cond: 8/10 Head looks very clean .. no dings or scuffs. Note: Very rare find. They only made a smaller batch in 2009. A mallet putter fully milled from S25C!!! Feels great off the face and easy to align. !! SOLD!!
  3. Looking for either of the following two club heads if they're in good condition: -Grandista RS-F 15* fairway wood <--- GOT ONE! -Zodia Z701 21* hybrid <--- STILL LOOKING! Thanks
  4. FOR SALE GRANDISTA 3-WOOD 16-DEG with Triple-X Red Hot Type-S Shaft Smoothest, most elegant 3-wood on the planet Barely hit, one outing on the course. (Alas, I love my A-Grind DST...) Shaft is butter, too, made for a high draw. 20th Anniversary Dri-Tac grip in tan leather color. Condition is at it looks -- gorgeous. This combo was $800 new from TSG. SOLD PayPal USD Overseas shipping extra.