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Found 63 results

  1. Need to fund my next project so these need to go. No interest in breaking up the combos as they are as good as they come. No trade interests at this time. All prices are firm and final. 1. Epon AF-105 10.5 deg / Aldila Rogue 125 MSI Tour R flex 9/10 condition 45" long shaft plays like a SR flex SOLD 2. Ryoma M3 mallet / Dogatti PT 135 shaft / Grip Master Taperless Leather Condition 9.5/10 - 35" long Headcover has some tear but not bad. SOLD 3. Geo Galaxy Anser style putter No play time since refinish Condition is 9.5/10 - 34" long Headcover is a bit rough but does its job to protect the head SOLD
  2. Selling my Ryoma D1 F5 http://blog.tourspecgolf.com/ryoma-fairway-wood-long-term-update/ $200USD Free Shipping to Canada and USA. I have purchased the newer model and it's time to pass along the love. Playing condition is 10/10 with that unique Ryoma *ShotGun* sound. Professionally pulled. Aesthetics are 7/10 You are buying a used club. The pictures should show you everything but know that the crown has a small paint chip and smudge marks. I personally don't think these marks are visible from address but they are there. Cheers, Jeff
  3. Anyone interested to try the 2016 Ryoma Maxima Type D-1, please pm me. 10.5* 196.5 Head cover Sign of normal use but in very good condition. A bit high for my swing so I have ordered 9.5* from TSG. I love this head. $500.00 $450.00 SHIPPED, NET to me.
  4. Ryoma D1 - F3 Fairway head only Legendary fairway wood head. Easy to launch and very forgiving. Model: D1 Weight: 211 gr Condition: used but not abused. Some scraches and slight skymarks, see pics. Nothing major! Unfortunately without original head cover. Will add a neutral one Price when new 499€ Now SOLD Plus shipment and Paypal. Location is Germany
  5. I have the Ryoma F2 (13 deg), Ryoma F3 (15 deg) and Roma F5 (18 deg) for sale, head only. Priced include shipping to most countries, please PM to confirm. -F2 , lightly used sold net head cover included fabric has signs of tear -F3, used Sold head cover included but fabric has signs of tear -F5, used SOLD head cover included but fabric has signs of tear Thanks
  6. Decided that I preferred my old Egg Seven so after two quick rounds have decided to sell this driver. Shaft was bought from Yahoo Japan and the head from an FM in Dubai (Serial No. RV51506). Both are in very good condition (9/10 IMHO) and it is a very nice build. Golf Pride multi-compound grip. The driver is 9.5* and head weight was about 196.5 gms I believe. The weight of the total club is 304 gms. The driver has been built to a length of 45 3/8 inch (i.e just a smidgen under 45 and a half inches). Sorry no headcover. Although this Fujikura Rombax Bangvoo Gold Premium shaft is marketed as a stiff flex I definitely feel this is softer to flex. The driver launches mid-trajectory for me and mid-spin compared with my PRGR Seven and Emillid Bahama. Lovely club and will make a special Christmas present for an FM to enjoy. If you would like more photographs I am happy to oblige. Head SOLD. Thank you for a very quick transaction Y. Shaft available.
  7. Ryoma U3 black-IP 21 head only with cover It's in used condition with some scratch mark as show in photo below Asking for Sold you need to pay PP fee if any Any question feel free to PM me Thanks, Komson
  8. Need funding for new wedges :) I'm letting go of some of my fairway woods and ryoma rescue. Ryoma 5u 27 rescue + Head cover Tour AD R Flex, 53g Condition: Minor scratches on sole of the club, no chips or dents $230 + shipping OR $160 for head only (brand new retails at $490 usd) Titlesit 915 F 3 FW 16.5 deg Japan only + Head cover + wrench Speeder 515 S Flex, 54g Condition: Brand new, still wrapped in plastic $230 + shipping (brand new retails at $380 usd) Kamui Pro TP07s version II 3 Fairway Wood 16degree head only + head cover + weights; only 8 months old Head weights about 213g Condition: scratches on sole of club, no dents or chips $230 head only + shipping (brand new retails at $450++ usd)
  9. hey guys, this club needs no introduction, selling w/ original stock shaft (45.25), grip & head cover > tour ad mx-v 64g stiff. normal wear & tear, condition B-, no dents/chips. asking 499 usd inclusive of shipping anywhere.------lowered to 420usd head only 320usd including shipping
  10. Need funding for new wedges :) I'm letting go of some of my fairway woods and ryoma rescue. Ryoma 5u 27 rescue + Head cover Tour AD R Flex, 53g Condition: Minor scratches on sole of the club, no chips or dents $230 + shipping OR $160 for head only (brand new retails at $490 usd) Titlesit 915 F 3 FW 16.5 deg Japan only + Head cover + wrench Speeder 515 S Flex, 54g Condition: Brand new, still wrapped in plastic $230 + shipping (brand new retails at $380 usd) Kamui Pro TP07s version II 3 Fairway Wood 16degree head only + head cover + weights; only 8 months old Head weights about 213g Condition: scratches on sole of club, no dents or chips $230 head only + shipping (brand new retails at $450++ usd)
  11. Have a Crazy CRZ-435 Limited Edition head. Beautiful head just didn't work for me. Absolutely mint condition with the head cover included. I believe these are sold out. 10* loft, square face angle. As nothing sells at the moment, I am not even gonna try. Looking to trade this. I would be interested in: - new Ryoma Maxima (preferably type V) - JBeam ZY-7 - new PRGR RS driver
  12. Need funding for new wedges :) I'm letting go of some of my fairway woods and ryoma rescue. Ryoma 5u 27 rescue + Head cover Tour AD R Flex, 53g Condition: Minor scratches on sole of the club, no chips or dents $230 + shipping OR $160 for head only (brand new retails at $490 usd) Titlesit 915 F 3 FW 16.5 deg Japan only + Head cover + wrench Speeder 515 S Flex, 54g Condition: Brand new, still wrapped in plastic $230 + shipping (brand new retails at $380 usd) Kamui Pro TP07s version II 3 Fairway Wood 16degree head only + head cover + weights; only 8 months old Head weights about 213g Condition: scratches on sole of club, no dents or chips $230 head only + shipping (brand new retails at $450++ usd)
  13. Ryoma 5U27 right-handed​ used for sale, good condition w/ original head cover Head cover Weight - 53g Torque - 4.4 Regular Flex Length - 39 inch Lie - 60.5 Volume 125cc $250 + shipping (brand new retails at $490 usd) Wire transfer or Paypal (surcharge applies) . Ryoma is already known for creating one the easiest and longest drivers to ever be available in Japan. They followed that up by releasing a fairway wood that was as long as drivers from other brands. Golfers wanted more and urged Ryoma to add a utility to their lineup and they complied.​ Ryoma designed the Ryoma U with the same DSI or Deep Strong Impact concept. The huge 60g weight that is present in the back of Ryoma drivers and fairway woods makes its way into the Ryoma U creating a CG position like no other. To help control spin and trajectory, another 60g spin control unit is placed forward behind the face. The 60g weight in the back not only creates a humongous sweet spot but as with the driver and FW, is heavier than a golf ball which creates a huge repulsion force at impact. The Forged Titanium face and crown help create a soft elastic sponge like feel, and coupled with a stronger stainless steel body, the Ryoma U creates maximum energy transfer at impact. Ryoma spent almost all of 2013 working on the right shape and size and design for the new Ryoma U and in their testing put the Ryoma U up against many of Japan's best utilities. Their final test before release saw the Ryoma U go against the most highly rated distance utility (who shall go unamed) and a test group of 20+ golfers with varying skill levels. The same loft AND shaft were used for both the Ryoma U and competitor in all cases and the Ryoma U ended up not only being easier to hit but also out distancing the top rated competitor by 10-15 yards! R Flex is recommended for those who swing 36m/s to 42m/s (82 - 94mph) or a driver distance of about 200-230y. ​
  14. The New 2016 Ryoma Maxima Driver - Back in March we sat down with Mr. Tanihara President and Designer of Ryoma Golf a man who we consider a genius and separate from the traditional golf industry in Japan with a background in medical science and technology. During our meeting he pushed across the table a couple of new prototypes and asked us not to take any photos, what I had in my hands was the next generation 2016 Ryoma Maxima. This club is three years in the making as Mr. Tanihara wanted to see large tangible improvements over his competitor's performance. Everything was re-evaluated and designed completely from the ground up starting with the material and featuring new manufacturing methods. Below is the official press release translated into English: Our companies policy is to only release a new product when there is a performance difference from previous versions. The new 2016 Maxima is the first driver to be released in three years following the D-1 in 2009 and the D-1 MAXIMA in 2013. The New 2016 Maxima driver's greatest features are the world's lowest center of gravity and the high rebound initial velocity. The New "2016 Ryoma MAXIMA" is a complete revision of the original design. It further improves on the company's own patented DSI technology and has achieved the astounding feat of outperforming its famed predecessor by a distance of 10 yards on each shot. Designed using an unprecedented new forging method involving a new technique that utilizes every last gram of head weight to create the best distance driver in golf today. An "under press Cup crown" featuring a bend angle of up to 130 degrees was created, which is impossible for all other titanium alloys. The welding position has been substantially lowered, and extremely high-density 17g tungsten powder was employed in the design of the new "anti-roll power booster". A lowering of the center of gravity corresponding to a score line interval of 5mm per club was implemented while maintaining the deep face shape, which achieved a low center of gravity rate of 50%. Compared to ordinary drivers from other companies, the back spin has been reduced by 900 rpm on average. Also the average initial velocity was improved by 3.8mph as a result of the strengthening of the spring effect extending across the body. Our company has created an unrivaled high-performance club that belongs in a new category of its own. By continuing to create products that perform beyond their price, we strive to remain a producer trusted by golfers.
  15. Can’t play anymore, so these beloved bombers need new homes. A little about my game: I am a 46 year old mid capper with average swing speed (or so I’m told). I play most shafts in Regular, with the occasional SR. I had struggled to keep my drives and long fairway shots in play, but the clubs up for sale have cured that for me. As a result of assembling these clubs from fellow TSGers, my scores had dropped from embarrassing to respectable levels. Prices are in USD and pp gifted, shipped anywhere in CONUS via USPS. Shipping rates outside of the US can be negotiated. PM with questions or pic requests. No trades please ! Ryoma Type D 11.5* Driver with Muso XDB55R shaft - $SOLD - Ryoma F3 15* Fairway Wood with Crazy FW80 6.4 shaft - $SOLD Ryoma UT3 21* Utility with Crazy UT-R shaft - $SOLD PRGR Egg Spoon 15* Fairway Wood with Crazy Royal Deco R shaft - $SOLD Ryoma Type D 11.5* Driver shafted with Muso XDB 55R. Plays to 46 inch length. Iomic Grips Terrific arching howitzer for players with human swing speeds. After the ball lands, lots of roll for a looong drive. Still the most forgiving driver head out there for me. Barely visible small cosmetic paint scratch from previous owner at back of head. Muso XDB shaft gives this stick a lot of kick. Condition 8/10. Original headcover included. Ryoma F3 15* Fairway Wood shafted with Crazy FW80 6.4. Plays to 43 inch length. Iomic Grips Ultra stable mid high flight with lots of roll. The Crazy shaft gives this FW a stout, controlled feel. Has a small rock ding towards the back of the sole from previous owner. Small paint chip at back of head, . Does NOT affect play at all. Still the most forgiving 3W head out there for me. Condition 7/10. Original headcover included. Ryoma UT3 21* Utility shafted with Crazy UT shaft R. Ryoma grip. Length: 40 inches. Ryoma grip. Ultra stable, solid feeling utility. Very forgiving larger head, easy to hit. Gives a mid high trajectory, gets the ball from most lies. The Crazy shaft gives this stick a firm stout feel. Condition 8/10. Original headcover included. PRGR Egg Spoon 15* Gen II FW head shafted with Crazy Royal Deco R Flex. Crazy Grip. 42 inch length A go-to Fairway driver when the fairways are tight. At 42 inches, this FW provides a mid-height trajectory with decent of roll once the ball comes down. Plays like a 4W for me. Condition 7.5/10. No headcover.
  16. Ryoma D-1 F2 Fairway (head only with cover) Loft: 13* Used and in good condition $315 plus $12 shipping (total $327 pp gifted) US continental only
  17. For sale is a Ryoma Maxima Type-V 9.5* head, 198.4g. Head is in good condition with normal scratches on the sole. Face and crown has small superficial scratches. There is a small paint chip on the crown just to the right of the gold DSI plate as shown in the pics. Includes original headcover in excellent condition. Not looking for trades at this time. **SOLD**
  18. Ryoma D1 Driver 10.5 Didn't perform as well as my Ping G30. Decided to let it go. Comes with Diamana Japan R series 60s (Practically new as I hit it less than 3 times. Unsuitable for me) Heads only or with shaft. Comes with original head cover. Condition 8/10. Price: $300 (heads) $450 (head+shaft) *Both not inclusive of shipping.
  19. I just got a Ryoma F2 w/ a crazy fw80 stiff shaft (7.4) in excellent condition, but it's too much club for me. Looking to trade for a Ryoma F3. Happy to just trade heads but open to different shafts as well. Thanks!
  20. Hi all, 1. Ryoma UT 24 head only with original head cover --SOLD-- gifted shipped anywhere Pm me your interests Cheers RS
  21. Just a couple of items First is a Ryoma F2 13* fairway wood head This comes in the original box with the headcover There are some slight marks on the crown that can be seen at a slight angle Please take a look at the ring at the base of the hosel, too perfect to be anything wrong (just mentioning it) Overall in good shape $OLD A full set of Fourteen TC1000 forged irons 3-PW The 5-PW have brand new New Decade MC4 grips These have the original shafts and the 3+4 have the original Fourteen grips These are in VERY GOOD condition with very little chatter and no scratches SOLD I have 2 Graphite Design Tour AD driver shafts The first is a Tour AD BB-6s driver shaft New Iomic Gray Camo Sticky 2.3 grip This is 43 1/4" played 45" in a Cobra Fly Z+ Only played one round with this shaft SOLD Brand new Tour AD MT-6s Raw/ uncut 46" and it is spined and FLO'd with tape on the shaft SOLD
  22. hey guys, I'm new here! i got sold on tsp's review on the d1 max & bought a 2nd hand ryoma d1 max type g and wanted to ask some advice from you guys: - why are japanese drivers longer? does it really help with distance? tried using a few sample jap drivers at 46-47 inch and can't hit for nuts. I'm currently using a titleist 913 d2 (stock bassara, regular 50g) with 50" shaft which works good but not great ! main issue is that the ball launches high but has no run on it….and distance wise is avg. - i read on tsg that the d1 max type g works for 46.5 inch but can i trim the shaft down to 45? - with the specs on the d1 max & shaft, would i get what i want + 15 yds? tq for your replies in advance...
  23. Comes with headcover. Looking to sell for 480 $ >>> 400$ Include shipping to you. It plays at 45.25" D1 sw. Want to trade with Ryoma D1 V spec 10.5 shafted with x flex shaft or head only. Thank you.
  24. I would like to know if anyone has some on-course experience with a PRGR Egg 21* with the Fubuki 65 stiff shaft, or any other, as well as Ryoma D-1 F9? I am looking to add these to clubs to my bag but would like some feedback. I have a 2013 Egg Spoon in 15* but the Crazy FW-80 shaft in it doesnt agree with me. I love the head though and would like to get it in 21*. If the F9 can perform like the driver reviews I have read, then I see a lot more chances at eagles for me!
  25. It's been a while since I felt something so unusual, so completely new and different in a putter that I not only couldn't put it down, but I had to get a second one as backup in case anything happened to the first. (Also so I could leave it in my bag and still have one at home to practice with...) I first noticed the comments of a couple of forum regulars sometime toward the end of last year, one in particular saying he'd never felt anything quite like it, and I made a note to give it a try the next time my putter ho got a grip on me. And that turned out to be at the start of the new year. First hit: what...? Second hit: WHAT...? Third: WTF!!! Like a lot of you, I've been through most of what's out there with putters. (Happily, for the most part, I'd add...) Occasionally I come across something like a Yamada that immediately makes it into treasured territory. I felt that way about the 85029 the first time I hit it. And then again when Gold's restored it. And the Epon Zen, which has been my go-to most of the last year. And a Scotty Studio Design No.5 with a rainbow finish a long time ago... But this thing is... well... unique. And I mean that in the best sense of the word. I've honestly never felt a putter do what this P3 does when it comes into contact with a golf ball. It's not just soft. It's as if the face slows down the moment of impact on a different plane in time. You feel the ball sink into whatever the alloy face is made of, as if in slow motion. And you have the same kind of time you have with a fine iron to shape your putt even as you hit it. And then the ball shoots out with its version of the thwack a great soft driver face leaves in your hands and ears after you catch it right on the sweet spot. You want it perfectly straight? The balance on this thing is uncanny. You rock your shoulders and the head never leaves your line. You want that perfect top spin roll from the fringe, without a bounce? Just ask, the thing reads your mind. I told Chris that I had my all-time lowest putting round on my home course the second time I took it out, and that if it held up, I'd post about the experience. So here I am... Like I said, I missed the thing in my hands overnight so much that I ordered a second one. So I now have one in silver and one in black. Ryoma seems to get its highest praise for its drivers. But man, the P3 putter deserves a spot right up front, too. What can I say...? It's true putter love -- the one-of-a-kind kind! They really found something with this design.