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  1. I am selling my seven putter with a Dogatti shaft measuring 34" featuring Translucent Black Fill. It has a Scotty Cameron Studio Design Grip. I did use it a couple of rounds but it has no signs of wear. It comes with head cover and original box. Free shipping within the USA. I am willing to ship over seas if buyer pays the shipping costs. Payment via Paypal and must clear before shipping. If you have any questions please ask. Thank you for looking Asking Sold
  2. Okay, I've had this scary beautiful putter for a few weeks now, and have used it for many rounds including a tourney. I'm a little hesitant to write about it because I really don't want to see many of them out in the world... but... In addition to being outrageously beautiful, this putter is outrageously good. Putters are as personal as sex. And probably as close to being as notoriously omnipresent in golfer talk. Boasting and humility enter the conversation quickly, and tend to stick around uncomfortably. So, at the risk of telling tales, I offer this up. This putter is beyond smooth. The balance is exquisite. It feels like it putts itself. I tend to be attracted to putters that offer something truly unique in feel. Like most here, I've been through just about everything from Scotty's to Yamada... For more than a year though, I've been captured by a putter that many kind of raise an eyebrow to -- the Ryoma P3. I still think Ryoma achieved a soft feel with the P3 unlike anything else I've ever rolled. (And I thank Stew for calling it to my attention with one of his "yowza's" whenever that was...) I liked it so much, I bought a second one to keep in reserve in case anything happened to the first. But there has always been one nagging trait to the P3 that lurks in a corner of my mind, and it comes up with the prospect of facing a VERY long putt. I've described the feel as something like the gas pedal on early turbo auto engines. There's a miniscule delay before the pop, and it's touchy when trying to gauge how much effort to put into your arc on a long putt. I've had more than a few 20 or 30 footers that have gotten away from me or come up short. Enter the Pantaleone. This thing is as smooth at 30 feet as it is at 3. The face milling is unusual in that it is not vertical, not horizontal, not made of intersecting waves. It just is. And depending on what is required, you can seemingly order up a firm rap for an uphill punt or a soft caress for a downhill slider. The neck invites your eye to stare. The high toe seems to track whatever arc you can conjure with an uncanny stability. The thing sort of smiles even at a double breaker... Most common question I get was my own question, too: is it worth the money? Sorry to say -- unequivocally -- yes.
  3. Hi all, i'm currently using yururi raw gekku for SW and looking for another wedge.. asked admin before abut titleist cold forged vokey and he recommended seven 2016 wedges,, couldnt find both brand in my country so i not be able to test it myself :( anyone using it? any review?
  4. SOLD. Thanks TourSpec!! These are the SEVEN heads from Tourspec with which I played 3 rounds. There a special soft forging of S15C steel. You'll find them to be in excellent condition and I did my best to photograph them properly. Ckeck them out on the Tourspec site. I'm asking $650 plus shipping (if international, free shipping if USA).
  5. Lucky Money aka Lai See aka Red Envelope I've been meaning to do a write up on my first experience with a new love affair my custom Golds Factory putter, fondly named, Lucky Money. Let me back up a bit since I've not really given a formal introduction of myself since I joined the site. I'm relatively new to JDM, as this year marked my first year with this new obsession, but my, has it been a crazy ride since I jumped in the deep end...and I havent looked back since! It started with some Miura wedges, then Miura irons, then my first Epon set (AF Tours), and now its hard to count the stuff that's been in/out of the stable and all the new directions Ive headed with such amazing quality gear. Ive pretty much abandoned all USDM clubs (some old stuff still in the corners of the garage but will need to make an exodus at some point) and have no regrets of all the clubs Ive tried and the experiences I've had thus far being a part of this awesome site and getting to know some of the great members here. One of the early members who befriended me, Stew, warned me at the onset that the addiction would spread like wild fire. He told me that while the iron sets, drivers and wedges may all seem pricy compared to their USDM counterparts, they are well worth their value in the quality and fun I would have with them. I have to agree, I've never had better equipment in my life and Im always thirsting for the next opportunity to try some more JDM, whether old or new. I dunno, call me a club ho, but that's pretty much the state of affairs when it comes to my outlook on all things golf-related at this point. He did warn me, however, about avoiding the putter threads as the potential craze may severely impact my pocket book.. (ominous, I know! ;) Well, it was that one fateful night after putting the kids to sleep when I was sitting on the "throne," and starting browsing the putter threads on my phone...finally. I went from thread to thread looking at all the amazing pics of all your putters that had been through Gold's, and I literally stood no chance!! There was one putter though, that really struck me and sent me over the proverbial edge. Let me take pause and give credit where credit is due...tokidoki1986's Soft Black Inner Gold 1st Edition Seven Putter did me in -- what a beauty! After I handled my "business," I hit the computer and looked at as many pics and read as much as I could on everyone's experience with Golds, the prototype first edition Seven putter and TSG's handling of it all. I was hooked and there was nothing I could do to stop the urge to get one of my own. Weeks later, after unsuccessfully trying to suppress this urge, I contacted Chris to start the discussion about potentially starting a project at some point. Well, the conditional statements were short-lived and days later I was already working on designing my putter with Chris. I like to think of myself as a creative individual with a good sense of design aesthetics, but if I'm being honest, I had no freakin clue about what I wanted. I liked tokidoki1986's putter, and everything I could think of was based off his putter. Chris basically put together a itemized quote for a putter that would match toki's, but somewhere along the way, his encouragement gave me some confidence to start personalizing and making things more custom to me. Before I knew it, I was starting to make small adjustments, which lead to major personalizations and I ended up with something that is definitely somewhat of an homage to tokis original putter, but has my personality written all over it. The entire process was so exciting, working with Chris and going back and forth on email. He was very patient with me as I was making the slightest tweaks and sending new mockups, and he would do his best to either re-quote the changes, or just encouraged me to continue personalizing and designing until I was completely satisfied. I am truly happy with the end result (I'll post my mockups to show how closely everything matched, which is so crazy how precise the craftsmanship is at Gold's!), and I could not say better things about the entire process, especially it being my first experience with anything this custom, and working with a master of his craft, Sasaya-San. Thank you, Chris (and the TSG team), for helping this beauty come to life! I urge anyone that is considering this type of custom work to pull the trigger, as the level of service from TSG cannot be beat and we all know how amazing the flatsticks that come out of Golds Factory always are THE BEST! So, without further ado, let me introduce you all to Lucky Money 1. Seven prototype first generation SM490A putter head 2. Black Boron finish 3. 2 Dark Tungsten weights in the face with milled dots/red paint fill and Chinese characters engraved - toe weight "RED - 利" and heel weight "Envelope - 是" 4. Horizontal PZ Milling on face 5. 5 Overlapping Cavity Inserts with the middle one being larger and my last name engraved w/ red paint fill - 3 copper (main circle has a smaller milled inner circle), 2 tungsten (2 smaller milled inner circles w/ red paint fill) 6 Orbit G weights on sole - otherwise clean on the sole 7. Orichulum site dot 8. Site line 9. 4 Red Aluminum inserts in the bumpers w/ smaller milled inner circles 10. Seven logo milled on toe in red paint fill 11. Shimada Black Shaft 12. Superstroke Mid Slim 2.0 grip This putter might be over the top to some, but for me, it was just such an eye-opening experience to the endless possibilities and the level of quality things can be done by those that are truly passionate about their craft. I definitely think this will be my "busiest" creation, but this first one is something that helps me identify with some important roots, and hopefully that will translate to some much needed zen with the flatstick!! =) One last thing, I must warn those that are not already lucky owners of a Golds putter, it definitely raises the bar for every putter that you will ever encounter, and there is an incessant itch to potentially send in whatever flat stick is currently in your hands to get a Gold's tune up, no matter how amazing it already is!! Thank you all for the inspiration! ;)
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