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  1. 1. Shimada K's 8001 shafts 4-PW + GW + SW - 5i was built to 38.25" - Flex is a single flex CPM wise comes out almost identical to Modus 120 S which as most of you know, softer than most other S flex - Taper tip .355" weight is about 100g - Cosmetically in excellent condition. - Grips are MCC Plus 4 Align on the 4-PW but the regular MCC Plus 4 on the wedges with lots of life left - Also installed are Pro Soft inserts to eliminate unwanted vibration. - Shaft alone will cost $450+ from pro shop. ( + grips + insert will add up to more ) SOLD!! 2. PRGR RS Forged 57 deg wedge - Condition is 8.5/10 some mark on the face and sole. - Stock shaft and grip standard L/L/L $75 $50 including shipping in the US ( overseas for additional $25 ) 3. Speeder Evolution IV 661 X Flex one time pull - 44.25" - Untipped - One time pull using pneumatic shaft puller - Cosmetically in perfect condition. SOLD 4. Tourstage X Drive P02-6 9.5deg driver / Skitter Athlete Shaft - Last generation of Endo forged Tourstage drivers. - Limited Edition 365cc head - Normal marks on sole from normal usage. Face is clean. Tiny dimple on the heel side of the sole .. does not affect performance. - Shaft is a Skitter Athlete 550 shaft which is designated as XX flex but its one of those noodle shafts that feels more like a Junior flex shaft. Believe it or not, when using this club, I can increase my head speed to 120 mph. Normally I am at around 105 mph at the most. Take it for what it's worth. The noodle soft shaft does give good training like "Orange Whip" trainer. Does improve tempo for sure. - Built to 46" SOLD
  2. Hi TSGers.. Clearing out the excess equipment and here's 2 Fairway Woods that I got in an effort to rebuild the bag. Bought used but never got a chance to shaft them to test out as the S-Yard XV 3W and jBeam RX-FW 3W is just a dream for my swing characteristics, that I did not even bother try the rest out. Selling Heads Only. Not looking for trades at the moment. Get both for USD 250 210 + Shipping about USD 55! 1. P-Tune PGN PG-FW 3W Fairway Wood + Original Headcover Asking:- USD 150 130 Paypal Net to me + Shipping (Estimated about USD 35+/- to USA) Condition:- 8/10 (Used Condition) Usage:- I bought it used but have not had a chance to even use it!! Comments:- Slight scuff marks on Sole. Clean Face and Crown. No Paint chips that I can observe. Loft @ 15 / Lie @ 58 / Head Size @ 170 / Face @ Neutral 2. 2011 Tourstage X-FW 3W Fairway Wood + Non-original Headcover Asking:- USD 120 100 Paypal Net to me + Shipping (Estimated about USD 35+/- to USA) Condition:- 7.5/10 (Used Condition) Usage:- I bought it used but have not had a chance to even use it!! Comments:- Slight scuff marks on Sole and minor ball marks on Face. Small paint chips on the Crown where it meets the Face but overall relatively clean Crown. Loft @ 15 / Lie @ 58 / Head Size @ 158 / Face @ Neutral Apologies but photos will be posted tonight! Photos posted.. Do check out other items I have for sale in my signature! Cheers...
  3. Hi Will gather all my ads here, will be easier :) 1./ Set of AF 302 4-PW heads only 3./ Yamaha V202 head. Regular one (not Tour). Great condition, in 10* with Headcover. on BB6s custom build 5./ AF202 3w - mint condition as you can see. Currently built on a Quadra FEX 65s FW. plays 43" and D1 - Epon grip included. 6./ Tourstage x-fw 3+ wood (13.5 loft). New, less than 10 balls hit with tape. Currently built on GT7s. 8./ Zodia chiba masterpiece 52-02 and 58-05. Mint condition. 9./ Epon Zero - custom paint in deep british green. Mint condition 9/10 10./ Epon AF103 - 10.5* loft - mint condition as well. Will rate 9/10 with original HC
  4. So, I've been on a bit of a copper craze lately, and while I'm not trying to buy everything in sight that has copper, it definitely piques my interest whenever I see something. I think my goal is to have a nice spare bag filled with all things copper at some point, but as the adage goes - haste makes waste - and seeing that there are now a lot more copper options for refinishing (a la TSG's sweet new refinishing service), I think I'll take my time to find the right pieces and finish for the makeover. In the meantime, I do have a project that has started all the copper hype for me, and wanted to share. Thought this might be a nice place for all us TSG members who share an interest in this lovely finish to share their goodies as well. So, without further ado, here's my current project (pre-build)...Tourstage MR23 CB's | TT Monaco X -- in COPPER!! I'll update w/ new pics once these beauties get built. I did a search and found individual threads on copper projects people had shared but nothing that collated them all for us to view and enjoy. Hopefully you guys will jump in with me and share your prizes as well!! ;)
  5. This set didn't need refinishing, but I was sending in another set and I just couldn't help but think that these would be awesome in copper. I think I was right. Since a little after I sent them in (they took quite a while), I've had in mind to sell them, but now that they're here, I'm thinking that might be tough. One of the things I love about copper is how you can let them patina or keep them shiny with ease. Oh, what to shaft these bad boys with?! The pictures don't do them justice; I'll have to spend some time with something other than my phone camera.
  6. Is it me, or has the BST been boring lately. Time to spice it up with some gems. Prices are shipped to US; will work with you on worldwide shipping. Offers welcome; "what's your best price?" questions, not so much. RomaRo Pro Forged- heads only Great condition, standard specs. Worthy of their reputation as smooth and forgiving. $old RomaRo Tour Select 3W (14.5*) Crown and face are perfect; minor brush marks on the sole from the glossy finish (look worse that reality). Very long, great feel. $old with Accra DyMatch 2.0 MT70 M4 shaft (1.5" tipped for 3W) Tourstage MR-23 US Spec 53* Wedge - head only Very good condition. Solid wedge; you already know how good. $100 Yonex Ezone 56* Wedge - head only Very good condition. Currently bend to 58*. This thing is so versatile. $90
  7. Help me buy a Gold's Factory Putter Sale! 1) RYOMA MAXIMA TYPE V 10.5* with CRAZY BLACK 50 7.4 LS 45" LENGTH D2.3 SW 268 CPM SQUARE FACE ANGLE MUZIK DRY COMPOUND GRIP Purchased from member YOURPRESSED. Super carry. Good feel. Easy to hit. Just tad too high. Mint condition, some scuffing on sole but overall face, crown great condition. $775 SHIPPED $700 SHIPPED 2) MARUMAN CONDUCTOR 9.5* with GD BB7S 45" LENGTH SQUARE FACE ANGLE GOLF PRIDE PINK NIION GRIP Purchased this from Stu. You can read more about it in this thread. Has not been gamed on the course since purchasing, few range sessions (at most 50 balls hit). Same mint condition as was purchased. Goes straight and nothing else. Just did not like the feel at impact. http://www.tourspecg...__fromsearch__1 $350 SHIPPED $300 SHIPPED 3) JBEAM 425 TOUR 10.5* BLACK IP with CRAZY CB50 NOIR 7.4 45.25" LENGTH D2 SW SQUARE FACE ANGLE Golf Pride Multi Compound Purchased from member YOURPRESSED. Longest driver bar none. Just couldn't hit it consistently enough. Good condition. Only played 2 rounds and a few ranges sessions after purchasing. $425 SHIPPED SOLD 4) 2004 GAUGE DESIGN CB BLACK TEFLON 3-PW Project X 6.0 (These are the LEGIT PX's that Kim Braly designed not the newer ones that True Temper killed) 5 iron 37.75 Will need re-grip 3 and 4 iron never hit. 3 iron still in plastic. Purchased these to try the black teflon finish out. Rarely played, sat in storage. Nice muted feel at impact. Wear mostly on sole but face, topline, cavity all have held up great. Black teflon finish is pretty awesome. $450 SHIPPED $375 SHIPPED 5) PRGR EGG 2010 (2nd Gen) 15* PX-03D 3W Fairway Wood HEAD ONLY no HC Bought this off a forum member. Shafted it up with CRAZY FW80. Had to try it out and did not like it at all. Everyone raves about this model egg even over the 1st gen and HD. Condition is fair, has a nick on the back everything is the way I bought it. Hit about 15 balls with it. Head weighed in at about 208 grams. $175 SHIPPED $150 SHIPPED 6) GAUGE DESIGN PUTTER 1/100 PROTO MIRROR FINISH 34" with HC Don't know too much about this putter. I bought it years ago from TSG. Probably gamed once. Has a nice mirror finish only on face and sole. Really soft feel. $125 SHIPPED $100 SHIPPED Some other items if anyone is interested
  8. moscar


    Bridgestone / Tourstage X-Wedge 52° & 58°, both wedges have 8° of bounce, Nippon NS Pro 950GH, Stiff, OEM Tourstage GP Tour Velvet grips and both play at 36". The wedges are in awesome condition. 5 rds and no range. Normal play wear from 5 rds. No nicks, gouges or dings. Sell as a pair only, will not split. $OLD OBO. Please PM, if you have any questions or offers. Thanks!
  9. Just got the first few holes in with the new TS909. Having played a set of TS905 in the past and some of the ramblings Stew and I have expressed about its strengths and shortcomings I am very happy with the evolution. The main complaints I had about the 905 were that it was a little bit too crisp and did not seem to be heavy enough. While being very communicative of contact quality and location it was only a tad on the correct side of harsh for everything but the purest of strikes. Ball flight was good and the aesthetic of the iron is top notch. The 909, while a very different aesthetic, satinized vs shiny and solid vs demure they seem to hang on to the right performance characteristics and tweaked the bad ones. They are still very communicative about where on the face the ball is struck but now it is a much denser feeling on contact. Even on off center strikes it is still a solid compression feel as opposed to the click of chrome. The heads also seem to have more heft to them, probably contributing to the softer denser feel. The general size is retained and angles of the head are preserved. The muscle, however is a different shape and a hair more toe side of center. If I could get the feel, heft and finish of the 909 in the shape and muscle placement of the 905 I'd have my one iron to rule them all. The turf interaction with these seems to be fairly similar to the 905s. While I am going on a fading memory of the grind and sole as well as divots taken with the 905 it does seem to be consistent between the two. There is a slightly blunted leading edge as well as a modest amount of back end relief. Overall thickness of the sole is very thin and the resulting divots are only 4 or 5 inches long and not very deep. That is a very nice thing especially when the ground is soft. With some of my other irons I have been known to take some sizable divots. On the course today, I was able to take dead aim and the ball flight had a nice piercing trajectory and seemed to fall out of the sky. I am fond of that particular flight path especially with the shorter irons. Came in right over the flag stick on a few holes and on other holes was hitting the safe spots on greens. Overall a tremendous execution on a great iron.
  10. Tourstage has a full release for 2013 including 3 new forged irons the 909 (Muscle Back), 709 MC (Muscle Cavity) and 709 CB (Cavity Back). Irons look great! There will also be 3 adjustable drivers, a pro model 909 (most likely 400cc or less) and the 709 in 450cc and 430cc sizes. (these heads were shown on the R&A site actually a couple of months ago). We don't have much else now just some pics from Japanese sites.
  11. I'm looking to buy a set of Tourstage X-Blade 905 or 901 blade irons. Please PM me, or email me at [email protected] , if any of you are looking to sell a set. Thanks, Matt
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