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***** MY new driver builds THREAD ******

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Ryoma looks longest singularity

What planet are you on?

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had to write it down at the range so i cud make sene later .

itll be decyphered soon when im not busy.


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s-yard 9.5 * with diamana X 70s

44.875 x d3.5 x 330

its too heavy first and foreemost.

its going back in tomorow to get it ot 323/325 . i liked it ,but i was struggling with it by end of day

LOW launch in general. when teed up it went high

got one 100% yesterday andi easily...... easily broke my longest drive record at narusawa. staggering

this club is the real no nonsense deal .

the feel is alomsot as good as the zero.

its super tingy.

played this in conjunction with my kamui pro same shaft.

feel is nothing like each other the kamui i brought the weight back to 323 , much easier to hit. but a bit less "punchy' than the heavier 328 build nad much less punchy than the s-yard.

but...... i like it better. i dont think its a s long now as it was , but the results were better didnt miss fairway with it

hit th e middle of all fairways witht he kp-x

into the strong wind the syard was noticeably sturdier. and lower.

better flight with the wind the s-yard was a monster. no other way to put it.

its magnificent.

didnt get the ball to move at all. that shaft just dont like to go sideways.

suits me...!

ilove the kamui pro head at set up. i cant see anything but short green stuff when i have this in hand.. the s-yard took a while to get accostomed to . i hit 10 and 4 .. 10 with the s-yard. simply bec i wanted to play it , but iHAD to hit the kamui bec.. i needed to see playing results.

simply put. the syard need some tuning and ill be struggling to bag another driver.

its a beauty plain and simple.

got the ball to draw...................that is almost a law agaisnt physics with me.. but i got it to perfectly.

the s-yard MUSt be lighter THAN IT IS NOW. its very playable , but with a small removal of weight im thinikng i might get a bit more out of it . the match of this shaft and head is perfec tho, theres no need to change anything over here. maybe perhaps i cud go the 60s in it .. it wont make a lick of differnce to the stability of it and it might give me a bit more head speed. il lthink this thru with my builder.

over all tho im extrememly pleased with the performance of thsi driver. its a beaut.

Edited by supo67

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I think once you get the S-yard at the playing weight that works best, a couple more rounds.... going to be hard to beat.

I swear it just gets better with every round..

standing by for updates.

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just me 0.02.... with a 10.5 id 100% go witht the diamana over the GD.

for a start its the latest and greatest.

2nd, the 10.5* will get the ball airborn with a railway sleepr inserted into it.

i hit i-drives 10.5 and the thing went to the moon for me.

so u wil have NO issues what so ever.

just match the right weight flex for ya.

iwill say on the diamana X ...

i use the softer S flex rather than the x flex

and iahve absolutely NO issues at all with it being sloppy. none what so ever.

iwouldnt even consider going to X so.. the softer flex in this is fine.

i get the b all soaring with both my kamui pro nad ryoma.

u wont be hitting line drives.. especially wit hthe 10.5

thanks Stew.

I just got shafted up a 9.5 Premia with a crazy boron shaft and I'm hitting line drives.LOW. I'm usually a high ball hitter, but can't seem to get this thing to my desired mid-traj. What is this 'railway sleeper' Stew speaks of?

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just sayin u can shave off a slither of wood from an old railway sleeper. (big ,heavy ,dense figuritively speaking) put it in a 10.5 adn it wil go get in the air.

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just sayin u can shave off a slither of wood from an old railway sleeper. (big ,heavy ,dense figuritively speaking) put it in a 10.5 adn it wil go get in the air.

Ah.... railway sleeper.. got it. I thought this some swing weight adjuster or something.. thanks

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syard with diamana stinger .................... 200g head 45 inch 321.5 gram d2.5

syard with and diamanX....................,.......193g head 44.875inch 321g d1

shafted my lighter 193 gram head with the diamana X and gamed it yesterday. had the stinger as well, but decided id play the new one. as ive been playing the other a lot rencently ,wanted to see any discernable differences

with off centre shots distance was noticeably shorter. . they still were for the most part accpetable. but the loss of disatnce wa worse than the ryoma.

i hit 9-14 yesterday and wasnt anywhere nearly "on" so the control with this set up is right up there,,i didnt , as they say , exactly set the world aight. but i did get really good impacts on 3 drives and il say without a doubt, there hasnt been a nicer feel nor result i can think of. flight was beautiful, brought it down a lot and a much more piecring strong flight with plenty of roll. distacne was superb. the course i played yeterday has very tight cropped hard gorund so roll is quite substantial here and the syard dia X was in its element.

was blowign quite hard as well and plenty of shots from all angles. into the strongest of it it was very accpetable. the lightness of the head was notceable and wasnt what i call ideal. but for what it was it was much better than i exepcted. , took a while to get my tempo in check, back niine was much better hit 6/7 so no complaints.

the other 200 gram head is much better for this shot but the lighter one still got it done

ive changed my swing , and on the driver its especially better for distance. so ive picked up a cpl of mph . and it was noiceable yesterday. control will come, but i can hit into the ball harder now, and the dia X i gotta say is just getting better and better.

this combo quite brilliant. if u have a fairly strong powerful swing d then this is one heck of a build that might be hard to top.

i cud now very easily just play these 2 drivers and forgoe my others with no regrets.

but of course.................................,

i iwont..!

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What made up the 7g difference? Interesting lighter club head goes further?

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prob a tip weight id think..

and nope light head doesnt go further,, its as long and its a btter flight

its seems to be more accurate for me. tho i hiot about 15 each before the match on a 280 yard range agaisnt the wind so cud see the end reuslt.

the stinger shafted ( heavier head) drives were longer on average buth te dia X i got straighter on average so i gamed that bec it was blowing quite hard

after one game i cant definitively say which was better , if any. but i guess i liked the way the X played , and i didnt fele lik i had to eb overly aggressive, i cud ease into a few ,and did, and hit 2 "tiger stingers" adn got them dead centre so most importantly,, they hit the shorties a lot!

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So what driver is in the bag bag now now?

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Wel thecureent ones have been the 425 tour and the syard stinger

But the syard wuth dia x last weekend was good if not a bit light

Im really liking the syard with well anything

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maruman pro -x 8.5*

dimanana B 60x-----45 inch 319 gram ( too light)

anyway the head is a similar styled to the ryoma maxima , a quasy rounded semi triangle back and convex face. but seems bigger and easier to hit.

its very easy on the eye, therse NO flashy swirls nor swosshes nor orange stipes ,nor ferrari red line to make this faster.

tis a beautiful gloss black head witha weight screw port i n the sole near the heel. for weight adjustmants

the face is black with 5 ish horizontal grooves.

its a no nonsense good looking head.

its made for the better golfer askign for a bt of control rather than out and out distance. and on the range the other day thats prety much what i got

the sloping back into the rounded triangle looks to be the answer designers have for control over thump.

and when i hit it i ddnt try to smash it like say the kamui pro kp-x

these are almost disametrically opposed designs. and when u step up to hit them ur mind is deffinatly in a differnt palce with both drivers

the maruman i just kinda eased into was getting a nice baby draw but if i stepped on it i was snapping it. (but thats a shaft issue its going down today to ge tthe 80- weight diamaana B )

when i just hit the ball ti was pretty spot on mthe new sound they made for it over the older conductor is a LOT niceer . very crisp clean ping to it

makes it sound like ur gettign it all. its one of the best ive hit for that sensation.

u dont feel like u have to kill it to get that sound.

its a tought question if thisis a better driver than the older one

form what ive seen the older one is porb longer and lovwer. 9.5* in the older one is more than adequate, 8.5* in this , well i wudnt want to go any higher. thats for sure.

the centre of this driver is a cinch to hit and anywhere along the centre of it gave me ver y accpetable reuslts.

i dont think its a long kahooooooona i think its a heck of a nice control head.

i certianly liked it ,m not gamed it bec the shaft wasnt suitable.

il get that taken care of this week and give it a wnother whirl this weekend.

with the ryoma maxima, that might be a heck of a macth up bec they are a very simliar shape.

Edited by supo67

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put the newly shafted diamanaB 80s i n this to play 44.75 inch 335 gram d2.7

much nicer feel for me, not as thin as with the 60x. gave it much more substance.

the sound of it centered is equally as nice as the epon zero.

just sensaional, got 2 drives away with it where i just smiled and laughed, yep, damn fine!

the rounded convex face lends this driver to favour a slight draw.

i was missing all blal left ,which , for me is unbleeiveable.

distance was spot on, flight was mid.

had opne really realyl good drive on 9 with it which was a s good as i can go.

bigger , rounded/elongated shape head really makes this thing really wuite easy to hit consistnatly.

ill say it doesnt quite have the same thump the older conductor has, but its a much much niceer to hit dirver for sure.

the extra weight of the shaft improved its performance for me for sure.

not the easist driving course we play on so accuracy is pretty essential. just a little bit left right adn ur in trouble,

and with this i felt pretty comfortable all day .

choking down a bit and hitting "bunt drives" was exceptional.

prob the best of amy drivers for this shot., just gotta rememeber to aim right!

yea id def say give htis driver a whirl if u like the shape of the ryoma maxima, then ull prob love this one, and it feels MUCH MUCH better.

Edited by supo67

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Maxima 8.5 dianana w70s

Most anti hook driver there is


Anyone with the pulls must look at the w shaft

Its killing my power fade

Im dead man walking

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Well the jbeam 425 tour with waccine st 88

44.5 inch 334gram d2.5

Weighting front ports 6-6 back weight 2

Used it today in the wind

Ill not be using anything esle in wind ever again

The ball didnt get abouve head high pretty much

It didnt turn over it ddint really slice

Its mahoooosive. Long and its reduculouly stable

I call it


Never hit anything like this

Really dont think ineed to experimant any more

My guy has built me the best there is

Quite extraordinary

Stronger guys that get good head speed must......

Must must must must look at the waccine shaft

Must look at this its quite magnificent

Thanks nobu- san......!

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:tsg_smiley_heart: very interesting post....the Waccine shaft sounds perfect for a big fellow like myself

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Ryoma vspec d1 9.5 grapbite design z9003x 6x

45¨x d3x 319gram

Well well well what have we here

Low as u can go monster long with ability toeither make it whistleifu choke down

Or gunbarell if u hit normally

Very very impressed

Indeed might be just a little light but if u see this flight hmmmmmmmm

Im onto something very interesti.g here

More balls to hit

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Maxima 8.5 dianana w70s

Most anti hook driver there is


Anyone with the pulls must look at the w shaft

Its killing my power fade

Im dead man walking

That shaft must be one anti left shaft as I find the Maxima has a left leaning tendency for faster swingers...

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if i choked down i did get it left, quite easily but at full extention not...

i dont get these results with the diamana X 70s or x shafts tho.

its got a bit of flex in it but it snaps at impact back to stright so its like a catapult. i musy ahve hit more tha n50 balls with it last night. nad by hte ned, i took it home. took the TRPX out of the bag (till i get more weights) nad put htis in next to the vpsec with diamana X 70s for thi s sundays game.

i say again this is very LOW.......it might be the lowest of my quivver.

very very impressed.

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oldie, but prob my fav all time head,

the callaway ERC III

one thats been in my rotation since it was released in 06

its still in perfect nick and the best combo ive had with it was with an original diamana blue 73s


i figuered it might be good with the new shaft tech.

"calling diamana X 70s.."

very deep hosel on this so a stock length driver shaft came out at 44.5 inch

the head needed a bit more weight to get the SW to d2+ so hot melted it to 205 gram from 194

his wordrs were pretty inspiring ( and daunting) when i picked it up

be carfull with this, i added 10g melt to make it low cog. but witht he shaft so deep this will be ULTRA low spin.

44.5 legnth shud be fantastic for u

it wil be low low spin.

so i used it sat.

and he was dead right, it is 9.5*, flight was mid (at best) with the tee pretty high.

and it just kind of meandered out a decent distance. i hit the second and 3rd dead middle and walked to the spot and it was easily right up there with my best drives.

the shorter length definatly makes for a more controlled feel. and any swing thats non committal bang , right. its VERY hard to turn it over.

on the range a cpl of straight pulls , but there was no snap hook arc to it

was a very good build. and it will stay as is.

that callaway ERCIII head is fantastic such a beautiful feeling. and it loks awsome 450 cc BIG face nothing overly fancy about it (aprt form its components ) just an all round solid driver tht is EASILY up there with whats about now. wud have no prob using this on nay trak in any condition. in fact pretty sure this will become my travelling driver .

and ...............proving once agian , that just bec its brand new. doesnt necceccerialy make it much better than what once was!

Edited by supo67

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so i did say id finised with drivers right?



such is life................,

cpl of new builds

jbeam435 9.5* - fire express 75s

326 gram 45 inch d1

head weight 197 gram

square to slightyl closed 0.5* max.


impossible to hook even with a potentially closed face. the FEX just makes the ball go right

not a bad thing when u wail into it.

the falacy that FEX plays soft to flex is nothing short of utter nonsense. there is NO WAY id got antyhign stiffer than S and i normally play SX to X in pretty much most others.

the FEX is NOT for inconsistant drivers of the bal, and to be honest with my swing style i struggle to make this live up to its potential bec i tend to fade the ball, this isnt the best match for me. but i tell ya when i middle it and get that hand over. good golly miss molly

is this hard to beat ?

you bet

is it hard to equal ?

you bet.

a cpl from the screws sunday and i was almost crying with delight. flight is high mid high. carry is superb and it hits the ground like a hot rod.

this shaft is SO underrated for the stronger drivers , especially if u have hook tendencies.

i dont think i cud play this day in out bec of my swing but on wide open no O/B course il be hard pressed not to take this out

awsome specialist driver

the FEX feels even better than the stinger in te same head.


kamui pro kp-x 10* --diamana fubuki k 65s 1inch tipped

316 gram, d2.5 45 inch

head weight 200g

IF ulike a super deep slightly tending to open (even thio its dead square) head and u draw/hook balls , ur a strong driver that gets the ball out of the middle a lot and u dont have , or havnt tried the kp-x then ur blinded by diatribe and marketing hogwash of the OEMS.

this head is prob. the longest single shot driver ehad of all the heads ive tried.

when it had the fire express it was insane .


its NOT i repeat NOT........ for anyone that can not really drive thru the ball hard and fast. and turn the hands to draw

the shape of it isnt for cuts bec anything that is left sqaure or open is high and right.

if u get the face to clsoe after impact then ur gonna get the ride of ya life.

the shaft i tipepd 1inch on a 65s fubuki K , which i think has a tendency to go straight or even left, coupled with tis head was a master stroke.

ive had hths head on fire express, diamananX. crazy ls noir.. to name a few , and it hasnt been my driver so i benched it.

i then realsied this needs to be customed to the individual swing style to get max benefits

the lighter shaft gets "noticebale " head speed. the shaft is really tight now and a bit striaghter than untipped

but on sunday i hit 7 balls 270+ dead centre. did not miss a drive with it . they cudda marked the centre line with the ball

somehting that is WAY out of the ordinary for me.

it feels light in the hands and at impact, its "airy" i thought iwas gettitng under done til iwalked out and saw where the ball was . no siree. its was long alright

flight is lower now and the ball scoots on landing. its lower than the 435 FEX combo and MUCH more consistant

if i had to grab a driver for my life, this one is now right near the top. and thats after one session on course with it.

one complaint is the feel. its airy and not full. total opposite to the 435

results however speak for themselves..


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I've got a Diamana S 105X, wonder how you would hit that shaft?

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think id need to take some roids for a month first in a driver.

although the nunchuk is 105 gram and thats hittable. seems pretty similar profile ?

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