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Honma TW727V grows taller and fatter for 2015

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This year the TW727 series has 4 models of irons, The VN is the new skinny boy designed for half cavity lovers who want traditional offset which makes way for the V ( as seen below ) to end it's diet and pig out for a bit.

Slightly Larger

Slightly Fatter

Slightly Deeper

Slightly Taller

Slightly Softer


Thats the difference in a nutshell. The lofts are only 1* stronger than the Vn coming in at 46* on the PW.

I got plenty of time with this one, It's solid one of the best players CB you can get, don't forget you can order these in Sakata Black Nickel with Vizard IB shafts to take it up a notch.










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I love the high toe and sharp lines, but just a little too much text for me.

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