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Different irons/wedges for summer and winter?

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This will be the first time that I've ever owned 2 sets of irons and wedges at the same time and keeping them, so I thought I'd make them weather specific. Thinner sole for summer and wider soles for winter is my reasoning behind this experiment, as well as lighter shafts for more carry in the winter. Hopefully it works. 

MP4/54 Yoro and T7 all shafted with Quadra Fire Express DGL 120 and Iomics grips. 

MP64 and S5 all shafted with Orochi Tour Spec 90g and Pure grips. 

Anyone else do this? 



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i dont play the same clubs in  both seasons ,  but morr.so shafts ,ns105s in winter and 125s or 130s for summer .

higher bounce soles.for summer in tje tropics and flat  thin  soled ones. in summer in the south. 

honma tw with ns125s for summer in the south vs masda  ns105s  in wnter.for eg.


it the north it wud be idbl ns105s in winter  vs  callaway quad dots with ns so blue in summer


cudnt blame the tools with thise combios



but one set.is.iimsanely mpossible !

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