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MIZUNO MP TYPE 2 feedback

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Damn....this is one good-looking driver!

Just wondering if there are any reviews or general feedback before I plunk down the money.




Sound / feel?

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Feels good,  forgiving for its size,  face shape and the groove alignment seems odd to me,  if you can custom order from yoro to your specs they do a nice job of that.

distance is like any good driver ( they are all similar in this regard and it depends on the player/shaft/etc.. )

sound and feel are better than average.  I think Noboru had one of these in play as well?  

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Yup.  I had it earlier in the year.   This is a very well balanced driver.    Type 1 is more traditional Mizuno MP shape. 

Type 2  I think is aimed at players who's gotten used to USDM forgiveness and adjustability but seek Japanese traditional shape. 

I prefer my drivers to have bonded hosel..   reason why I tried it but let it go rather quickly.  

Contrary to what a lot of people think,   the smaller type 1 is easier to draw and type 2 from other reviews and my experience is straight to slight fade biased.     Feel and sound is one of the best in the market.     Lively and refined.   



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It feels really soft and the sound is really nice too!

I would say it is as forgiving and as long as the Ping G and even the Epic.

In my opinion more forgiving than the typical JDM driver and as good as any other out there if you like the shape of it. 

You wont be disappointed thats for sure


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