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Kasco FD 12.8*\ diamana stinger 100%boron

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43.5 inch  333 gram 12.8* 250cc square face angle

diamana stinger 70x pro model cpms280ish

mid high flight super straight very very very long.there are more than few times this out longs a driver simply bec it so much easier to hit consistently from the middle.

driver alternate for those looking for abetter option that a3wood.

there plenty of dialogue on TSG about this driver, its pretty much the best of every sub driver  ive ever hit/played.by along way.

forged super hyten by kasco proprietary  head.

Was my one back home for years never played a round without taking  it with.

i have 3..... so imkeeping the exact same and the gd shafted one which is way lower for links.

you hit this and  u might find u wont go back to adriver!

pp tracked insured delivered







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Love the head shape and overall look of this little beauty. 

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