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Fujimoto Golf

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I recently found a deal on these but cannot find anything about these irons. Does anyone know what model and year they are? I know they are Fujimoto but can't find anything else. 


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They look like one of the open models muscle backs made of SS400 steel. 


if it is the regular muscle back,  then the specs are 

Club Loft(°) Lie(°) F.P.(㎜) Weight(g)    
4 24 60.5 4.5 250    
5 27 61.0 4.5 256    
6 30 61.5 5.0 263    
7 34 62.0 5.0 270    
8 38 62.5 5.0 277    
9 42 63.0 5.0 285    
PW 46 63.5 5.5 293  

They also have a muscle back that has an internal cavity. (hollow)  But judging from the narrower sole width , I think this is the solid one piece version. 

Hope this helps. 



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ive.played the  hollow version .. quite a different feel. wasnt sure if i liked it  or not.. felt almost like nothing..very soft.. maybe too soft

prgr tune is a similar feel.


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