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Hiro matsumoto semi LN

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This little fella has been my travelling /practice putter since  its refurb, its  been everywhere.

Face is perfect the  body  is still really good. Obv. its  a  bit  used as its been a faithfull servant  but theres no   major chinks  or  dents that detract from it.  Its  more than a pretty decent  piece still.

Colours are  great   ,the copper underlay  looks awsome.

34 inch..518 gram

Sorry , I cant help with what finish this is ,  as I sent half a dozen of these out to difffent guys years ago  and have no clue  who did what, I THINK this one was done  by kari lajossi tho. looks  like his kinda thing.

he does super work btw....

$175 delivered
















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NICE PUTTER at a very good deal! I have one

, not as nice as here, or this would be mine.


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