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Been searching for a back up driver for some time now and I thought the Srixon Z785 was going to be it.... but after a while the sound and feel eventually got to me and I sold it.  Went back to the Modart MA-1D+R 8.5 for a bit but it just hits too high for me.  In hopes of ending this search,  I just picked up a used 9.5 Epon AF-153 head.  Hard to find one with decent weight... Finally found one at 198g which is still lighter than what I actually need and I may still send it in for a hot melt treatment. This actually is not my first AF-153.  I had one 3 to 4 years ago which I had paired it with a Fire Express Max WBQ 75 SX ...   It was the most consistent driver ever for me and to this day I regret letting it go !!!   A the time,  I switched to a Grandista RS-001 / Seven Dreamers combo which on the long run did not work out so well.  ( I also incurred some injury during that time too ) 

Anyway,  my current Ace is the Grandista RS-D / Diamond Speeder 5X combo.  It is long and it is consistent.    I just need a second driver for when I want to change it up a bit. Not sure why I was pursuing other drivers until now but I do know from past experience that the AF-153 will produce good results. It is one of my favorite drivers of all time.  As for the shaft this time around,  I am going to try the Fuji Atmos TS Black I have setting idle.  Hopefully it works out well.  

I know that AF-153 has been one of the most popular drivers from Epon to date other than perhaps the legendary AF-101.  Even after the AF-155 and AF-155i has released,  many people apparently stayed with the 153. 

I'll review the new combo once I build and have some time to play with it! 

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Agree on the 153 being the most consistent driver. Found its way into my bag via the BST one day and it turned out to be the all-time fairway finder for me. Before I hurt my back, I was still throwing the JBeam Black in when I was feeling confident and like bombing them out there. But the 153 kept coming back. Fairways and greens... gotta start with fairways... 

Oddly, I tried a couple other Epon's, including the newer 155, but it wasn't quite as nice feeling, and the sound wasn't as absolutely sweet. They did something special with the 153.

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Got my head today and built it with my Atmos shaft.   Took it out to the range for a quick test drive!! 

I had forgotten how forgiving this head was.   It's a real straight shooter and the feel and sound is sooo pleasing!  

Distance was not as long as the Grandista but the forgiveness makes up for it I think. 

Thoughts of swapping the shafts around are going through my mind again.  🙂






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