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PR-GR IDBL (HEADS) .....ENDO forged 3/pw

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PR-GR  IDBL    muscle  cavity .   3/pw  

****heads only now*****

  OR with other  STEEL shafts   not attached   ,

NS super peening  blue stiff......TT monacco stiff.....  NS 125 stiff......DGS200 .....no carbon ,don't do carbon.


PURE ENDO perfection.

lowest off set on  any  club  I mean any............,  including MB , these are a very  player esque profile due to their offset  but they also  have  more than a little bit   forgivenees due to  their head size, they are NOT  a tiny small  compact  set of heads, these are mid size /  mid thick and very easy to look at for any kind of player, really

IMO they are a brilliant upscale from  uber forgiving heads to a more player profile. or  for  players at the top end looking for a head that adds a smidgen of ease to the muscle back .

they  have a rounded off  high square toe, thick sole (  great  for digger  swings)   mid top  line,  in a  medium sized head.

the  pw (which I have chosen to illustrate). is close to perfect as a pw can get in a mid size iron.


Distance  with these heads is not manufactured rubbish  monster long.  they are  spot on  for the iron no. they equate to  ie,  they are not long or short ,  with a  46* pw  4* down to the 3/4 irons  at 3*


anything else  pls ask away.


  heads are In  very  GOOD cond.  only hitch  is the 7i has a  tiny chick on the sole  as illustrated in  the photo above that I  didnt know about till  isaw it in the zoomed   in on these photos.............  so it does  not  interfere with the face at all unless u like hitting the ball with the under side of the club!


$50  head  these equal , plus   $50 shipping






























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oh and i cleaned theem aftyer the snaps were tsaken so they are now.squeeky clean.

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5/7/pw from address

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heads only now

425 delivered 


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One of the best looking and feeling CBs ever.  And they are reasonably forgiving too!  

Getting extremely hard to find a used set in good condition!!      GLWS!!. 

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