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PR-GR IDBL......... M/cb 3/pw , NS PROTO.

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PR-GR  IDBL    muscle  cavity  id  call them , prob close if not THE best players m/ cb ever????

gotta be close. certainly ive not hit   played better.

ENDO perfection.

lowest off set on pretty much  ANY club there is.

rounded off square toe, thick sole ( AWSOME for diggers!!!)  mid top iine, WORKABLE.

pure pleasure on the eye,  nothing , zero neagative dialogue , there is nothing bad about these even the pw which I have chosen to illustrate. 


happily  do heads   only on these as the shafts are the best shafts ive ever palyed, these have been my no1 set for a cpl of years. im going full

MB mode  now so , I can forgo  my cavities.

shaFTS ARE MODUS 130 STIFF  prototypes by NS. they are a pure stiff.  One can make the ball move  laterally a wee  bit but not much.  these are miles better for controlling flight height than direction.

distance  is spot on they are not long or short 46* pw 

shafts are IMPOSSIBLE to get now. I got these from the NS guys  so they were BNTM.

masda grips (of course).

5i plays stock  37.75/38   inch never remember   which  but matters not 1 iota to me, not 3/4  over under  kinda thing

can get it measured  exactly if required.........


anything else ask away.


 , they are In  very  GOOD cond.  only hitch  is the 7i has a  tinychick on the sole in  the photo above.does it nont interfere with the face


$690  clubs

$390 heads


deliverd price .   I pay shipping.






















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oh and i cleaned theem aftyer the snaps were tsaken so they are now.squeeky clean.

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