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Fujikura Daytona Speeder

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Just found out a new Fuji Jewel Line shaft coming out later this month.    (Oh yeah...  March is Japan Golf Fair month!!! ).    

I currently use the Diamond Speeder shaft in my driver and 3 wood.   Love them so much but getting harder to find them in the right specs. 

As some of you may know,  Diamond Speeder combined 90T carbon,  MR70 and  T1100G material from various manufacturers to produce one of the lowest torque shafts.  The distance performance on these shafts are just wonderfully explosive.   

Now the Daytona Speeder goes even further with exotic material.   the same 90T Carbon,  MR70, T1100G but now a new material from Toray called M40X at the tip for improved feel at impact.     Using all of these premium exotic material sometimes create conflict with how they perform.   In order to ensure the materials actually work in harmony,  they added Boron to complete the package.    

Very tempted to try this shaft when it comes out!    








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I came across this the other day on one of the ameblo blogs; while it is about 10grams lighter than my preferred weight (I like something in the mid 70's) Add me to the list as well for wanting to give it a go. I know mitsubishi seems to be the tops for most on the PGA, but I always keep gravitating back to Fujikura for some reason (the new ventus is supposed to be very nice as well, just a little too stiff in the tip for me I think)

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I've always been a Mitsubishi fan up until I got to try the Diamond Speeder.   I mean I still like the Diamana stuff but 

the use of MR70 material which is actually produced by Mitsubishi Chemical ( their competitor ) really caught my attention. 

I like Fujikura's unbiased approach to just use the best materials out there regardless of who actually produces them. 

As far as weight class goes,  I am opposite to you.   I've gone down to 50g X flex to make up for my aging swing! ?  

So this new Daytona is a bit heavier than what I am currently using. 


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