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Bro,  with the Zen and now the T.388  looks like you are building yourself a 2010 era ultimate JDM bag!  

With that putter and Driver,  a sweet set of blades would match up nicely I think!   


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2 hours ago, nobmontana said:

Bro,  with the Zen and now the T.388  looks like you are building yourself a 2010 era ultimate JDM bag!  

With that putter and Driver,  a sweet set of blades would match up nicely I think!   


Building a greatest hits bag. 
right now im gaming an epon 380cc w Diamana x 60 and playing at 44” its kicked out some serious Competition like the Ping g400 Max, g425 Max etc. 

Nothing comes close to consistency and reliability So wanted alternative heads to mate my excess Diamana x 2012/2017 shafts. Have about 5😀

had the ts388 before it was so awesome i sold it 😂

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 ok... heres a little  heads up on matching that shaft with certain shape heads.

Take a boxier shape  like say  the  Jbeam 435 head ,   ... while  the performance is lights out!   ........   and it is !!

its  a tough task master    to love  bec u dont feel like ur getting  any distance with it , in fact  it goes  like the clappers but very low  so u need a  10-11.5* head to max that combo out  and see  some air miles , bec  seeing is beleiving , and bec. of the full shape of the 435 u dont feel like ur getting  distance bang or your buck, the feel sensation to your hands gets lost in the box , the feel doesnt  work,  its sooooooooooooooooo frustrating, ive pulled 2 shafts form my 435s  bec  of this miss interpretation  and  as much as i know its out there , its fkkn long it was irking the s**tttt outta me  bec it felt crap! 

 , knowing you , you  will pull that combo immedialty !!!!!!!!!!!!    , dont try it ,  its 100% for performance only  and  a big swnger will enjoy unparralleled  success form it.

ON THE FLIP SIDE................  to full drivers , the elongate oval , or triangle back     shaped heads really gravitate well to this shaft.

 SO , the  t.388  is a no brainer  for this shaft   i had that  exact set up   with a 70s    it  suits  really well but i was struggling with the head shape when i changed my swing so i sold it  .

-RODDIO s -tuning   has the  same kind of design  and  is another   really awsome set up   that loves that  shaft  and one u can go lower  loft on  , its very workable and can hit any shape u want with ease, can easily go up a flex in fact it prefers the 70s or 60 to the 60s. 

-KASCO DNA  also works bec its so compact  and face feel is totally  different with the super hyten steel , same with the FD .... they are both superb and prefer  all  flexs lower launch .

-EPON 101, feel is electric ,  i loved this  combo , cundt see anything that was good/bad with it but swapped it out for a stinger  after 2 rounds and never looked back .

- Astro tour head is a meld of both full and pear shape, this is LIGHTS OUT  and my no2  gamer   its so good in fact i built 3 of them i  have them with a  60s-60x-70s , the 60s is the best of them bec its a bit  easier to launch and get a bit of movement  plus is  the  longest  with most hang time  ,  the 60x i played on sunday  needs 100% full attention  and it will be  incredible,  you get no more than a cpl of yards  lateral movement, this is  almost IMPOPSSIBLE to bend like Beckham  its point shoot with the  slightest   ability   to a small cut or draw    if  u dont  give it your full respect  it just wont  go, and will worm burn.

-KAMUI PRO  tp 07 and 09 , ( but esp the 07)   is ,as so far as ive hit ,  the best match  with this  shaft .  Its  bec of the combo of feel and performance but mainly bec the feel/sound is the best. For some extraordinary reason the  DAT55G  face AND THE nitrogen infused head dull down the usual  toink  feel  u get from that face material  ,  this head gives u a  stronger  duller thud that feels/sounds  OUTRAGEOUSLY awsome at impact i cant not play this when im mucking about, it flies high as well  my  10*   gets huge air miles and you can get as funky as u want  with it, vary tee heights to hit all manner of shots , something that is impossible with the 435 an  even astro tour. distance is good without being massive  its not longer than the astro  but its MILES more enjoyable to hit .

On your course  i can not say with any more  insistence ,  If u want to  take a punt  on any  head to put with  ant but especially  the 70s  u  have  bec the torgue is 2.3  or 2 for the 2017     ,  i IMPLORE YOU   to get a kamui....................




  then give it to me when u hate it . ( hihihihihi) 








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Thanks Stu-san, your experiences with gear are truly remarkable and thanks for the advice. Dont we feel a bit strange finding driver heads to match the shaft and not vice versa? Hands down Il be playing the diamana x 2012/2017 for as long as i can there is simply no shaft that comes close. Ive hoarded quite a few to last me a very long time.

Right now i am getting the longest combo with an Epon 380 diamana x series 2012 60s. it was originally a 3w shaft that i stuck in and plays 44" which is the right length for me. have dabbled in 44.5 and 44.75 nothing is as consistent as 44. but back to that combo its simply unbeatable and want to create similar combos of that head size and spec. TS388 and yonex 380cc ryo ish model come to mind.

Ive built a few like the 415 w dimana x 60x 2012 and the combo was terrible. love the feel of the shaft but that head feels muted and launches too high. shots were leaking right so not sure if its the head or the shaft but that same thing happened when i had a fire express 65sx. Reshafted my old 105 with the same shaft and will see if the problem is solved. 

So the new combo is 105 10* diamana x 60x 44.25" , had to add around 6 grams of lead to the head to bring up the swingweight. very excited for this combo. Regarding crazy i had the combo with a ozik shaft a decade ago and still consider it a very long head feel is soso but im not so sensitive to feel rather than performance. it was indeed lights out. so awesome yet i sold it. why do i do that???

The kamuis are stellar and i loved my Nitrogen tp07, had the 09 as well and moved those right before i took a hiatus from golf. good reason to get those back but defintely want to keep the expriement to 380-400CC heads to maximise my shafts. 

back to the drawing board.

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Ahhhhhhhhhhhh yes, THAT EPON ,  the  380, thats  that tiny black ion plated  head  they released a few of and we all  tried but pretty much everyone moved it on quickly bec it was so darn  hard   hit consistently ,  right ?

 I had  mine with  a 60s on release and  was so stoked to play it  but i  was either, this is the best  driver ever, or the worst, nothing else , it was all or nothing,  i took it  to the mountains  for a  solo game with no one on course and hit   a thousand balls with it  , after every drive i was either saying  wow this  is insane good, or wow that ball  backspun  so far right  over the OB trees it  actually came back and hit me in the  right asssss cheek !

i cudnt stomach it any more and moved it  on.

 It was an interesting time  back then   as  around the same time   i  was hitting  the . t388 in the direct opposite  direction  to the epon  due to savage swing changes and  THOSE  misses   went so far left  and so  far down  at such an extreme  pace ,  that  on the short par 4 16th at   Country club Japan  one day i  tore a hole in the space time continuum  and   the  ball melted an open wound in the ground  on a collision path  to the earths core!
 some  locals  that saw  those  heady days (AND MADE BUZILLIONS OFF ME  playing Nassua)  are still heard  to mutter under their breath  thats  just about when  a firm measure of an increase in  global warming   really started  to accelerate  prob due to the  Earths balance   shifting  a degree to the  north  . 


coincidence ??


 i think not  ! 




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Your "greatest hits" bag is giving me some clues for my next set to build.  🙂  Looking into JDM woods again.  



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