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Roddio Pentacross Driver shafts

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Hello , I would like the members considered opinion on the Roddio line of shafts , in  particular  the Pentacross ... I know they have been around a few years  now , but was looking for experiences with these in comparison to other  highish end / exotic shafts  ...  I am currently  playing a  Tour AD  BB6  in stiff  &  also  have a Oban Kyioshi   Gold in similar  make up   65 g  in stiff ... .How  does a similar Roddio compare against these  and if i was  to venture into  the resale used market are they worth picking up ?

Thanks in advance  


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They are top notch in terms of quality and material for sure.  Their parent company is Daiwa who is a fishing rod giant globally.    OnOff and their Labospec is also part of Daiwa.      If you want a profile similar to the BB  I'd say the OnOff Labospec Tataki might be pretty close.    With Roddio, I have not seen a true high kick point shaft from them.   But from the new TT series shaft,  the Moon model are the most stout profile with mid-low launch profile.   As for lower launching shafts from other brands.  I've recently tried the Tour AD XC and Diamana D-Limited and they are both great shafts.   I still want to try the Tensei 1K ... 

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Well said nobs... they are excellent shafts right  from the stock daiwa mp  to the rpddio pro range.

Ive  used a ton of these over the years, the pentacross are as good a shaft as an intermediate insert as anyones. As a generalisation they feel VERY glassy, ,very electric in the fingers at impact. they are the oppostie of dull, one always feels they are getting max bang for the buck with them in hand.

have no fears what so ever buying these.

the roddio labospec  line that came out a cpl of yrs ago are a step up



theres somehting here for everyone.



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