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cRaZy golf , putter shafts........,


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Do many care about what they pop in the   putter  or is it  just as long as it 34..33..35  inch  you  dont care?

I popped into the crazy store  sunday   and played  about with thier putters which   are 2 ball  odysseys which im gaming regularly  right now.
They have 2  long shaft   38 inch the other at 33.
both not perfect for what i prefer  lenght wise  but it was just about   trying the  feel of them and i can tell you, theres a gigantic difference in thie  crazy  and mine which are simply  stock shafts form odyssey, albeit in rather  top end 2 ball  heads. i have the  protype  black  and  the gold exo.
they are both  very different feeling heads with the identical shape , i  hit  the crazy shafts a few times ........................  oh yes! 

now as a rule i use:
frequency filter.
muziik dogatti
diamana proto
Ns purple.
and various other randoms i know  what they are, prob  DG or genreic NS , my top putters get the above shafts and for me.... theres a dichotomous  difference  between  stock and custom, i cant  say  which  of the upgrades  i like the  best or if there is actually  a best , but the feel of the customs  are  significantly  increased to  "just stock  steel" .
i love the smoother feel of the diamana  prob more than the ultra tight dogatti, but  i think the muziik is a higher quality, similar in steel , the shimada is a very  good shaft  for a ver y good price  but the NS  has it  for sure.
The FF super light can not be under rated, if anyone wants to know  exactly what thier  putter  head   feels like, then  FF shaft  will illustrate that  quite  like no other.
this is a great match with " denser, duller  feeling   steel  heads; softens its up a tad.

First time ive hit the crazy   and it INSTANTLY resonated with me as an ohh shiiit,   i need one of these in my quiver ....,!
as close to what i have hit id say its in line with the diamana  more than the dogatti, the ball pings off the dogatti shafted heads where as the diamana, it  kind of feels  like is a directional " softer feel", the dogatti  is a distance   feel  if that makes sense ? 

80t carbon made in japan shaft with a typical " crazy " look to it is  somehting i cud add for sure...........,


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Yes, I’m a putter shaft carer……

favourite steel shaft is the TT YSC (made for Scotty Cameron) but only available in .355 and no longer made (think SC use NS) now.

live played the NS purple but always felt a little heavy, although they have a new version (green) at 120gm that I will give a run with.

I have a SWAG handsome 2 putter with the LA golf graphite and I like it, it’s certainly stiff/stable, but maybe still prefer the crispness

of steel…… would like to get my hands Ona Shimada, but not easily sourced in Europe.

also have seen pix of a Grahite Design proto putter shaft, but that was a while ago and no signs of a production version(yet) this would

intrigue me as a GD fan.


the search is always on…..

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stability shaft?

id like to try that as well  i think ,seem popular as  heck .  not really a  huge  thing  this side of the pond  but   i know they are about  ,ive  not even   seen one out and about to try.


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I’ve had a BTG Stability Shaft sitting here but I’m not a fan of cutting my current shaft in half to do the install and I don’t want to be without my putter for several weeks to send it in and have BTG do the install.

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