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To SUPO:which Jbeam 435 model?

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Hi Supo, when you says that your prefered driver for distance is the Jbeam 435, are you talking about the FX model?, black model? 435II? 435R?

thanks for your advice

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ive been called..........,

the 435  original  , yes fx  and or crazy  435 ( same head)  , ive  tried them all and  cant  be bested .

 the  original 425 tour  i loved and has now    has been superceeded by the j-tour , tthats   really good as well   if u hit the mid  very  consistently.

id get this head  over  any of the newer  models  if i was going to swap .

i didnt like the zy  as much as i  was hoping , found it  too low and flat.


tbh i was looking to "upgrade  "from the 435 but was left wanting.

so stuck to them , they have a a diamana  stinger and 7d shafts in them and are FULLY in play.

hey,  if it aint broke....................


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Many thanks for your help and time, I have bought many clubs following your advice and always all has been very good, I have 2 FX really good, but also have 435II and I want to know which one is youir prefered, thanks for your advice about Yamaha irons and wedges, really very very good, Which Honma cavity back is the best for ou? I have one muscleback very good but I want to try one cavity back for to mix a set.


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honma cavities not my thing....

cavities i much  prefer  PRGR. or onoff

its a finicky difference  but thats why were here.


im using  yamaha 2010 NON tour  at the moment and am in love all over again.

finally managed to resteal my old set back form my bud and instantly knew why i built them.


NS v90 shafts , which Ai miyamotos and kari web Killed it  with in these.

wow.. wowowoowowowo



such incredvile shafts , soft but not "soft"  reg flex. can make them sing a tune



fx 435 is my only  jbeam head now , not backl not v2

origianal( and  best ) 


cud use a higher loft in one of them i think, these 2 are replicated  pretty closely so  ive been procrastinating gettng one with winter coming 



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which PRGR or onoff cavities model ? year? I need this information for to look into Yahoo auctions

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idbl ive found to be the best

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