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    Mizuno MP 611 w Nunchuk 44", Nunchuk ix shafts in Epon AF901, AF301 4-PW, 210KGX 50deg, TM Jap. 56 & 64 deg. BestGrip leather, rib on top.

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  1. That reminds me of the old Ping TSi Tec(?) style heads way back in the day. Deep heads are good - legendary even 😉
  2. Not exactly sure - but I have the Mizuno mp650 3 wood - which is 100% titanium, and a lovely shape. One site mentions it being 6-4 titanium.. but then this link points out that this is most likely for the body with the face being 15-3-3-3 Beta-Ti... "6-4 Titanium Titanium is used in wood heads manufactured with the formula 6Al-4V: these are 90% Titanium, 6% Aluminum and 4% Vanadium. Titanium is often used in oversize and larger heads. This alloy of titanium is primarily used in the construction of the shell the head is constructed of and not the face. Unless stated specifically titanium heads advertised as Beta-Titanium use this alloy(6-4 Titanium) for the shell of the head and Beta-Titanium(15-3-3-3 Beta-Ti) in the face." http://www.golf-components.com/titanium.html Pretty sure Tourspec sold these years ago... so may still have the full info.
  3. Nice review.... But that stuff above... ? You could check the Wiki for steel or this to fill your boots on info on metals and steels... https://www.metalsupermarkets.com/types-of-steel/ but basically "All steel is composed of iron and carbon. It is the amount of carbon, and the additional alloys that determine the properties of each grade." take away all that carbon 'impurity' (?!!!) from steel and you'd end up with the raw material, iron - definitely not softer. Just very weird - maybe poor translations or who knows... grades of steels may have unwanted impurities, or its alloying components may not be controlled as closely perhaps... but carbon is necessary and 'good'.
  4. wonder how much it costs to use Kitano in the marketing brochure... (if it is indeed him). ?
  5. sounds interesting... how flat? 56 degrees? Less...? ;-)
  6. Any pics? Last time i was in Golfcraft, Bangkok they had some Sun Mountain h2no bags aswell as Epon branded bags. I've got one of a previous year H2No bag, non- stand version, which is very good... 14 separate dividers and waterproof, lightweight too- certainly recommend Sun-Mountain
  7. I'd say the longest would be... a jacked '3' wood i.e 13 degrees, so actually a brassie/2 wood. Put a light overlong shaft (43++") in it... and have Henrik Stenson hit it. I was thinking of the A grind titanium 3 wood for beauty... but had an epiphany and found a 2nd hand head at Thaniya Plaza... The prettiest, best sounding, feeling is.... Mizuno mp650, all titanium and beeyoootiful. It's next to its big daddy a Mizuno Craft 611 It's so good, i'm going to get the 5 wood on ebay when i make a trip to the US... even though i dearly love my Epon 901 19deg.
  8. The Nunchuk driver and iron graphite shafts are a one flex, that I like and use. I previously always liked the Diamana Blueboard, and ye olde Brunswick Rifle 6.5 steel shafts. Did not like the whiteboard or AD- dj shafts because the feeling of either shaft flex/loading near the grip ( whiteboard) or at t'other end near the tip just felt weird and freaky... whereas a blueboard is just a 'neutral' feel - so if you try the nunchuks that might help, as their feel is not for everyone. Bonus is now my iron nunchuk shafts all the way to the driver are all +/- 100gms, so normal swingweighting does a good enough job in matching swing feel for me.
  9. I'm sticking with my Mizuno 611, but a really good new option is the new Mizuno Mp drivers - the type 1 is 435cc and a good shape and should perform and feel/sound just as good. http://blog.tourspecgolf.com/2017-mizuno-mp-driver-type-1-type-2/
  10. Remember this next time someone waffles about jacked lofts being necessary to prevent 'ballooning' - absolute unmitigated [email protected] ... in 'the old' days with regular 4 degree loft gaps down to the 3 iron or indeed 1 iron... why do modern jacked loft sets with 42 degree 'pitching wedges' suddenly have 2 degree gaps in their long irons hmmm? Surely we need 16 degree 3 irons to prevent this terrible outbreak of uncontrollable ballooning? Or just read a quite old book about clubs by Tom Wishon - to significantly lower CG in an iron (which must still meet the standard head weight remember...) the only truly meaninful option is the very highly lofted wood, or you may remember 'low profile' irons.... now there's some potential ballooning for you ;-) ps those Yamahas look nice... always liked that 3 tuning fork logo
  11. Mine's 10 deg loft too - and a bit more would be just fine too... At 440cc vs the Adams at 460cc you can see how deep the face still is - so that's the low spin side of things sorted...
  12. You could have a look at Mizuno... the MP Type 1 is her on Tourspec - it's black, it's 435cc and it's a good shape https://www.tourspecgolf.com/mizuno-mp-type-1-driver.html or look back older for the Craft 611... not black but not white either ;-) - 440cc and can be ordered 1-1/2 deg flatter lie than the standard 58deg. Endo made, very nice Here's a pic of mine - it's an unshafted Yonex eZone 380 next to an Adams 9015d, next to the Mizuno 611
  13. By the way - I think the Seven idea of a 'blank' oversize/overweight 'blade' head which is then milled down to final size and weight is an excellent idea - brilliant for smaller product runs, and allows you to produce different head shapes etc from the one blank, rather than investing in multiple forge dies for each forging step for each head for each model... opens up possibilities of custom milled head for offset and grind. Got my reshafted clubs back today.... here's the 301 4 iron vs the Dead or alive 62deg lie angle driver
  14. Mercy... just seen Epon's Dead or Alive driver is a ludicrous 62 degree lie angle.... more upright than a standard 4 iron. I'll be picking up my reshafted clubs from Golfcraft tomorrow, so hope I remember to take a comparison pic for you all just for laughs.... The Epon Zero Kai is a lovely looking thing, by the way - but for a driver designed for the 'stronger' player at 435cc ( & presumably a non-slicer) it is sadly also at 60 deg lie... my trust Mizuno Craft 611 is Endo made and you can order it 1-1/2 deg flat from 58 to 56.5 if you like if you're looking for a good option... I'm not too sure what Epon are up to either... first they cancel their dealer arrangement with Golfcraft Bangkok - sounds familiar to Tourspec I suppose ;-) - ( so i heard to open a shop of their own in Thaniya plaza)... and now it's back to 'sanity' with Golfcraft being their main Thailand dealer ( along with Grindworks but no longer Jbeam it seems... by the way the grindworks cb-1 looks to be forged from Epon 301 dies http://en.grindworks.jp )
  15. Don't be bringing simple common sense to the argument..... ;-) Perhaps all Japanese golfers are playing their irons 4 degree up or more from standard - maybe the Mizuno iron standard which i always heard was slightly flatter than those westerners... ( I mean a 6ft Japanese man is going to have signigicantly shorter arms than a Western 6ft man? Or a 5ft 6in Japanese vs a 5ft6ib Westerner LOL.... what about the old chestnut that 'driver lie angle didn't mastter due to the low loft' . Now apparently some races have Trex arms ;-) )
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