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  1. Kamui Works Asiri TE100 24k IP Gold iron set 4-PW, P/S (AW), SW (9 pcs) - Shafted with beautiful Fujikura Double Kick shafts and finished with golden flaked ferrules. Trying to sell for a friend and in my possesion. $800 > $700 > $600!
  2. I currently have a 661 TR s-flex in my triple diamond and love it. It's definitely anti-left and mid launch/low spin for me. I had both the Attas 5Gogo and 6star and doesn't compare. The Attas 5 might be more similar to the TourAD IZ than the TR. I'd recommend the TR if you have a stronger swing speed and issues with lefts or high spin. Maybe consider the Evo V (tipped) if you want more feel.
  3. Looking for a set for my son, reasonable condition and price. Standard L/L/L. Preferably 5-GW.
  4. Looking or a used set in great condition. Demo'ing a set in M40 SR flex and love them.
  5. A couple pf questions on the X-drive 905... Whats' the crease you mentioned? A ripple in the paint? And does it sit open?
  6. Point taken. Will retake pictures tonight or tomorrow morning.
  7. One item for sale. No trade interests. Fourteen GelongD CT-315 9 degrees driver | UST Mamiya Attas 5 Gogo 6x shaft | 45.5" | a Fourteen head cover will be included | - This club was a custom order so it has the Fourteen ferrule. IMO, one of the best feeling drivers they made. Has more of a muted feel then previous models but not sure if it's because of the premium shaft or if there might be some hotmelt in it. Shaft is the lowest spinning of the Attas line and ended up going with the 6s. $280 PP'd and shipped to continental US
  8. Ahhh, my NS Prototype bretheren, I can get you the length when I get home but I'm pretty sure everything is standard. The lie maybe a degree flat compared to my other sets but don't believe they have been bent. Again, I will inspect them for bend marks tonight. As for the condition, I think they are in great shape with the exception of regular bag chatter. I think I took some good pictures but let me know if you want any particular shots and I can send them to you.
  9. Ok fellas, Sad to have to let these go but they're just sitting in the corner collecting dust. Plus I need the cash;) Tour-issued Fourteen TC1000 (PW-3i) shafted with N.S. Pro Prototype C10 (S-flex) - One of the softest irons ever and I believe the last Fourteen model forged in Japan. - Haven't seen too many of the C10 shafts around but they are sweet. Too sweet for me now. $OLD
  10. So is it a 9.5 or 10.5? Title says one and the pic says another.
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