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  1. plus1


    I would take the 15* if still available? Pm me or email me on [email protected] cheers
  2. Hi - I would be interested in your Golds Wedges. Can you express ship to the UK? I am happy to pay 600 USD all in for express ship. you can also get me on email - [email protected]

  3. Spoon - what shaft is in the EMS? I know it states head only but I would be more interested if it was a "ready to go" club.....I am on PM if you want to tak through options.
  4. Hey Guys After a four year break from golf, and from tourspec (sorry chris) I am back on the horse and starting to play again. I am looking to spec up a brand new bag of tricks that incorporate feel, workability, an element of forgiveness and that will have manageable shafts until I get back into the swing of things. Since I last was on the board it seems that there are soo many new brands out, most of which I have never heard of - so some advice and assistance on club choices would be appreciated...... In general I am looking for; - Square face driver, traditional look, solid feel yet forgiving - 44.75" and a light mid torque shaft to help with some draw - 3 wood that is forgiving as this is my worst club in the bag. Previously I had a PRGR spoon which I loved and this combined forgiveness and feel - Utility - 18* and again something easy to hit - Irons - I am looking for blades with an awesome forging, top class feel and not too difficult to hit - I have no idea on shafts - Wedges - something workable - Golds Factory Putter Any thoughts or help would be appreciated. Cheers Plus1
  5. plus1


    can you ship to the UK?
  6. Hey guys It has been a long time since I have been on the board - God Damm work! - I really have not been playing any golf for the last 3 years and have left by TSG hoing behind :( But it is good to see that many of the same old names are still posting. I am really getting back into golf and I am looking to dump my current bag and upgrade to a new JDM setup. I have quite a lot of gear from a few years back like the Gauge Design Handmades, Epon 301s etc etc but what is new and rocking now? I need Driver, 3 wood, rescue, irons and wedges. No need for a putter. My handicap is still +1/ Scratch - and I have always played forged players clubs.....but would love to hear all recommendations. Cheers Plus1
  7. plus1

    New Gear

    Hey pal The Roddio w8wa is a stiff flex with 256 cpm. It is a heavier shaft - 85.5g but I swear it is soooo well balanced so the weight is not as obvious. The heavier shaft definitely helps me feel where the club is in the swing but most of all it is smooth, with lots of load and lots of kick. Initial impressions are that it flies high, not too much spin as it seem to carry good distance through the wind and most of all very easy to work - for me it was so easy to hit a nice 5 yard draw......
  8. This looks really like the original Gauge Design GAS 1 Forged, with the raw black face. How does this play chris? and is the grind similar to that of the GD GAS1?
  9. I had the original jpx three wood from 2 years ago. It was my gamer up to very recently. This club lasted in my bag longer than any other club and It was top class. I have confidence that this new jpx will be of similar quality and be an absolute rocket. I love the square look in the 3 woods, but i hate the site line - I find that really really off putting - aside from that it is a really funky design.
  10. Chris - I know you said that had ordered one the same as mine - but it really is my new babies twin brother. This looks sooo much better in hand, and believe me it rolls even better than it looks. Golds are top end putters, that are beautifully crafted. The precision involved is flawless and the feel and enjoyment from the clubs far outweighs the costs involved....
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