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    Itobori yes or no

    Some controversial info floating around, including a "warning" on the itobori website to avoid TSG, first thing you see at itobori.com. What's going on? TSG and MTG had a falling out of some sort? Edit: I'm not here to gloat or anything remotely like that, just curious.
  2. Vegaman

    Great Article on our ol friend Tario!

    I remember Tario himself explaining he's of a mixed Chinese/Canadian background. Then he moved to Japan as an adult?
  3. I've seen a photo of this show up on TSG's Facebook page, but so far nothing more detailed? Is that a forged cup face? What ti material is used? Etc etc, when is more info coming
  4. Vegaman

    Traded thanks

    These look amazing...Pretty exotic stuff, don't see these everyday GLWS
  5. Vegaman

    Lowest Spin Driver

    I also still game my Mizuno 611 Craft, at ten degrees which is more than i usually play. I usually hit the ball high with a lot of spin, this driver solved that. flat low spin flight, good roll out.
  6. Vegaman

    JBeam Bullet?

    Lol, yeah it all seems so off, logic wise
  7. Vegaman

    JBeam Bullet?

    I remember posting something about this years ago, when I started getting into JDM, the fact that irons were always short and flat as standard, but woods were always over-length and super upright...It somehow doesn't make any sense. For example, if Japanese golfers have "short arms" then that should result in longer irons too, not just woods?
  8. Vegaman

    JBeam Bullet?

    Not sure about trajectory, but I'm thinking a bigger sweet area for misses out of the toe or high on the face, self correcting draw comes to mind. Personally I never miss out of the heel for example.
  9. Vegaman

    JBeam Bullet?

    I also like the high toe look...although one wonders how that will look when combined with the upright lie?
  10. Vegaman

    Couple of new boutique drivers

    Nice post! Thanks a lot. It's really hard getting feedback on these boutique brands. Keep it coming, ha ha!
  11. Vegaman

    Epon Personal 3-Pw,

    Around 1000 USD usually only gives you a pretty beat up set of these clubs in Japan. Just because ONE person sold them crazy cheap doesn't mean the rest of the market must follow. Obviously. What if he had given them away? All 1st generation personals would be worth zero?
  12. Vegaman

    JDM wedges

    I still like the Kasco dw-113 in 52 & 58. Most teardrop-y shape you'll ever see. For really soft conditions I bring out the Bolds Ltd.
  13. Vegaman


    Yeah, I have been culling stuff pretty severly, only have 2 epon iron sets these days...Shafted I might add.
  14. Vegaman


    Ha ha, sure..No, I was saying too bad because I might have been ready to pick up the set before the heads were sold. Kinda rare to see my spec coming up in a ready built set.
  15. Vegaman


    Hrmph...Perfect for me...😒 Too bad
  16. Vegaman

    Ryoma Maxima Pass or Fail?

    The ST has a non-conforming hi-COR face. Not robust enough for swingspeeds over 95mph or so if I remember it correctly.
  17. Vegaman


    What's the 5-iron length?
  18. Vegaman


    Are the Modus shafts S flex? Doesn't say anywhere as far as I can see, apologies if it's written somewhere. 5-iron length? Edit: saw the photo now, yes S flex
  19. Vegaman

    Itobori yes or no

    Thanks for the answer Chris. Informative for sure.
  20. Vegaman

    Titleist JP wedges

    Anybody can call Titleist and order a wedge for 500 each, without the in-person fitting. 2000usd is the price for 3 wedges with the in-person fitting....
  21. Vegaman

    Itobori yes or no

    I kinda was thinking something like that was the case, that MTG didn't like the discounts offered here on TSG..Because the prices I've seen at retailers are very high, hell even over on Rak itobori is silly expensive. I of course never believed for a minute that TSG was selling fakes.
  22. Vegaman


    Got it, that's what I was thinking you meant too.
  23. Vegaman


    What's the 5-iron length on these? I have some Epon irons but they aren't exactly new model, but semi-rare at least, the RF551s. 4-PW.