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  1. I don't think Miura irons are inferior to Epon even from a feel perspective. As a hobby club builder, I find Miura hosels the most precisely centered of all heads I've tried in the past. As Hutchy says, Epon's design seems to be getting worse each model year.
  2. My very first JDM forged irons were Yonex Nextage NanoV Forged ( "not" the Tour version ) with DG TI S400 ... And 'til this day I am seeking that same feel at impact where some shots felt like I absolutely hit nothing!! Got pretty close with my current Seven CB Proto / DG AMT Tour White S300 combo, but not on the longer irons. I can't do the heavy shafts on longer irons anymore. don't have enough power to swing them! So the AMT with lighter long shafts helps a lot. Call me crazy, but my next build will have the DG Tour Issue AMT S400. :) They just work well for my swing. My belief is that the wall thickness of steel shafts translate into more dense muted feel at impact. Thicker steel wall = better feel at impact (for me.) Modern steel shafts (especially the light weight ones) have sort of a hollow feel at impact in my opinion unless you go with a very soft flex. A couple of exceptions or me have been the Modus 120 S and the NS950GH S, those can feel equally as good as the original DGs.
  3. Actually a pretty common set up with some top Japanese Pros. Matsuyama has 70TX or 80TX in driver and woods, but uses DG S400 in irons. I think Kodaira has a similar set up as well.
  4. Hi gang! I hope you are all staying safe! Pretty crazy times. So I got these Honma Irons on a whim a few weeks ago and re-shafted them with some nice PX LZ 6.0 shafts. These heads are really soft and quite forgiving. These are legit "Forged" unlike the TR20P which has steel face + carbon steel body. So you get the nice soft carbon steel forged feel at impact. They are quite forgiving too. I believe they meant to position these between the TW747V and TW747Vx of the previous gen series. These are slightly more compact than the 747Vx but stronger lofted than the 747V. Pretty small offset. Standard LLL and I would say condition is 9/10 (or better) Some minor chatter marks and hitting marks on the face and sole from normal use. I only got a couple of range sessions on mat. I also have the original TR20 Vizard 85 R shafts that I can include for and additional $50 if you are interested. I'm also including a nearly new TW-W 56 deg wedge with a Modus 125 Wedge shaft. This one is completely stock and in perfect condition. Bought it new and I only had one range session. I wanted these to work for me but I am going to continue using the Seven CB Protos for this season! Price is $750 + Shipping , Paypal net to me. (Will ship worldwide.) Iron Heads only is $650 + Shipping Shaft only is $175 + shipping
  5. Plenty of 50 deg wedges on the market. I currently use a JDM Cleveland RTX4 forged 50/56 combo. But I assume you prefer a PW or AW from an ironset that is around 49 or 50 deg?
  6. That's what I was thinking. I've not heard negative feedback on any Orion stuff.
  7. The shaft weight on the DG S200 is 129g uncut and about 119g after cutting the butt according to their Japanese website. So your head weight on the IDBL #6 comes out as 267g which is inline with the other heads you mention here. Your club weight looks right on the money against the stock weight that Cuistot provided. which makes sense.
  8. Clicgear makes an adapter designed to be used for stand bag with legs. I mostly use a Sun Mountain cart bag with my clicgear pushcart but sometimes will use a smaller Sunmountain stand bag when I want to play my secondary set. The adapter works perfectly. The witdth of the bumps are adjustable so you can use any stand bag as long as you cart has a similar bag holding mechanism at the top. https://www.clicgear.com/accessories/bag-cozy.php
  9. That would be the Benock "BIS" (Benock Interchangeable Shaft)
  10. Made a couple fo last minute changes and they are working out very very well! At least that's what I got out of the two range sessions yesterday and today. I'm glad I made the move to go lighter. 100g iron shafts feel very good to me now. And these Crazy shafts are so accurate! Back to playing on the course on Saturday and it's supposed to be 80 deg F (27 deg) out here too! Excited! I hope this set up works in real world play situations! **** Ping G410 LST / Loop GK Grandista RS-F The III / Loop FW Six TS Grandista RS-F The V / Loop FW Seven Buchi SP-301 21.5 & 24.5 / Crazy STP Iron 85 Seven CB Prototype 5-9 / Crazy CBI-80 Ltd Cleveland RTX 4 46 / Modus 105 Wedge Cleveland RTX 4 Forged 50 & 56 / Modus 105 Wedge Benock Blue Dragon II ****
  11. I've re-shafted the Shinagawa split set with some 75g MMT shafts. Have not hit them yet but looking forward to it!!
  12. They're still in business. I think Swiiish are the best. if you use compact irons, these fit the best. Others are just too loose.
  13. Nice comparo pics!! Love the shape on that R1. The OnOffs look huge compared to the R1s in the last pic!! 🙂
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