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  1. nobmontana

    Onoff Type-S driver and JBEAM Glorious 3w

    Love that shaft in the fairway!! such a good feeling shaft! GLWS!
  2. nobmontana

    MAGO by Benock!

    Yup I believe it is still a full offset just as a plumbers neck would be. I was told that any plumbers neck putter design they have can be modified to have this slant neck design for a reasonable upcharge.
  3. nobmontana

    FW sale. Ryoma F2 crazy FW80

    Surprised no one has jumped on this since it also comes with the FW80!! GLWS!!
  4. nobmontana

    Wedge lofts and use cases...

    Thanks. I guess it’ll take some time to get used to the new lofts but I’ll get there!!
  5. nobmontana

    MAGO by Benock!

    This is my favorite neck shape. Have it on my Blue Dragon. Much simpler and clean than a plumbers neck.
  6. nobmontana

    Wedge lofts and use cases...

    This is great information!! Thank you so much! I'm planning on spending as much time possible during the off season on my short game. Fun times!
  7. After I got my 50 54 58 Epon wedges, I've been starting to think more about when to use which club.... normal iron shots are an easy decision making. You have a yardage and you choose a club that fits the yardage. simple (... well in most cases ) but as you go into the sub-100 yard territory, there may be different choices for certain reasons ... my playing buddy who is a near scratch player who also has a 50 54 58 set up told me that he uses his 54 for chip shots needing to "rollout" and his 58 for chips that require much less roll out. So I have been using that guideline and its been working out pretty good. Not sure yet on when to best use the 50 except for a 110 yard full swing shot. Can anyone shed some light on what may be a standard method for determining which wedge to use in what situations? It's really vague in my mind and I rely too much on intuition (a.k.a. "guessing" ) and as I prepare to make my chip, there are too much after thoughts and I can't quite commit to my shots. If I can sort out the "around the greens" and putting situation , I feel that I might have a shot and becoming a scratch player!! Which has been my goal for the last 5 years. Any advice would be appreciated!!
  8. nobmontana

    Srixon Z585 and Z785 drivers

    Looking back at their older drivers, it looks like they have been on and off with this Super TiX 51AF material produced by Shin Nihon Steel Co. It's been around for a while. The ZT-X drivers (1st gen and 2nd gen) as well as Z725 series used the same material but it was not a cup face design back then. Z745 and 765 series went with 6-4 Ti Cup face and then they are back to Super TiX 51AF but in a cup face form this time which I believe are also used in XXIO 10 drivers. My very first Srixon driver was a 403 AD driver ... have tried many of their older drivers. the Japan market stuff often had DAT55G face up to about the 505 (non-conforming model) 2008 ZR30 (Matsuyama's driver until 2 years ago) did not use any of the above material. it was a cold rolled Ti 9 Still one of my favorite Srixon drivers to date. When I tested it against other 6 or 7 other drivers back around in 2014, it came close to the top. If you can control a 430cc head, you don't have much to lose in terms of performance against newer drivers and I think Hideki Matsuyama proved that.
  9. nobmontana

    Srixon Z585 and Z785 drivers

    Played my 785 today and I noticed that shots made low on the face pretty much goes as long as ones hit in the middle. This is a very good head!
  10. nobmontana

    ***** MY new driver builds THREAD ******

    Nice review!! Astro Tour VIII has been on my list to try.... just have not gotten to finding a used head with the right specs. I believe they have a 8 deg head .... might be a good head to play around with a Long Drive spec build at 48 or something : ) BTW, the ball sticking on the face a tad longer is likely due to the SP700 face.
  11. nobmontana

    on off kuro forged irons

    I can only speak for the Kuro 2017 irons since I owned them for a bit. XXIO forged are larger than the Kuro '17 for ... not sure about the VG3. My guess would be that Kuro's are still slightly smaller compared to the VG3.
  12. nobmontana

    My SP700 Tee box heros!

    I played the Romaro / Diamond Speeder 5S combo yesterday and I had a couple of wild shots especially when I tried to swing a bit fast. These Diamond Speeders I think are slightly weak to flex. I’m gonna try a Speeder TR next to see if it gives me better results. Anyone have experience with Speeder TR?
  13. nobmontana

    and now... my flatsticks!

    I’ve owned the Zen twice before 🙂. And they are indeed extra soft at impact. For me, since I use mostly softer balls, the Zen felt a bit too soft. Like I am hitting a rubber superball. Plus the heel shaft is not ideal for my slightly arc stroke. With the SUS 303 Benocks, the feel is more solid than carbon steel but never clicky. Some models feel denser than others and it seems to depend on the thickness of the hitting area. Thicker the denser feel. They actually had me also try the upgraded SUS316L putter at the fitting and I honestly could not tell the difference. Perhaps a touch softer but it was still a more solid feel compared to carbon steel. I only have experience with their standard “cat eye” face milling pattern but other patterns may contribute to a different feel. Also, carbon shafts like a Muziik Dogatti PT would provide a more muted feel as well as any vibration filtering elements like the UST FF shaft or what I’m using are Prosoft inserts in a steel shaft.
  14. nobmontana

    ON-HOLD Seven MCB 5-PW

    Wow nice!! I'd need to sell all my current irons to get one of these sets !!:) GLWS
  15. For those of you considering, MA01D+R actually has a lot of pop. Because of the muted gentle sound together with the softer feel of the SP700 face, it may not feel that hot but when you hit the screws with it, it really goes. I just reshafted mine with a Diamond Speeder and it is as long as anything out on the market. One difference I would say is that it looks a lot classier than the rest!! 🙂