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  1. Instead of updating very old posts , why don't you just send a personal message to the seller directly?
  2. I see a wave of commemorative equipment coming! Srixon Driver, Irons, Wedges, Scotty putter... Asics shoes...
  3. Is he actually using Srixon driver this season? I know his irons are the Z Forged... great win for Hideki and for Japan!! First the Amateur Women's champ, then Masters... My hope is that golf in Japan becomes more accessible and casual than what has been.
  4. They were saying the bogey free round by Hideki was the only one this week. I actually did not pick Hideki... I was about to .... but my guy needs to score low on Sunday and since Hideki shot super low today, I think the odds of him shooting low again tomorrow is pretty slim .. especially with the added pressure he will feel as the 36 hole leader. I shot 77 today which was not my best.... and I only have a 1 hdcp at my course ... My net 76 combined with the picked Pro's Sunday score. I picked Xander and I think my pick was good. He is well in the hunt and has historica
  5. Matsuyama started off good on his first day! and I thought the starting ceremony with Lee Elders was really nice to see. I'm watching the first 2 days closely as I am playing a local tournament this weekend where we have a side game to choose a partner PGA Pro from the Masters where we combine our individual net score on Saturday with the Sunday Gross score of the PGA Pro we choose from the Masters! kind of fun! I need to predict who will do well on Sunday. (not necessarily win the Masters)
  6. Not a JDM brand here but after a 5 week wait to get an all black finish done on my new Evnroll mallet, I finally got this custom ER5v built this week. ER5v 35" shafted with Stability Tour Black shaft and a Gravity Grip. I've not taken it out to an actual putting surface yet but on carpet, and its probably a honeymoon effect to some degree, nevertheless I seem to be starting the ball on the intended line more consistently than other putters I have. The black finish is an armor coat offered by Labworx who does the OEM work for Evnroll's black out series. I had them do
  7. Prior to the two TMs I play now, I had a Romaro Type R Ti hybrid which was really forgiving. I also used a Modart MA01H which you might like better because it looks more compact and may be an easier transition from a DI. Although the offset it has may throw you off a bit since it looks like you would hook it a lot, but in fact it plays pretty neutral. Feel wise Modart wins by quite a bit.
  8. moved this post out from the BST section to Japanese Golf Clubs section.
  9. Crazy CBI-80 Limited - SOLD Fire Express Prototype - SOLD NS Pro Heavy Putter shaft - SOLD
  10. Speeder Evo VI 569 - SOLD Crazy CBI-80 Limited - Pending Payment Fire Express Prototype - Pending Payment NS Pro Heavy Putter shaft - Pending Payment
  11. I have not had the chance to try the 02 Evo... but spec wise the 80 Limited has a tiny bit less torque and is a higher kick shaft (lower launch) and material difference. original retail $220 vs $380 per shaft due to material difference.
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