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  1. I have a very similar one using the same blank. Mine has Tungsten weights on the face and some additional letter stamps. The smooth face is actually not that different from a grooved face from a feel perspective. But I too have wondered how the initial roll of the ball is impacted. I've had it now for close to 6 or 7 years but I only take it out once in a while during warm months when I play on a faster green since the head is heavier at around 365g or so. Getting harder to find these older Gold's models. I feel that the shape of these blanks were better looking than the later models. The one above would make for a great base to customize!!
  2. Didn't realize those Cally Exclusive Apex MB Tour Versions were Miura made!! One thing I noticed was the TB Zeros are now S20C as opposed to the S25C used for the 5003. Don't know if there is pronounced difference in how they feel at impact?
  3. So detail oriented:). But yes you are correct!! also no retail serial number on the hosel end of the head. Though I have no way to validate, I believe this head is a Tour Issued true “prototype” intended for guys like Satoshi Kodaira. look up Satoshi Kodaira’s “What’s in the bag” and you will see his all black Prototype also missing an F on the sole! It would also be interesting to know if this head was made before or after the HiCOR issue was found on their 1st gen retail RSF models.
  4. I don’t think trackman fitting is the be all end all process for deciding on clubs. Ultimately you don’t play on Trackman when you actually play. I do think it helps identify a certain group of shafts and heads that you are likely to do better with. The biggest variable in the equation is your swing! Can anyone swing with 100% repeatability? Absolutely not! That’s why Trackman session data can only be a “point in time” data rather than a definitive thing. one good Trackman session doesn’t mean that you will see the same numbers the next week. I think doing a Trackman session like once a year would be a good measure to track your changes for the basic parameters. Especially when you are over 50 yrs old:( like me...
  5. Then I have this sort of special head that is actually a rare find. Can someone tell me what's different about this head? Very much resembles the replacement to the original non compliant RS-F heads doesn't it? Answer in my next post. 🙂
  6. Ended up with the following. 2017 RS-F 9.5 , 2017 RS 10.5 , 2018 RS-F 10.5 Found some very reasonably priced new old stock 2nd Gen Diamanas. Ahina, Kaili and Ilima all in 70 S. build them to 45.5. I think these look so much better than the newer gen shafts. The ion finishes are so nice. Will take em out to the range next weekend. (Still recovering from the oral surgery)
  7. While my PRGR RS urge is going strong.... I looked at possibly trying a Tour AD QuattroTech shaft that PRGR Staff player Kodaira has been using all his career. But it looks like the shaft is more of a mid-low kick shaft with very stiff butt section. Well that is opposite to what I usually use.... so maybe not.
  8. This is getting crazy... found myself another 2016 RS-F 10.5 loft but this time looks to be a true Prototype ... All black like the replacements. And it's definitely a RS-F from the weight config. But the logo only says "RS" (missing an "F") and some code in place of a serial number on the hosel. They look to be the same as some pre-production 2016 Prototype units based on pictures I've found online. Will post pics once I have it.
  9. I can't read minds you know.... 🙂 If I like them I might reach out to you. Your's is a 2016 non conforming 9.5 RS-F ?
  10. For me, SciFi and action movies are a good way to relax the mind.
  11. Went to watch "Rise of Skywalker" yesterday .. Good movie as always. One of the first movies that I ever went to see with my friends back in 7th grade was "Empire Strikes Back" And after all these years, I still enjoy watching the series. But is the series over now? Kind of sad if it is....
  12. I do this in the Winter months were I have minimal golf play time. This time around I had some wisdom tooth extraction done last week so I can't play for the next couple of weeks. (so the doctor says) Anyway, "out of pure boredom.. " I picked up some previous Gen PRGR RS Drivers to try out later this winter. While I was surfing on the auction sites, I found an original 2016 RS-F 9.5 (now deemed illegal by the R&A as many of you know) that was in mint condition so I could not resist. How often do you see a driver that a JDM brand released as "conforming" but later got caught as being "over the limit?" It's so rare.... :) This is the one with the original silver and black graphics that PRGR recalled and replaced for most customers. I'm sure they've tried their best to retrieve all that was sold on the market but people like me who's obsessed with rare golf clubs probably had to keep the originals just for the sake of its rarity. Even after the 2017 and 2018 model release, PRGR fanatics in Japan still talk about how the original RS-F was the most iconic and legendary in terms of fast ball speeds and a stand out for "Wow" factor among modern JDM drivers. PGA Tour Pro Satoshi Kodaira as of early 2019 was still bagging the 2016 RS-F prototype driver. This will be added to my collection of clubs that I likely won't use.   Since won't be gaming the 2016 RS-F... I decided to pick up a couple of the 2017 model heads which seemed more practical and playable. Found a 2017 RS-F 9.5 and a 2017 RS 10.5 heads only. The 10.5 RS may be a bit too high launching for me but I wanted to try. The 2017 RS and RS-F are supposedly lower launching compared to the 2018 version. While I have tried the 2017 RS and RS-F drivers in the past, I have never gamed them for extended period of time. This would be a good opportunity to experience how good they really are. If I decide to bag these drivers, I may have to pursue an all PRGR bag.... Stay tuned.
  13. yup its all there ... but only in Japanese. MCW used to be mostly free of upcharge but now certain options are additional cost like $10 / per head. Still super reasonable considering the other brand's customization options are much more expensive.
  14. They did announce in early December that they stopped accepting Craftsman World custom orders until March to fulfill all the standard spec orders they received in the 1st month. Selling like hotcakes I guess!! 🙂 For me I think they look fantastic but at the end, playability wise, blades are going to play like.. well ... blades. I need something a bit more forgiving. if I ever get my handicap down to scratch or better I'll get one of these!!
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