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  1. driver face material

    I looked some of them up.... :) What I was shocked to learn was that Cally already used SP700 back in 2009. and you still have one in your collection which means it survived the test of time while many other materials appeared and disappeared. Along with DAT55G, it shows the superiority of SP700 as face material.
  2. driver face material

    ERC is SP700. Kamui is DAT55G , Egg are mostly 6-4 Ti , Epon used KS 100 back then, I think... Ryoma uses some oddball Ti. Not really sure about the others.
  3. These are Ti heads. Not just face but whole thing is Ti
  4. Looking for a raw finish blade

    Yoro has raw options. I used to have a set of MP-64s that I bought from a member that was raw. very cool looking .... for us in the Pacific Northwest, getting them to rust uniformly should be a cinch!!
  5. SP700 face drivers

    Do tell us how it works out for you!!
  6. SP700 face drivers

    I have it built to 45.25" 320g D3 at the moment. Head weight is 200g. With my 100 mph or so SS I don't think I can handle the additional weight. I have a back up driver aan old Ping G20 at 207g head weight and while it provides good consistent straight drives, my SS suffers from the additional weight. I would like to lessen the effects of the weight being draw biased. I'll order a couple of weight screws to play around with and see if I can get a more neutral bias to the head. AAA '15 in 60g is not that stout. but it is a tip stiff shaft just the way I need it. Based on the swing analysis at Seven Dreamers a couple of years ago, I don't create a lot of lag in my down swing. thus I need a softer butt section to help create that lag with the shaft.
  7. SP700 face drivers

    Went to play 9 holes after work last night with my RS-D 9 deg / Basileus AAA '15 combo This is a low spin head .... and combined with the AAA '15 which is a rather low launching shaft, it gives me a trajectory that I would normally consider a bit too low to be honest ..... but I did manage to hit a few nice ones with mid trajectory that also ran like crazy!! The longer par 4s felt shorter and did manage to get a tap in Birdie with one of the part 5's. My standard loft is 9.5 with most manufacturers. Modart 9.5 was too high for me and previous Grandistas were also high launching with their 9.5 lofts. So I ordered the 9 deg based on my previous experience with Grandista heads. I'm likely better off with a 10 deg head but I do enjoy the crazy amount of run that I'm getting with his combo. I might just designate it as my dry weather driver. The head does have a tendency to go left on mis-hits. That is possibly exacerbated by the 8g screw I have in the heel together with the 2g back weight. but this configuration does produce lower spin. I did try swapping the weights around,,, but the swing felt awkward at that point. Perhaps I need to try different weight combos to optimize flight and spin with less draw bias. I can say with confidence that this RS-D is the best release to date for Grandista!
  8. SP700 face drivers

    The new Grandista RS-D is a must for SP700 fans!!! Especially now that proper SP700 will be disappear from the universe!!! I might need to get another head as backup!!
  9. Players pick

    Neither is Hideki!! :( Kodaira will be out as well....
  10. Players pick

    Been waiting for Matsuyama to get his form back. Hopefully this week! But watching Phil and Tiger along with Ricky will definitely be interesting!! Also rooting for Kodaira for another good showing!
  11. Very sought after set of graphite iron shafts! and very good person to deal with!! GLWS!
  12. Mount Si golf course was really nice. Mostly flat... some holes very technical and lots of doglegs. Used less than driver on several par 4 holes. Greens were firm and fast. Will go there again for sure!! Next outing thinking about Chambers Bay or something nice in the area!
  13. Cool, Let me know when and I’ll get us a tee time at Chambers Bay!!! :).
  14. Epon sus316 4-p CHEAP!!

    I also recently built a set of these SUS316 irons as my back up set. SUS316 is a softer stainless steel. Seen this material used in exotic putters only occasionally. ( Design Tuning STP-06 and Benock as an added option ) The material is supposedly softer than your typical S25C or S20C. Playability of these irons are likely similar to the AF-302 ... which in the Epon line up is more on the "players" side. The SUS316 are not Game Improvement irons. These are "players cavity" If you are a good ball striker, you will find these pretty easy to hit. If you are not, these irons will not help much with that.
  15. Seriously ... just buy that air ticket already!:)