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  1. nobmontana

    Epon AF-153

    So I ended up pulling out the Diamond Speeder from the Grandista and installed it in the AF153 .... I think this AF-153 / Diamond Speeder is a match I've been longing for!! it is perfection. Perhaps not as violently long for me compared to the RS-D / Diamond Speeder combo but it is definitely straighter and more forgiving.
  2. nobmontana

    Fairway woods

    So many good JDM fairway woods!! but I do highly recommend the Jbeam GFW. Slightly larger than your typical fairway wood with driver like feel and pop to it. I am absolutely loving my 13deg ... easy to hit off the deck even with the lower loft. I also have a Modart 14deg FW which is smaller but also shallower and the 455 steel face provides an almost spongy feel to it. Crazy Full Ti FW is another good obe. Very hot face, great looking at address and mid-face height. Modart comes in 16 deg and Crazy comes in 15.5.
  3. nobmontana

    My 2019 Golf Resolutions

    79 on Sat and 73 today. just seems to come and go. Playing an AF-153 shafted with Diamond Speeder now... a bit more forgiving and straighter than the RS-D...
  4. nobmontana

    My 2019 Golf Resolutions

    actually... forecast for Saturday AM has changed.... now forecasting a dry Saturday AM. looks like I'll be playing! Going with Epon driver this weekend. Perhaps a couple of shaft swaps for driver and 3W as well.
  5. nobmontana

    My 2019 Golf Resolutions

    Mild winter weather definitely helps!! Been out playing pretty much every Saturday .. but this weekend looks to be really rainy! Ugh... Wanted to test out the Epon AF-153 driver I just got out on the course. While I love the Grandista RS-D... the 153 may be a better choice for easier point and shoot drives so I can put more focus on the rest of the game like "putting!!"
  6. nobmontana

    Epon AF-153

    Got my head today and built it with my Atmos shaft. Took it out to the range for a quick test drive!! I had forgotten how forgiving this head was. It's a real straight shooter and the feel and sound is sooo pleasing! Distance was not as long as the Grandista but the forgiveness makes up for it I think. Thoughts of swapping the shafts around are going through my mind again. 🙂
  7. I distinctly remember the original G Shocks were sold in the market with a premium at one point!!
  8. nobmontana

    Recommendations please!- visit to Tokyo

    Crazy and Benock are both in Tokyo and so is Seven Dreamers. I’ve done Seven Dreamers and Benock fittings and both were very eye opening. If you are considering a new driver shaft or putter, an in-person fitting will really be beneficial. You should reach out to Chris if you are interested. These fittings are usually not walk-in and so you need to make an appointment.
  9. nobmontana

    Recommendations please!- visit to Tokyo

    My favorite is still Golf Effort. They have good used boutique brand clubs. Stuff posted on BST is much better priced though.
  10. nobmontana

    My 2019 Golf Resolutions

    2nd full round of the year ended up 41/37 = 78 ... First half was horrible. Was cold and windy at first and I just couldn't get my game going. back 9 was just Ho Hum golf .. nothing spectacular but nothing hurtful. I went to the gym 4 days and one range session this week and I think that was too much! Will trim it down to 3 days of gym and 2 range sessions.
  11. nobmontana

    Epon AF-153

    Been searching for a back up driver for some time now and I thought the Srixon Z785 was going to be it.... but after a while the sound and feel eventually got to me and I sold it. Went back to the Modart MA-1D+R 8.5 for a bit but it just hits too high for me. In hopes of ending this search, I just picked up a used 9.5 Epon AF-153 head. Hard to find one with decent weight... Finally found one at 198g which is still lighter than what I actually need and I may still send it in for a hot melt treatment. This actually is not my first AF-153. I had one 3 to 4 years ago which I had paired it with a Fire Express Max WBQ 75 SX ... It was the most consistent driver ever for me and to this day I regret letting it go !!! A the time, I switched to a Grandista RS-001 / Seven Dreamers combo which on the long run did not work out so well. ( I also incurred some injury during that time too ) Anyway, my current Ace is the Grandista RS-D / Diamond Speeder 5X combo. It is long and it is consistent. I just need a second driver for when I want to change it up a bit. Not sure why I was pursuing other drivers until now but I do know from past experience that the AF-153 will produce good results. It is one of my favorite drivers of all time. As for the shaft this time around, I am going to try the Fuji Atmos TS Black I have setting idle. Hopefully it works out well. I know that AF-153 has been one of the most popular drivers from Epon to date other than perhaps the legendary AF-101. Even after the AF-155 and AF-155i has released, many people apparently stayed with the 153. I'll review the new combo once I build and have some time to play with it!
  12. Haven't worn watches in over a decade. My cell phone has been my watch. Was considering an Apple Watch at one point, but it was going to slow down my swing by .00001 mph so I said "forget it!" 🙂
  13. nobmontana


    Speaking of Epon, I currently use a 4 & 5 Epon AF505 as part of my iron set and while feel is not as good as the rest of my SUS316 irons, it is the most forgiving one piece forged 4 Iron (22deg) that I have had. If they made a AF505 3 iron in 19 deg, That could be my DI. The feel is much better than any multi material DI in my opinion.
  14. nobmontana


    Great looking DIs!! I have tried using DIs in my setup many many times. But anything less than 22 deg ... I just seem to do better with UTs. Also, I don't get along too well with the feel and sound of DIs that are typically constructed with maraging steel faces. One piece carbon steel forged Pocket Cavity with minimal offset in 17 or 18 deg would be a fun fun toy for hitting tee shots on really windy days!
  15. nobmontana


    Proceed has one in 15 deg full Ti head with DAT55G face http://www.justick.co.jp/products/utility/15ut.html