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  1. woohoo!! Many thanks for getting tee times!! See you all there!!!
  2. Had two rounds with the new driver. Yesterday with a Speeder TR 569 X flex and this morning with the stock Evenflow 75g S flex.... well... While the Evenflow is a very nice feeling shaft, I do believe the weight was a bit too much for e to handle for a full round. I was much more consistent with my drives yesterday with the Speeder shaft. May try an ATMOS Tourspec in this head now...
  3. I had the G400 when it came out but had consistency issues ... probably my swing than anything else. Agree with the MAX... just too big and seems to take away your focus ..
  4. Ended up picking up a G410 LST 9 deg with a 75g PX Evenflow 6.0 yesterday. I somehow had higher clubhead speed with this shaft than the 65g Ping Tour shafts... 105 clubhead speed, 14 to 15 deg launch with 2300 backspin... 260 carry and 285 with roll ... can't argue with those numbers. Been using stiffer but lighter shafts as of late but maybe I need to start re-considering heavier options again.
  5. cool!!! I've seen the original Axis1 in person and as you say, material are not the best. The Axis1 Rose is made of milled 303 at least on the blade part and they tacked on the bumpers to look like the Odyssey 7 or TM Ardmore. I should have mine next week. can't wait to try it!!
  6. If I can actually shave off a few strokes off my current game to achieve a few more under par rounds, ugly duckling will look very attractive to me. šŸ™‚
  7. This year, I started off trying a few USDM drivers and ended up gaming a Mizuno ST190 for a while. While most shots were straight as an arrow with monsterous distances ( from my standards ), my occasional misses were pushes to the right. I had these misses once or twice during a round which cost me anywhere from 2 to 3 shots. It was getting to be a big source of frustration and my confidence on driver shots was impacted over time. I tried to adjust the driver such that it had a more neutral or even draw bias setting but I think USDM drivers typically are designed with anti-left characteristics whereas JDM heads tend to emphasize "ease to capture" the ball or "Tsukamaru" in Japanese. I notice that JDM driver descriptions always mention this "Tsukamaru" or " Ease to Capture the ball" in their product description these days. What kind of bugs me is that USDM drivers for as long as I can remember always positions their new drivers to "eliminate misses to the left".... Hmmmm.... most amateur players that I know hardly miss their shots to the left... JDM drivers on the other hand are emphasizing that their new drivers are easier to draw and helps with lessening the slices that most amateurs struggle with.. Makes more sense to me. Polar oppposite marketing strategies here. Back to my experience... After struggling to get the ST190 dialed in for my swing, I finally gave up and pulled out my Mizuno GX driver. The GX is definitly a more draw biased driver that helps eliminate misses to the right. My other driver Grandista RS-D is in fact also a similar draw biased driver which almost never shoots the ball to the right. After trying many many drivers to find the most forgiving automatic driver that I can take out on the couse to just knock drives out on the fairway 250 yards... my conclusion is that I have a much easier time trying to correct slight over-draws to striaghten out compared to facing occasional surprise pushes to the right during a round. I am starting to like heads that are draw biased from a weight location (CG) perspective but the face should still be neutral to slightly open. ( Mizuno GX and Grandista RS-D fit the bill here ) I do intend in trying a few more drivers that claim draw bias, Ping G410 SFT, M6 D-Type, or M-Gloire might be of interest... I'm starting to feel that anti-left sentiment on drivers are over rated.
  8. Read up on both the Axis1 Rose and Directed Force putter and while the Directed Force putter seem to be the true non-balanced head shape, I really don't dig the shape of that head.... So, I will be trying the Axis1 Rose here shortly. Not sure why, but the Axis1 Rose does not come standard with a Flat Cat grip?!! I'll be replacing the standard Lamkin Deep Etched Grip ( I know it's a great grip that's been around for ages!! but out dated I think!! ) with a Flat Cat grip and make it a Justin Rose Replica putter! An extra 25 bucks for the grip but whatever! Will report back once I have it and tried it.
  9. So these putters have no balance angle to the head. During the stroke, the head does not try to rotate in any direction, Just stays the way it is at address. Been mostly using the Odyssey Japan Stroke Lab #7 lately and really like it ... but since the Axis1 Rose model looks very similar shape wise to the Odyssey 7, I might have to give it a go.
  10. count me in please. šŸ™‚. thanks for volunteering to book.
  11. Iā€™m flying back this weekend to WA from Tokyo. Maybe able to do 7/20 or 7/21.
  12. It only gets used once a year or less. For scoring low it does the job well.
  13. It's no fun to have what everyone else uses here locally. Yammy, PRGR, Onoff, Honma, Bridgestone all over the place. not too many Ping players... šŸ™‚
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