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  1. nobmontana

    bryon GSS . 365g ltd 100 piece prototype

    Yeah, the fitting for me was an eye opener. Took a while to get used to the custom ordered putter, but finally getting along really well. I think they have done enough fittings that they actually know what they are doing to match up putter specs & types vs strokes. I mean they tune it in to a single gram of lead tape. one gram!
  2. nobmontana

    Grandista RS-D

    Nice!! I also played my Grandista on Saturday - 13/14 fairways hit. Only miss was the last hole block shot to the right. But that was all me not the driver. Tied for my lowest round ever at even par. Grandista RS-D is the real deal! WITB: Grandista RS-D 9 deg / Diamond Speeder Modart MA01F 14 deg / Diamana A'hina Modart MA01H 19 deg / Crazy STP Iron Mizuno MMC Fli Hi 4 iron / Modus 120 Seven x Shinagawa MB 5-PW / Modus 120 Seven AG 52 & 58 Modus Wedge 115 Benock Blue Dragon II & Benock EASPADE Type M ( yup!! I brought 2 putters!! )
  3. nobmontana

    yamada razor blade.putter.

    If I was a L putter user, I'd have this in my collection for sure. very nice!
  4. nobmontana

    Kyoei MB (4-Pw) & Epon AF Tour MB

    Great guy to deal with here!! GLWS, brother!
  5. nobmontana

    Grips that are bigger on the lower part

    Used the MCC Plus 4 for a couple of seasons but noticed that they wear pretty quickly. Size wise perfect for me. But recently switched back to Iomics ... IXx 2.3 series is really grippy but seem to last longer (so far so good) I just build mine up with two tapes full length and additional two on the lower section to mimic the MCC plus 4 profile.
  6. nobmontana

    Nob's End of Summer yard sale!

    Grandista RS-F head has been spoken for. Modus 120 shafts + TP-8 Stiff Pending.
  7. nobmontana

    Nob's End of Summer yard sale!

    Thanks. I guess Iā€™m pretty random as to when I post my BSTs šŸ™‚
  8. OK we had a nice long Summer here in the Seattle area but looks to be getting close to the tail end now. With much testing and swapping of clubs in the bag this past couple of months, I have a few things that I need to clear since they did not make it in the three bags that I set up. Prices are PP gifted including shipping within the US. International shipping is actual cost minus $10 (except for the bag) If you have any questions or would like additional pics, please send me a Personal Message. Prices are rock bottom FIRM as of now. ***** Callaway Epic Forged 9.5 deg / Fujikura Speeder Evo IV 661 Stiff 9.5/10 cond. 45" long, 203g head Comes with head cover. US$400 Modart MA01D+R 8.5 deg head only 201g 9/10 cond. Comes with an unused headcover US$350 Grandista RS-F III 15 deg head only 214g 8/10 cond. Some scuffs on sole. marks on face. w/headcover !! SOLD !! Diamana W 60 S - Driver Length US$ 150 Fire Express Proto 2014 Ver. 1 F3 3W length US$ 150 TRPX Red Hot Type K 3Star 3W length US$ 150 Fire Express BX70 F2 5W length US$ 125 Seven AG Wedge 56 / Modus 120 US$ 100 Modus 120 S 4-PW shafts ( for 38" 5i ) !!SOLD!! Recoil 95 F4 355" tip for DI or Hybrid US$ 50 Graphite Design TP-8 Stiff 3W length !!SOLD!! Recoil 660 F3 39" 355" tip for DI or Hybrid US$ 50 Diamana W Prototype 80 S 3W length US$ 50 Jones Players 001 Sunday bag / Blk (add shipping) US$ 50 PRGR RS Forged Wedge 57 deg / Stock shaft !!SOLD!!
  9. nobmontana

    New Titleist TS2 / TS3 drivers

    I loved the 983K!! Still in my book as one of the best feeling Ti drivers to date.
  10. nobmontana

    Best clubs for high capper, any brand

    I have a couple of thoughts on this. 1. If the person who is wanting these sets is over 55 or 60 years old, I suggest finding some high end Honma .. perhaps even the BeZeal series. It would satisfy the forgiveness piece as well as the sense of satisfaction for owning a good expensive set of clubs where his playing buddies would talk in envy. 2. If this person is someone still pretty young and healthy, I'd say go with a middle of the ground GI set and spend thee rest of the money on lessons. I say this not because I did it that way... I actually took the wrong path in trying to do everything on my own and struggled greatly with it. Each 30 min occasional lesson I take now is worth every penny because I get analytical feedback which are useful in making adjustments in my swing. Should have done that years ago. For 2, so many options available. But for a set that could last for a long time to come, I suggest the following: Romaro Type R 2017 woods - Driver, 3W, 5W 4U Miura CB-2008 5-PW Labospec CB-247 W II 50 / 56 Odyssey 7 or Two Balls
  11. nobmontana

    new items

    What I would like to see is that the Japanese companies produce marketing material for the English speaking audience. Being a Japanese citizen, it irritates me when the Japanese companies ( even the bigger companies ) are so ignorant at developing and serving overseas markets. People have long blamed the island culture since Japan is isolated geographically to start with. But come on! The world is connected now with planes and internet! They have to open up their minds a bit!
  12. nobmontana

    Grandista RS-D

    Nice review! Pretty amazing that this new Grandista heads work very well with a wide range of players with different needs. I have been using this driver for 3 Months now and I do not have any negatives to say about it. Perhaps the only thing I would say is a weight kit would be nice to have. I wouldn't mind playing around with the two weight screws to see if there's opportunity for optimizing the trajectory and distance. ( not that its bad or anything )
  13. My interpretation of the slower BST are that: 1. People have better access to used equipment now with parcel forwarding services available to non-Japanese speakers 2. Major used equipment vendors are made available online for English speakers. 3. As Stu-san says, people don't realize how good of a deal these are on the BST considering the customized shaft combos typically the members have in their setup. You just can't find that good of a combo in Golf Prtnr or YAJ for the price. And most of the seller guys here are great to deal with!! A deal made here can be a foundation for a great relationship building for years to come!! No online reseller will provide that kind of opportunity.
  14. nobmontana

    PING'S new irons

    A member of the Men's club that I played on Saturday just got i210s . Sweet looking clubs! I had my Ping G20 set of woods on Saturday cuz I wanted to play well and for Field Day packed of good prizes! Though there was a flash of thought of how sweet these would be with Modus 125s...BuuuuuuT! my next buttery soft and dense feeling shot with my SUS316 7 iron just completely blew that idea out of my mind. I mean great effort by Ping to deliver a good feeling, looking yet forgiving set of irons to a wide range of players!