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  1. I'll have to check out the Kamui Pro. I was considering going back to the Modart FW in 16 as well. They are tiny but somehow so easy to hit. I think it's the shallow face. Most of the RCs ive used in the past were a bit too deep faced for my preference. The SFW Ti was actually pretty nice except it was a bit too anti-slice. :(
  2. I already have a Loop FW Seven for whatever head I get.... 🙂
  3. Thanks for your feedback! Good to know that the 5 wood is good. I am moving myself away from a true 3 wood (15 deg or less ) and moving towards something in the 16 to 18 deg range with a shorter shaft 42 to 42.5 deg. i.e. 4 or 5 wood. Low loft 3 woods for me just cause more issues during a round than it can resolve!!
  4. The BS Tour B RX that I play normally are soft enough I can probably use it through the colder weather. However, I just tried the Chrome Soft yesterday and shot 73. They felt really nice especially with my irons and wedges in 40 deg F temp. I may try the AVX this weekend to see how they compare. Tour B RXS is on my list to try as well.
  5. All Shafts are sold. Only have Grandista 3W head and Epon Fortune putter left.
  6. Closed? the spec is 6 deg open.... I always questioned how face angle was measured for PRGR. Their RS-F drivers were supposedly 3 to 4 deg open but I only see a pretty square face with mine. RS is usually their athlete line.... but lately all brands are going less fade bias I think. "Tsukamari" seems to be what they are going for with everything.
  7. I just tried sending you a PM for the shafts you have in the BST.

  8. They do have lie angles on the spec sheet. 3 and 5 woods are 57.5* 7W is 58*
  9. Been watching a bunch of YouTube reviews on PRGR RS5 series of woods. While the slight improvement in initial ball speed with their RS5 drivers is not so surprising... I mean they always have been good since the start of the RS series dating back to the RS Nabla 01,02 ... but what was eye catching were the RS5 fairway woods... Carbon Crown, CNC milled Maraging steel face, Slot on the sole .... these are all technology pretty much all companies are using these days. The ball speed of the 3W in 43" length is really getting close to driver speeds like 70m/s. I really hope they have n
  10. From more recent ones, TM P7MC were surprisingly very very good when I tried them. Near Epon "Soft" Reminded me of the R7, R9, TP forged bad in the day!!! Also Honma 7X7V as well as TR20(slightly stronger lofts) are very good looking heads which I would play any given day.
  11. PRGR IDBL are phenomenal with "true lofts" as you say. Bridgestone J015CB (not J15 CB) are also some of the best CBs I've played.
  12. Very nice price ... but you did forget to put your hand written name/date tag in your picture(s). 🙂 I had an AF505 #4 and #5 in my bag to combo with Epon SUS316 last season. These heads are quite forgiving but with plenty of workability along with nice feel at impact. Very much like the Seven SCs I am currently gaming from that regard...
  13. Thanks all for your kind words!!! Another theory I had was the bundle of clothing I had that morning ... which obviously can restrict some free movement in your swing. I was thinking perhaps a bit of limited movement has put my swing in check ... not allowing me to over swing even if I tried. Yea... I used an older Ping "Gold" grip (+1/32" @ 58g ) plus added a 2g strip of lead tape underneath the grip. Otherwise it would have been D7!! The shaft itself is not counter balanced. Not sure what it is with this build but the natural shots are a baby fade and very consi
  14. Tee off today at 8am was around 39 deg F here in WA. Front 9, I had 2 birds and a bogie = 1 under. Back nine... 2 bogies and 2 birdies = Even... overall 1 under 71. At the end of the round, the temperature was still under 50 deg F... This was only my second under par round ever! And ironically, it was right around the same time last year when I had the other under par round. The Summer was a struggle finding the right combo with my clubs and getting into the rhythm. Finally about last month found a Driver shaft that really worked well followed by a putter and then 2 w
  15. I've had my fair share of trial and error with smaller driver heads in the past.... but ultimately the sub 400 heads did not provide the required amount of forgiveness for me. I generally love the shape of those smaller heads but unfortunately too difficult to game on a regular basis. The last sub 400 head I had was the Tourstage P02-6 365cc head which I held on for a long time. Man! I loved that head. Baldo drivers I've tried in the past overall have been excellent in my opinion. The VT511 was one of the best feeling drivers still to this day.
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