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  1. When Sasaya-san at Gold's first installed a Dogatti shaft for my putter, he tipped it about 2 inches as well. Worked really well.
  2. My dad had a set of Brownings!!! He mostly played his Lynx set , though...
  3. If I did not have my current gamer,, this 153 x AAA 2015 combo would be the one in my bag. A seriously good combo! GLWS
  4. An update on the Shimada K's 8001 shafts. The Shinagawa MB heads now have Crazy CBI-80 Limited in them and working really well. I wish Crazy would start producing them again. I recently acquired a used set of Bridgestone J015 CB heads and so I decided to install the K's8001 in them. BINGO! The slightly thin feel that I was getting from the Shinagawa/K's 8001 combo is not felt with the J015CB combo. The J015 CB paired with the K's 8001 really feel great at impact. On a side note, I did install some Pro Soft foam inserts in them to see if I can reduce the unwanted vibration further and I think it is pretty effective. Slight mis shots off of the center do not feel as harsh compared to without the inserts. In any case, these K's 8001 shafts are sweet! Been wanting to swing my irons as "easy" as possible and these 100g shafts allow me to do that. The feel at impact is as good as heavy steel shafts. Even when I swing easy, I get proper distance and the stability is there as well. for those who use Modus 105 Stiff and feel that they feel a bit harsh, I think these K's8001 are great alternatives that feel smoother without loss of tight dispersion. Trajectory might be slightly higher on the Shimadas compared to the Modus 105s but probably not by much. Highly recommended!!
  5. There seems to be a design trend where the back face look like they shifted the weight towards the toe. Miura CB2008 , A Grind A-CB , and now these RMX 118. Are these supposed to make these irons anti-left?
  6. Me, Chris, Cuistot and Dr. Shankenstein. This will be the 3rd outing with the four of us. Pretty amazing collection of high end JDM clubs in our bags when combined!!
  7. We now have 4 players. Thanks!
  8. I still remember everyone went crazy when the 2012 and 2013 Tour Models came out!! Ironically to this day, I too have not had the chance to try them. Hopefully, Yamaha makes a comeback this year to regain some fans they lost after switching to "RMX" series.
  9. We have one spot left for our outing this coming Saturday at Willows Run / Eagle Talon Course in Redmond on Saturday Sept 16 6:50am. Please PM me or respond to this post by Thursday 9/14 if you would like to join. Very casual outing ... we just chat a lot about JDM clubs while playing golf!! Lots of fun!
  10. http://callawaygolf.jp/products/クラブ/ドライバー/drivers-2017-gbb-epic-forged-jv.html The weights are just screw in type weights and not movable like the normal Epic. From what I have read, these are a Japan only release because Japanese users are more particular about sound and feel. This is why they chose to use all Titanium including the crown. Also, hosel is not adjustable.
  11. I have a Crazy STP Iron 85 in my RC SFD X7 Hybrid and then a KBS Graphite Prototype Hybrid 65g in a Ping G Hybrid, Both work pretty nicely but I think the 65g in the Ping is a tad too light. Would Opt for a 75 or 85g if I had to redo. STP feels sturdy and a bit dead , but the shots are mid-high straight shots in most cases which I want with UTs. Previous favorites have been Diamana Thump 95 as well as Crazy Black UT. Both are too heavy for me now. :( I do want to try UT shafts from 7 Dreamers as well as the new Roddio Stella . The one thing I would say about UT heads is "make up your mind on hosel size!! " They still have .350, .355 and .370" I think USDM heads are now pretty much .370 all across, but JDM heads are still scattered between three sizes. Nothing that a shim or a reamer can't fix ... but it's just annoying sometimes.
  12. Right On, Chris!! come on guys , we need more!! Who's in?
  13. You are only 12 hours away... or something like that... Yes, I want to go to Bandon as well. Dr. Shankenstein and I were talking about putting together a guys trip out to Bandon one of these days. We're also talking about getting to Chambers Bay as well. so many good courses out here in the Pacific Northwest !
  14. Need to start planning for our September Seattle TSG outing! We are really enjoying the record breaking number of consecutive dry/sunny days here in the greater Seattle area. BC Canada & Portland TSGers are encouraged to join as well as any others who might be in the area during the month of September. I am pretty flexible from a date and location perspective. Any ideas on where we want to go play this time? let's hear them!
  15. Being a 6ft tall Japanese, I do not believe I have significantly shorter arms than my American counterparts! :) I think the upright lie on JDM driver is to compensate for the larger 460 heads typically having CGs away from the axis of rotation and thus, naturally harder to return to square at impact. What does that mean to the general golfers in Japan? Pushes and Slices. They could certainly make clubs with a closed face or even put an offset to address this issue, but I think they are choosing to make the lie upright instead since it does not affect how the club looks at address. Offset drivers and closed face drivers probably do not sell well they are just ugly to look at. but guess what... when I am on the course here in the US, I see so many players with USDM drivers who set up super closed face at address to compensate for their slices!! Take your pick! :) In Japan, the word "Tsukamaru" has caught on in Japanese golf club marketing, which can translate to "Capture" the ball at impact which they really mean to say "easier to hit straighter or draw at impact." (i.e. anti-slice ) As we all know , most beginners suffer slicing the ball , and honestly with the very little play time they have in Japan, the majority of players do not grow out of that problem. Over the years , I think the market overall has been programmed to interpret "Easier to draw" = "Forgiving club"