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  1. nobmontana

    Driver help

    I've decided to give the Mizuno GX a try. Probably pair it with an Atmos TS Black. It is supposedly lower spinning even when compared to the likes of M2... On the other hand it is pretty shallow and forgiving. I like the simple looks of the crown with no alignment marks or other distractors, it's a bonded hosel and it has an SP700 face to top it off. I have a feeling that it's one of those unsung hero type deals!!
  2. nobmontana

    Driver help

    I think the other shaft I was trying in the Cobra was the Atmos Tour spec Blue. It spun more than the Atmos Tour spec Black.
  3. nobmontana

    Driver help

    Walked into a shop today and tried a few 2019 drivers. Cobra F9, Mizuno ST 190G , Taylormade M5, Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero, Srixon Z785. Long story short, Mizuno ST 190G won the distance contest for me. Consistently around 270 total. Shaft was the Fuji ATMOS Tourspec Black which I have some experience with. But when we put in the same shaft in the Cobra head, slight improvement but still not as long as the Mizuno. I also tried the Mizuno ST190 without the adjustable weights and it also went nearly long as the ST190G. I don't quite like the cosmetics own the ST190 with the line on the edge of the crown and the mini runbird as the alignment aid. Don't need any of that. So now I am curious to know how these ST190 compares with the JDM GX as well and the Mizuno Pro Model E ....
  4. nobmontana

    Driver help

    So this Diamond Speeder is really interesting. Most Fujikuras that I have tried in the past as well as other models currently on the market seem to have more pronounced feeling of kick at impact compared to say Mitsubishi or Grahite Design shafts. So until now, I wasn't really a big fan of Fuji shafts. I actually preferred smoother shafts that have netral movement like the Diamana series. The one exception from the past may be the Motore Speeder VC x.2 With the Diamond Speeder and Speeder Evo IV, Fujikura decided to incorporate material manufactured by Mitsubishi ... the MR70 .. Now these are two rival composite companies that we are talking about here! There is something to be said about Fujikura using Mitsubishi made material. Anyway, with the Diamond Speeder, it has a more smooth feel and probably because of the super low torque, it is as stable as any other shaft I have used. So fas I have tried the 5S, 5X and 6X 5X seems to be the best match for me for driver and 6X tipped works well with the 3W. 5S was a bit too flexy for me. I think these Diamond Speeder are slighly weaker to flex in my opinion. It's a great shaft.
  5. nobmontana

    Tour AD shafts

    F9 looks to be a very capable driver!
  6. nobmontana

    Driver help

    My understanding is that there is a shortage of BB4s. I guess it means its still pretty popular. I have had the RS-D since last Summer and so I lean towards RS-D from a playability/performance/looks/sound and feel perspective. I've been gaming the AF-153 in the last couple of months looking for more fogiviness but RS-D is the better fairway finder. I never have block shots leak to the right with the RS-D. With the AF-153 if I am not careful it can go to the right. BB4 is more automatic and a straight shooter, sort of like the Ryoma. Also, forgiving low face hits thanks to the wave sole construction. This past weekend. after seeing one of my playing buddies gain 20+ yards instantly by switching from the original M2 to the M4 ... I startred to develop an urge to try some of the newer model drivers!! Damn it!! Hate it when I do this!! Watched a bunch of Youtube videos last night and Cobra F9, Mizuno ST190, Honma TW 747 kind of have my attention. I might just go visit a shop his wekeend for a quick test! I really hope my RSD wins out!!
  7. nobmontana

    Japanese Driver?

    Have not tried yet but JBeam G-801 should be as forgiving or slightly more forgiving than the Jbeam Glorious. I actually thought the Romaro Type R 2017 was very forgiving and pretty long.
  8. Is this the 2017 version? can't tell without pics of the sole. you are also missing your name tag piece of paper.
  9. nobmontana

    Mizuno Pro Series

    It’s their new driver for 2019. New and Improved. Would love to try one!!
  10. nobmontana

    Tour AD shafts

    My favorite GD has been the PT and the BB. I do want to try the GP at some point. They don’t do anything wierd. Their designs must be fundamentally sound.
  11. Well, at least mine was. I found out when I regripped it and found the Shimada label on it.
  12. nobmontana


    dang!! really nice sets. I am gaming a combo with 4i and 5i of these 505 and rest are SUS 316. Would not mind an entire set of 505s really... so forgiving without sacrificing the forged feel. They are really really good irons. GLWS!!
  13. nobmontana

    thanks tsg

    took out my Seven x Shinagawa out for a quick 9 for the first time after re-shafting with Modus 125s. I had forgotten how beautiful these irons look at address!!! and the feel and sound when you flush them are just out of this world!! whoever gets these will not regret! GLWS
  14. I don’t say this about drivers but DAT55G used in my Jbeam GFW feels and sounds really good. But if you want best feel, 455 carpenter steel I think is the softest!!
  15. nobmontana

    Fujikura Daytona Speeder

    I've always been a Mitsubishi fan up until I got to try the Diamond Speeder. I mean I still like the Diamana stuff but the use of MR70 material which is actually produced by Mitsubishi Chemical ( their competitor ) really caught my attention. I like Fujikura's unbiased approach to just use the best materials out there regardless of who actually produces them. As far as weight class goes, I am opposite to you. I've gone down to 50g X flex to make up for my aging swing! 🙂 So this new Daytona is a bit heavier than what I am currently using.