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  1. I now have the standard ST190 (non "G" ) in 9.5deg which for me is working better. Much less likelihood of block shots to the right. Just as long. But best of all, the sound is much better with the standard. Built to 44.5" with Tour AD TP 6 S. In the mean time, I am waiting on a Jbeam G-801 head as well as KuroKage XD 60S. Haven't had too much luck with past Jbeam heads but I want to give it another go. I'm really hoping that the Jbeam built to similar spec as the ST190 is as long and forgiving.
  2. It was time to switch πŸ™‚ Miura CB1008 99.3 are now in the bag!!
  3. Additional info on the SUS316... #4 and #5 were stored in a box and were not used with the other heads. They have much less wear and look mint.
  4. Selling a couple of nice sets of iron heads. First, Epon SUS316 4-PW Chrome Plated version ( only 100 sets were chrome plated out of the 500 sets total for the SUS316 ) These play closest to the AF-301 or AF-302 in my opinion. SUS316 forged stainless steel is soft as heck! I used them for the last 6 Months or so... Always had head covers on so no chatter marks on the back side or top line. There are some pin size nicks on the sole, face and leading edge if you look for them. Have not been bent. Standard Loft and Lie. Hosel has been cleaned out, so they are ready too be shafted. $700 PAYPAL net shipped within CONUS. Can and will ship elsewhere for actual cost. Next up, for those on a tight budget, I think these heads would make you smile. Very sought after Endo forged S20C ( read "very very soft" ) PRGR ID BL 5-PW heads only. There are definitely some wear from normal usage including some milder chatter marks. No big dings or anything. Please look at the pics. Might make a great candidate for a refinishing project. Hosel are cleaned out and ready to be shafted. $225 PAYPAL net shipped within CONUS. Can and will ship elsewhere for actual cost. Lastly, a Mizuno GX 9.5 driver head only. Condition is 8/10 195g but I am including 5 weight screws where you can increase the weight upto about 203g. Screws are Taylormade screws but pitch and size are exact and works well. This head is as forgiving as anything out there. Strong Forged Elite Titanium SP700 face has good pop at impact without being overly loud. There are a couple of small paint chips along the toe side of the leading edge of the crown. Not very noticeable but I thought I would mention it. I played it at 44" and it was a real fairway finder still with good distance. $150 PAYPAL net shipped within CONUS. Can and will ship elsewhere for actual cost. Here are the pics:
  5. what Seahawks? LOL.... major overhaul of the receivers this year... looks like Wilson will have to run the ball again on his own this coming season. 😞.
  6. I'm unfortunately not available from June 21 to July 5.
  7. specs? back side pics please.
  8. Hi guys, So it looks like this Loomis Trail Golf Course ( https://golfloomis.com/ ) in Blaine, WA might be a good track for us in WA and members in Vancouver BC to meet up and play a round together! I'm thinking of a Saturday or Sunday in July or August. Any preference of a date?
  9. Very nice!!! While I love the, "play golf and then go home" simplicity of US style golf, I do enjoy the full day experience of going to a nice course in Japan starting with a tasty breakfast, followed by a full 1 hr lunch with beer at the turn, then after completing the round end with an Onsen bath to relieve the tension before heading home. We have many Sakura trees planted here in WA but I've yet to see one on a golf course. Such a nice view with the Sakuras.
  10. I'm sorry that you had to go through all this and I applaud you for doing what's right! Probably won't make you feel better but many of us have gone through a similar scenario. For future reference, there are a list of authorized dealers on Epon website. If where you bought is not in that list, they are not supposed to be selling any new Epon equipment. I've reported a few posts on the Japanese auction site because they were so obvious they were Epon counterfeits. The auction company takes them down but they quickly come back to post the same item with a different user name. They are all over the place and they aren't going away anytime soon. Anyway, since you are in Vancouver BC, you should come down to Seattle one of these weekends and come play with us! We meet approximately once a month and play at one of the local courses. Cuistot and Dr. Shankenstein (and his friend Joe) are great guys to play with. It's all casual friendly golf while chatting talking about JDM equipment!
  11. Thanks, Cuistot for sharing the pic to our fellow members my missed 2 ft putt!! πŸ˜… I actually had a few of those in the front 9 yesterday. 😭. Not to make any excuses for the front nine score, I will say that I recovered really nicely on the back nine (as I usually do ) with 11 strokes better than the front!!! On a more serious note, anyone have good tips on a how to get a good warm up to be really ready on the first hole?
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