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  1. Seven MCBs might fit the criteria the best. Forgiveness would be similar to a Game Improvement set but lofts are Player’s CB specs. It’s a rare breed. You can custom order Miura PP9003 with weaker lofts which might be another good option. Both of these irons would be more forgiving than Z765 and likely be better feeling in my personal opinion. But then again feel is highly subjective.
  2. Yup. I had it earlier in the year. This is a very well balanced driver. Type 1 is more traditional Mizuno MP shape. Type 2 I think is aimed at players who's gotten used to USDM forgiveness and adjustability but seek Japanese traditional shape. I prefer my drivers to have bonded hosel.. reason why I tried it but let it go rather quickly. Contrary to what a lot of people think, the smaller type 1 is easier to draw and type 2 from other reviews and my experience is straight to slight fade biased. Feel and sound is one of the best in the market. Lively and refined.
  3. yeah... some pics so you know what I mean.
  4. 2014 model MP Craft is not really "adjustable." = there is no shaft adapter That is a rubber cover that goes over the Titanium hosel. It uses epoxy bonded shaft.
  5. " certain level of quality, functionality and workmanship " Ummm You just described the majority of JDM drivers. You need to state your preferred head shape , head size, preferred trajectory, workability vs forgiveness, shorter build or longer build... there are literally ton of choices.
  6. Thanks! I'm really liking what's in my bag now too. I've shuffled clubs in and out like a mad man over the last 5 years and this is what I ended up with. I need to slow down now. .. or not! :)
  7. I have OTI 105 in one of my current sets. I think the flight is mid high very stable yet super smooth. One of the better feeling Graphite iron shafts in my opinion. I have not tried the new OTi Tour series.... supposedly lower launching than the regular OTi
  8. Okay no interest on any of these .... so I am putting together a third set for myself! Labospec is still left and reduced to a ridiculous price!
  9. JDM drivers are designed to hide their size. However, even the most compact looking 460 may seem like a pancake relative to your 380 Dymo. based on pics i found of the Dymo , it has a relatively round profile (not pear shaped ) , semi-deep face, semi shallow back. Some smaller JDM are : Freiheit The G 415, Epon Zero, Epon Zero Kai, Mizuno 611 The Craft, Yamaha Inpres V203 Tour Model , Agrind Y-Proto, Baldo 568 , Tourstage P02-6, S-Yard T.388 .... just to name some off the top of my head. All listed here are 420cc or smaller. Some are also older models... The definition of forgiveness can be very different for each person too. So shape and profile in addition to size should be considered.
  10. 22 deg is around 235g
  11. You need to take grip weight into consideration. Also, I bet the shaft weight is uncut raw weight as well.
  12. Looks like you'll have to be the guinea pig on this one, Mikey! :)
  13. No experience with Zodia 801.. but 17-4 body + 455 combo is the same with Modart and A-Grind. From the pictures the Z801 looks pretty deep. 185cc 3W is also not that small.
  14. I totally forgot about the Grandista RS-F... as gregoire says, it is similar to the Crazy Full Titan from a shape perspective and is one solid fairway wood. Also if you want to be different, Zodia OZ Ti fairways are actually good performing woods. The shape of the head is longer from toe to heel , semi shallow profile. Feel and sound were exceptional. The pop off the face felt more like a driver.