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  1. Monaco stiff shafts only

    I bet these feel dreamy!! wonderful combo! GLWS
  2. Benock World White Dragon Putter - Base Model

    I feel this is a putter type missing from my arsenal. A center shafted wide blade! The hitting area looks nice and thick which I prefer because it usually means softer & denser feel.
  3. CB-1008 with many custom grinds

    Are these all done thru the available options offered thru their Miura Craftman World program? That is a good looking iron!
  4. New Orion Irons

    I’d add the Masda Fast Muscle Back in that list.
  5. Updated pricing for the new year!
  6. Callaway Epic Forged driver

    Now that the global model Rogue will be released next week, I am now wondering if Callaway Japan will also do a Rogue Forged Driver? Rogue looks to be a bit more forgiving in general compared to the Epic.
  7. New Orion Irons

    https://ameblo.jp/golf-detective-maeda/entry-12337643039.html I kinda liked the previous Tsubame x Orion irons. These new ones somewhat have design resemblance of the Seven CBs.
  8. Putting Aids

    I had the Yamada one for a while.... the one issue I had with that trainer was the fact that it forced you to stroke in an actual straight stroke. Unless you have a lie angle of 90 deg, making a natural stroke with a putter with 70 deg lie angle should inevitably result in a slight arc movement. The Yamada trainer unfortunately does not take that into account. Still, I do think the DVD that came with the trainer provided some good thoughts about putting posture and rhythm. Also read Yamada's biography book that came with the trainer pretty interesting. :) I currently have a Ryoma "Umakunaru Cup" ( Umakunaru means "Will Improve you" ) https://www.ryomagolf.co.jp/webshop/index.php?_page2=detail&c=04&i=0017 - The size of the cup itself is 10% smaller than a real hole. - The side slope forces you to aim at the middle of the cup. - The shallow cup profile forces you to putt with just the right speed. If too weak , the ball will deflect to the side , if too strong the ball will come right out of the back side. Simple yet very effective in my opinion. Currently, I am really wanting to try the Pelz putting tutor that Matsuyama uses.
  9. Miura Giken's New HAYATE Driver

    I would be hesitant to pay almost double a Geotech head just for the "MIura" logo on it.