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    '14 MP Craft - Seven Dreamers | SFD X7 Ti 3W - FEx Proto 2014 Ver.1 | Ping G UT - Crazy STP | Seven x Shinagawa MB - TT Monaco | Miura MG S-01 - TT Monaco | Geo Galaxy - Dogatti PT
  1. 2014 MP Craft 9.5 200g - It's a really good head .. More forgiving than it's predecessors for sure.
  2. Unfortunately, no links provided about the 18 driver test.
  3. Considering replacing my Mizuno MP Craft head currently paired up with a Seven Dreamers shaft. While it is a very stable pair and I am getting good performance, I don't feel that I am maximizing the distance potential of the shaft. Found a couple of candidates from recent boutique releases. I do like heads that provide softer feel at impact as well as sensibly muted sound. The SP700 + Carbon Crown combo on the Zodia has a similar construction to the Grandista RS-001 Ver S which I really liked from a sound and feel perspective. Distance was good too but not as forgiving as I wanted. I read somewhere that there is only one factory in Japan that can produce Carbon Crown Driver heads..... so if this one is also made in Japan, perhaps it is from the same factory as the Grandista. Also love the carbon pattern showing on the crown. Would match the raw carbon look on the Seven Dreamers shaft perfectly! No experience with the ZA008 Ti used on the GTD Code K driver.. I think Freiheit drivers also used this ZA008 material. But it was mentioned that this particular driver came in No.1 in carry distance in a recent 18 driver shootout. Zodia Z921CC 460cc SP700 face / 811 Ti Body / Carbon Crown 10 deg loft only Designed for exceptional feel and piercing trajectory GTD 455 Code K 450cc ZA008 Face / 6-4 Ti Body Adjustable hosel 9 deg to 11.75 deg Designed for explosive carry / No.1 in carry distance in a 18 driver shootout
  4. How is this different from modern "players" irons having a 46 deg pitching wedge when 25 years ago everyone had 49 deg pitching wedges? I think its all about filling the distance gap. If you can fill your distance gaps with these irons, they should work out fine. Egg series has been a very popular product line in Japan. I look at them as the Japanese version of Ping G series.
  5. I like the silver color scheme they adopted for these new PC and PF irons. Looks much cleaner and classier!
  6. X Axis: From Left to Right > draw promoting to fade promoting Y Axis : From Bottom to Top > low launch to high launch
  7. Driver: Epon AF-153 / AAA 2015 Fairway: RC SFD X7 Ti / FEx BX70 (Current) Hybrid: Adams A12 Pro / Proforce VTS 100 Irons: Yonex Nextage Forged Cavity / DG Tour Issue S400 Wedges: (Original) MP R Series in Black Ni 52 & 58 / NS Pro WV 115 Putter: Odyssey White Ice iX #7 Center Shaft
  8. Need to wait for the specs to come out. Occasionally, they differentiate the lofts on Global vs Japan versions of their products. MP54 global model had weaker/higher lofts compared to the Japan model for example. Having said that, for muscleback models, it is likely they will both have traditional lofts.
  9. Nabla Tours as the name suggest are great looking tour irons slightly larger sized than other tour irons. However, flight is definitely lower compared to 503 or similar models. I noticed that you use NS 950 which in my opinion is a mid to higher launching shaft. What you could do is to find a head that you like from a feel and offset perspective and pair them with some high launching shafts to help you with the launch. Perhaps even try some graphite shafts with low kick point.
  10. When "feel" is a requirement , typically you'd think a full forged option is the way to go, but I guess some people like the slight clickiness and springiness over dense buttery feel. I'd prefer the MCB over any multi construction but thats just me. Based on the attributes mentioned, Id think RS Forged or TMB would best fit his requirements. Possibly the new Egg PF as well.
  11. Thanks!! believe it or not, pictures do not do justice! its pure perfection in the flesh!!
  12. I am very much hoping that it will become my Birdie generating weapon!
  13. Thanks!! This is their standard bead blast finish. The other standard finish is a more shiny finish which I believe is pretty much straight out of the millimg machine. Though the raw finish would have been cool, I didnt want the reflection to bother me on sunny days. They also have a black finish as an added option. Of course!!! I'll have to dig up my notes but think about a full swing analysis done with your driver and irons and imagine doing the same for all variables associated to your putter stroke. Its interesting to know why some putters work better for you over others!
  14. My putter has arrived!! It's really really nice!! I no longer need to wonder whether a putter is a good fit or not. It's tailored to perfectly fit my stroke! What's also cool is that loft and lie are not just adjusted by bending... my custom specs are implemented via custom CNC milling programming . Thank you Chris for arranging the fitting appointment with short notice while I was in Japan and thank you for the quick delivery as well! Can't wait to take her out on my next round!!
  15. I don't think they retail those driver heads. I was told that it is just a head they use for demo of their shafts.