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  1. Out of those three, I would go with the Closer CB. ( or even the CB/MB Combo )
  2. Interesting. But it actually isn't the first time I heard of this. One of my playing buddies had the same issue. He hit his irons miles longer than I did but his wedges were much shorter. I think you just have to forget about the lofts and get a club that gives you the right distance gapping.
  3. Gamed the CB4 for a while. I thought the face was a bit too deep for hitting it off the deck. Was great off the tee. The Ti face was very hot. But after trying the AF-202HT, which as you all know has one of the shallowest face on a 3wd. My jaw dropped with how easy it was to hit it off the deck! I have been using shallow faced fairways ever since. Deep faced FW just isn't forgiving enough for me.
  4. The doctor mentioned that my dizziness probably was a benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. I was in a dark room crouching down. and when I tried to get up was when it happened. Now on light dosage of blood pressure lowering medication together with regular exercise during the weekdays my blood pressure already seeing improvements. Also had a blood test done and triglyceride is high. Possibly slightly diabetic too. I think I just need to drastically reduce my weight down about 45 lbs or so.... get down to about 180-185 lbs...
  5. Do your wedges have much heavier shafts compared to your irons? OnOff '15 Kuros have 45 deg PW but if it has a much lighter weight shaft compared to what is in your wedges, that might cause distance discrepancies. I have a 46 deg PW which goes 110 yrds in current winter conditions and Japan Model 50 & 56 deg RTX4 Forged with distances of 95 and 80 respectively. All have DG S200 AMT in them.
  6. Japan always have the cooler stuff!!! If the Japanese companies had stronger global marketing power and advertisement skills, it wouldn't be like this.
  7. Unfortunately never tried the PRGR RS FW so I can't really speak to that. I don't have an issue launching the ball with the Modart MA01F. It has a shallow enough face that it can pick the ball up from the turf. But compared to more modern Ti heads, I do think the trajectory is more penetrating when you compare like for like lofts. For instance my 13 deg JBeam G-FW which is a full Ti head, launch is about there same of slightly higher than the MA01F. This is likely due to the lower CG that Ti FW are known for. They are just easier to launch than all steel heads which have higher CG. You can also see that Modart has a longer hosel compared to more modern FW geared for forgiveness which typically indicates a higher CG If the MA01F had a deeper face, it would not be useable for me. The compact shape looks a bit intimidating at first but after a few shots, you realize that the shallow face helps a lot with forgiveness. I have a Loop FW Seven shaft in the Modart currently but considering trying the new FW Six TS this year. 70+g FW shafts are starting to feel a bit heavy for me though the control I get with this shaft is nothing short of phenomenal.
  8. Some cheap thing that I bought at Costco a few years ago. Ordered an Omron yesterday. Hopefully will read more true to actual.
  9. Bummer!! Sorry to hear the show was no good. I watched a YouTube video of this guy who was at the demo day this week and he was going around all the brands to hit their latest drivers. After making a round of all the booths, he picked 3 drivers he really liked: No. 3 PRGR Tune 02 driver No. 2 2020 OnOff Aka driver No. 1 Cobra King Speed Zone Other than the Cobra, he had preference towards JDM drivers!! Never seen this guy before and the video was very casually recorded but I just thought it was interesting that he chose those drivers. Maybe Tario took good care of this guy at the booth!? 🙂
  10. Went to a clinic this morning and found that my BP monitor device consistently reads 25 to 30 higher than when measured manually. We only had a couple of reads today but we're gonna monitor BP for the next couple of weeks and then a follow up visit. Dizziness may have been a one time symptom of Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) The doctor said High Blood Pressure is usually not associated to dizziness. A bit of relief, but at the same time, still consider this a good opportunity to look after myself a bit more. I hate getting old!! 🙂
  11. Last Friday night, after having dinner with a couple of drinks I go into my office and look at the PRGR drivers that I have been working on, thinking about what changes I want to make... Then all the sudden I started feeling dizzy and had lost sense of balance, gradually things started to look blurry.... Woah.. am I going to faint? Luckily I didn't, but called out my wife for help... She immediately said to measure my blood pressure and ... 180+ is showing on the machine. Holy cow!! This is the highest I've seen ever. I mean I've never been a low blow pressure person .. but when it was high it was in the 150s and very occasionally in 160s. Last 3 weeks I've been off of all forms of exercising due to the holidays and then recovery from oral surgery ... Been taking ibuprofen 600mg at a time 2-3 times a day for the last 2 weeks which could have been a contributor too. Anyway , this mini event got me really worried. My Mom had passed from heart failure which was caused by high blood pressure. My Dad who will turn 85 this year had high blood pressure problems during his 40s and 50s. So I guess it's partly hereditary but I really need to lose some weight and get myself healthy. This is ridiculous! but at the same time a reality. This was indeed a wakeup call for me to make some changes to my lifestyle.
  12. I brought out the Proto head today. It's the all black '16 RS-F in 10.5. I think I love this head more than the '17 or '18. It's not as forgiving and it has a smaller sweet area and the feel and sound at impact is a tad firmer than the newer ones.. In a way like a 2 stroke motorcycle from yester year with a very narrow powerband but explosive and brutal speed when you middle it. Very peaky! I love it. At 460cc you would think it would be more forgiving than the 445cc Grandista RS-D but I feel that the Grandista is quite a bit more forgiving. I'm gonna put the Loop GK in this '16 RS-F Proto and give it a go. 10.5 is the right loft for me in this '16 RS-F
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