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  1. I have a #4 TW-U Forged which are essentially the same as these TW-X heads. I found that when these are paired with the Vizard IB graphite shafts, they feel very good for a multi-material head. Size is compact like Victor says. Very very forgiving.
  2. Nippon Super Peening Blues are low. I've had Monaco Stiffs before and they felt boardy. I tried to love it because I absolutely think that bronze coloring is so cool! At the end, the shafts did not match my swing. But they were on the low launching side of things if I recall.
  3. Just had a great range session with my Cleveland 588MB / DG AMT S200!! I have the 4 iron in MB but decided to use a 588CB for the 4 instead. MB 4 iron is still scary looking to me!! Anyway, the ball went pretty much where I wanted for the shorter irons. Looks big and mid were much easier to hit than the full on S300. With a 47deg PW lofts arenโ€™t meant for distance but consistency is really good!! Will use more of this set over the winter in an effort to improve on my iron striking!! Yay blades!!! ( minus the 4 iron ... )
  4. I've recently moved from Modus 125 to Modus 120 and I am much better off on most iron shots. If anything I would like my trajectory to be a bit lower so I will be testing out JDM DG AMT S200 soon. At 52 years of age... straight DG S200s are just too heavy for me especially on the mid to long irons. Short irons I can still handle. So the AMT model should be just perfect. The weight on an AMT S200 #4 and Modus 120 S #4 is actually right about the same.
  5. Have not been much of a wedge guy but I really like the Miura S-01 and S-01 Tours. Currently also using Cleveland Japan RTX 2.0 Precision Forged wedges which were designed in collaboration with Hideki Matsuyama. Very sharp looking, ver soft and very spinny! The shape blends in nicely with the rest of the irons. Probably not the most forgiving though... Will also be exploring Cleveland Japan RTX 4 Forged wedges soon. I think these will be more forgiving.
  6. It's interesting how the smaller heads provide better results. Bigger not always better!!
  7. This driver is still very new. Not a lot of reviews out even in Japanese. I believe this head is JBeam's first head with a Carbon Crown. Lighter over all weight contributing to faster swing speeds. I also believe this is JBeam's first adjustable driver.
  8. I never gone on a trackman with my current RS-D / Loop GK set up but fortunately on Saturday I was able to get a glimpse of the kind of potential this combo has. I was in a 2 man best ball tournament on Saturday and the host had brought out their Trackman to hole number 9 and did a Long Drive hole on it. My RS-D in my primary bag now is a 45" build with a 9.5 deg head. It's D4 or D5 swing weight with 328g club weight. Not a distance build. It's more of a control driver. Anyway, I hit one out there perhaps not the best shot of the day .. but it stayed in the fairway to the left only about 2 ft from the rough! Distance was 239 carry and 272 total. Again not the best number that I could have had but actually it held up through the tournament and I won the driving contest!! Now for the real fun part.... the guy with the tablet said that my drive registered a 1700rpm back spin.... "Uh say what??" that is really low... in fact too low for my swing speed. Heck... I have a 10 deg head an another shaft that is slightly longer. Gonna build a Distance version of this combo! Will do a side by side comparo later today using, not a track man, but top tracer.
  9. They are 2015 models but I got mine brand new and unused this June. I only have about 10 rounds with them and they were protected with head covers all during that time. So no bag chatters. As mentioned in the post, 4 iron has a tiny nick on the sole that does not affect playability. These are the same models Yuta Ikeda used to become the money leader in 2017. N1-CB is named after being the first CB irons produced in their Niigata Japan production facility. They are excellent heads!! I wouldn't mind keeping them, but I recently had an urge to go back to less forgiving irons .. if you can believe that nonsense!! ๐Ÿ™‚
  10. Epon AF-505 4 iron was pretty good. but I'm currently using a Honma TW-U Forged 24 deg 4 iron with a stock Vizard 95 shaft. Really easy to hit even though the head is pretty compact. I liked this so much I bought a 21 deg 3 iron for my set in Japan that I use only once a year during my Summer family visit.
  11. Many items still available and prices have been adjusted from already "low" prices to "stupid low" prices!! Hurry before they are all gone!! Thanks to those who have purchased their share of goodies thus far!!
  12. I should add... if you are after a compact sexy looking steel head that provides penetrating trajectory but with a shallow profile, Modart MA01F in 14 deg is it. 14 deg head is unique in its line up as it incorporates cup face construction whereas the 16 deg and 19 deg heads do not. I had a 19 deg for a while but the 14 deg just felt so much softer off the face probably due to the different construction. While the 455 steel face construction with a 14deg loft my scare some ... it is quite friendly when it comes to ease of launch and overall forgiveness because of the shallow face profile. It is also a bit easier to work the ball because fo the smaller size. Highly recommended!
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