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  1. Wow!! 2 sets of LEDs !!! And one of them are NEW?? I think they are the best wedges PRGR ever produced. GLWS!
  2. Got to be the last few that's left on earth especially in an S flex. I had mine saved for the perfect occasion but it seems that I've waited too long and these shafts are too much shaft for me now. Modus 120 Stiff are the perfect fit for me at the moment even with 5 days of gym time trying to maintain myself physically. 🙂 Getting older is tough!! Good luck with this sale!!
  3. Really? I've been getting quite a bit stuff direct from Japan thanks to the favorable exchange rate against the Yen and forwarding services like Buyee and Tenso. I need to stop now!! 🙂
  4. RM-W is a custom order only model with enhancement updates from the RM-4 based on feedback from tour pros. raw satin finish only. RM-Alpha is a new model that sits between the RM-4 and DJ-5 ... which means its more or less a slightly forgiving version of RM-4.
  5. Japan of course!! 🙂 US-England match was pretty good to watch!
  6. Oh yes... I had the privilege of trying their iron shafts back when they were still prototypes at the fitting studio in Tokyo. Had really good stability and even though it was in a n Epon 703 head, the shafts almost erased any kind of clickiness of the face. Never really took off as a product because of the uber high price but was definitely one of the best for sure! Seven Dreamers Lab as a company went under in 2019 and now their shaft division still lives under a new name called "Imide and Suns."
  7. How could I have forgotten! Crazy STP shafts in 85g or less are very good iron shafts. The 100g and above are too stout and boardy for most. I've used the 85g in my UT irons or Hybrids and they work very well. They are proprietary stepped graphite design.
  8. Black has weight flow whereas silver is constant weight. And perhaps that explains why the Blacks felt easier especially for the longer irons because they were actually a bit lighter than the short irons.
  9. Of the graphite iron shafts I've used before, Mitsubishi OT irons were pretty good as well as the Fujikura MCI Blacks. Did not prefer the silver MCI though.... Also, if you are on a budget, Mitsubishi Kurokage TiNi LBP (Low Balance Point) shafts are excellent. I have one in 105g now in my Honma TW-U 4 iron. I believe they also come in a 65g and an 85g. Titelist still have these shafts in their custom option lineup for their T200 and T300 irons the last time I checked.
  10. do a google look up on ディアマナ チップアダプタ ... should get you several online sources.
  11. I looked this up.... but they provide zero explanation of how this is achieved and no info on the inner diameter of the tip. If its a single piece carbon fiber tip, I'd be too worried about the tip section breaking due to the wall thickness being too thin. Only way I can think of is to make the shaft with hybrid construction a la Bi-Matrix with a metal tip section and cover the connection area with a nice heavy coat of paint. :) Aesthetically, that would be better for sure.
  12. yea I guess... but changing the neck/hosel design would change the head design all together. A Benock Pantaleone in a plumbers neck would not do itself any justice! 🙂
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