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  1. We have a Winter Tourney series going at my course and today was the 2 man best ball event and I ended up shooting my all time low of 70 !! 36/34 5 Birdies / 3 Bogies Wooooohooooooo!!!! As a team, me and my 75 yr young partner shot 4 under 68 (gross). Maybe good enough for placing. we'll find out next week. I set an ambitious goal of trying to shoot sub-70 in 2021 and I came very close to doing so today!! And it's still only January!! Had a couple of 15 footers go in the hole today which helped a lot. I wish I could putt like this all the time!! Putter w
  2. The black limited edition looks nice, but not sure why they didn't do the logo in the signature red!! would have looked much better. Gonna wait for the normal version.
  3. you have the new Tour 115? or the 115 Wedge?
  4. From what I read thus far, the new Modus 115s are of the 105, 125 family with high kick point. The raw weight of 115 is actually heavier than the Modus 120, which is somewhat confusing, but I would expect the 115 to perform midway between the 105 and 125 in terms of trajectory and spin. When I got fitted with the Project X LZ 5.5, the other shaft that performed similarly well was the Modus 105 S. However, Modus 105 S felt a bit too light for me and a bit too high trajectory. I'll need to try these 115s as they should fit me well. The only thing I am not impressed wth the PX
  5. My understanding is that the IO is the successor to the PXi. I am currently fit into the LZ which is middle of the range fits the broadest swing profile. The IO as you would know are designed to produce higher launch with some added back spin compared to the LZ. Love the new brushed finish of the LS and IO. Those Satin DOA heads will match perfectly with the IOs.
  6. JBeam Bullet was supposedly designed with lessening the effects of mis hits on the toe. The CG location is slightly biased towards the toe side. They said strikes on the toe were less likely to end up in a hook and distance not compromised. Having said that, from my personal experience, different shafts provide different striking patterns on the face. For me, a shaft with stiffer tip and low torque usually helps me strike the ball more consistently at the middle of the face. Shafts that have active (or softer) tip section, I end up hitting the toe sectio
  7. I actually don't know what they use for stock. But I recommend Shimada's stepless (NSTP) series with .370 tip. They are clean looking thanks to the stepless design and very high quality. Benock uses them for their stock. (NSTP-120)
  8. I hope everyone is enjoying Christmas day safely where ever you might be!! 2020 has certainly been different and challenging and even devastating for many. I'd say my family were one of the lucky ones where I still had a steady job and my wife and daughter continued to work as essential workers. Golf in the U.S. saw a huge uptick in the number of rounds played this year. That's a good thing for the golf community. Apparently, the only other year that had a bigger surge was 1997 when Tiger came into the golf scene! In any case, I am really hoping and praying that w
  9. That's not how it works buddy. You need to include a piece of paper with name and date within the picture as proof that you actually possess the items that you are trying to sell. Please read the below rules!! otherwise, I will have to remove the posting. **** Buy/Sell/Trade RULES! BUY/SELL/TRADE RULES Please post in the appropriate forum. We are getting tired of constantly moving people's posts and will delete from now on instead. The main area of the BST is for Used Japanese Golf Clubs Only There are two sub forums USDM Gear
  10. reviews need to come from folks who have tried the clubs. There is not a club in my bag where I have not provided some type of feedback... what about you guys?!!
  11. Not just the very mature swing... he had some serious distance using junior length clubs. He had a 3 or 5 wood that went like 175 yds....
  12. Yes... very good looking head indeed! Despite all the great reviews on this head, I've actually not tried it! At the time I was confidently playing an Epon AF-153 which has a similar profile as this Labo head. But now that I have 2 of my woods replaced with Labospec clubs, I have been staring at this thing!!! Then again, I also love my current Ping G410 LST set up.
  13. The RB-247 U3 Hybrid arrived yesterday... it's shafted with the stock Labospec Shinari U70 in Stiff... As with many of the stock Japanese club shafts, I was not expecting much from it.... WRONG!! Though I've only had a short range session, this UT is so much more forgiving than my current gamer Adams A12 Pro.... The Shinari shaft is so smooth but not whippy. In my 20 shots or so, all shots were pretty straight to a baby draw... easy to hit a fade too. getting about 200 yards I think. Plenty of height to stop on the green too which I was not getting from my Adams. I'll need to re
  14. You should correct the original posting too .... TT Monaco's are uber rare especially in Stiff flex and hold a certain premium value.
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