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  1. I don't think the heads have been bent. It's just the offset is so much less than what I have been playing lately. Slight adjustment was needed in my swing. With the GR forged I've been trying hard to not hit it left .... that same swing with the TR translates to hitting it to the right. When I go back to a more natural swing, the TR500 draws just right for me. So I am now rethinking about whether offset in irons helps me out or not. Project X shafts work well for me based on a fitting I did 2 years ago. With other shafts, I was not getting enough back spin. LZ gave me good
  2. I've got two PRGR drivers that I can use with this set. '16 Tour Issue RS and a RSF Proto Single Clover I've shafted the '16 with a Tour AD PT High Mod 6S and the RSF Single Clover with a Loop GK. 5 Wood is RS5 with a Loop FW6TS ... TR500 irons 4-PW Wedges 50 & 56 Cleveland RTX4 Forged (JDM) Gold's Factory T102 Irons are shafted with Project X LZ 5.5 now but I don't think these are the shafts. Will be tinkering further. 🙂
  3. thanks!! I had tried the Data 601 before and really liked how it felt. Believe they were Miura forged. I'll need to look for some 801s now... how about the old Super Tourney M205R or M305R from Macgregor? another classic that look forgiving.
  4. For those in North America, Happy Thanksgivings!! Hope you are all spending quality time with your loved ones!!
  5. I've owned and played a few forgiving one piece forged irons in the past. While I am not particularly long with my irons and I can play blades all day long, but I actually prefer to play irons with a lot of forgiveness without sacrificing feel and sound. I'm okay with sub standard (weird) looks. They just need to be really easy to hit. To name a few that I have tried previously: - Mystery WNC710 - Fourteen TC-340 - 2012 Tourstage X Blade GR Forged (current gamers) What others are out there? Maybe the original Egg Forged?
  6. Those are Titleist Japan Select Store items which usually means you need to buy them directly from Titleist Japan Select Stores located in Japan. Similar to Callaway Exclusive items. but definitely check with Chris.
  7. The PRGR 00 look sweet for sure and being Miura made, I am certain that they feel heavenly too. The surprise with the TR500 in my first range session was that the balls flew straight or with a slight fade. My current gamers, the '12 X-Blade GR Forged from 2012 are very easy to draw perhaps because of the additional offset. Perhaps the lack of offset wit the TR500 are straightening my shots. but then again it might have been the DG S200 that affected the ball flight. My TR500 heads are now curing in the LZ 5.5 shafts. I may take them out for a range session tomorro
  8. Thanks Ian. Sure. here are the comparo's Toe to Heel Length: TR500 > EZone Sole Width: TR500 > EZone Top Line: TR500 > EZone Toe Shape: Ezone is pointier Offset: EZone > TR500 (maybe a perception thing but it looks that way to me) Feel: TR500 feels softer than EZone Forgiveness: TR500 > EZone TR500 on the left
  9. After getting the RSF Prototype driver and the RS5 Fairway wood, I thought it would only be appropriate to pursue a near compete PRGR bag... So... last week I picked up a set of TR500 irons in pretty decent condition... They arrived at my doorsteps this morning and I took them out to the range after work with the stock DG S200 shafts... I was surprised at how forgiving it was for a set of forged irons as pure as they come. They also felt buttery soft but the shafts were too darn heavy for me. So my Ezone MB heads were removed from my Project X LZ 5.5 shafts this evening and they are going
  10. Stock offering of RS5 3W 15 deg and 4U 22 deg.... both in excellent condition. 3W does not have head cover. 4U comes with after market PRGR head cover. RS5 3W: $225 $175 Paypal Net + Shipping RS5 4U: $200 $150 Paypal Net + Shipping
  11. Putting this one back on the market. These are not sold in any of the normal retailers even in Japan, only available through PRGR fitting studios and fitting vans in Japan. New retail is 104500 JP yen with a stock "Made For PRGR" shaft. They don't sell head only either. It's a super nice head with performance to go against any other JDM or USDM drivers in my personal opinion. I bought this and the Single Clover model and the Single Clover is in my rotation now!! Single Clover is the workable driver and this Triple Clover is slightly more automatic. Features:
  12. Great example of how wedges should look. Simple and Sexy!
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