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  1. My current irons in the bag are 5-PW PRGR ID BL shafted with DG AMT S200. Very happy with how they perform , look and feel. I've recently been using the Honma TW-U Forged #4 as the 4 iron to fill the gap between my 18 deg hybrid and the 5 iron. Though the Honma TW-U forged is a fabulous club and very forgiving, the multi material head did feel different from my IDBLs. So I have been in search of a solid carbon steel forged driving iron for my 4 iron ( around 24 deg ) and even a 3 iron (21 deg). For the last year or so I have been on the hunt to acquire Buchi SP-301 driving irons which I understand are no longer being produced unfortunately. Finally last week, a couple of them showed up on the used market and I quickly grabbed them. An 05 and 06 model which are 21.5 and 24.5 deg lofts!! The 05 is shafted with an Attas Iron shaft 10 S and the 06 has a NS950GH S. Went out to hit them last night and they felt familiar and soft as my ID BLs. Between the two, I did prefer the feel with the steel shaft over the Attas graphite shaft. I am considering re-shafting them both with AMT S200 shafts to blend them better with my iron sets. Driving irons made with one piece forged carbon steel are rare and so I intend to keep these for a long time. Woohoo!!
  2. 2nd round of the match play against the same team today. Played the same guy from last week but this time on my home course. Again giving him 6 strokes . Ugh... I was 2 down after 14 holes. 4 holes left to play with two of the remaining holes were stroke holes!! No. 15 won the hole with a par... I'm now 1 down. No.16 (stroke hole) I had a par. He had bogie so we push. No.17 I was par and he had bogie. Match is all square with 1 hole (stroke hole) to play and it's a par 5 dog-leg-right. I hit my Grandista RS-D perfectly with a slight fade down the right side of the fairway. He put his drive in the right tree line. Oh?... 2nd shot he hits a big branch and advanced the ball only 30 yards. 3rd shot he tops his 3 wood. My 2nd shot I hit my Romaro Type R hybrid 200 yards middle of fairway. His 4th shot was decent and lands on the green but 40ft away from the hole. My 3rd shot I am 115 yards away ... I hit a 3/4 PW and ball land on the low side but pin high. About 20ft away. His first put (5th) he leaves it short to about 10ft from the hole. I'm thinking he can still make 6 from there. OK so if I want to get a full point for my team I need to sink this putt. Been leaving some putts short today due to the greens being really slow from the rain we had last night. So all I am thinking at this point is "get it there" Luckily the line was pretty straight with slight up hill. I put all my focus on the alignment and gave it a nice wack. perfect line... a bit too much speed? BOOOOM!!! got my BIRDIE to win the match!!! While I admit I did enjoy the 6 and 4 win last week... I think I enjoyed this week's down to the wire game so much more. I had so much fun!!
  3. > yea can be done, but rather 20! I would hate it if I had to carry and walk 20 clubs in my bag!! 🙂
  4. Late this Summer I acquired a Shinagawa "split set" MB irons which consisted of 5 irons named 'long', 'mid', 'short', 'pitch' and 'sand.' Well last weekend, on Veterans Day, I decided to take this set out for a round at a short and narrow local course. Ended up 3 over par on a par 69. Not bad ... My set make up that day: Grandista RS-D 9 deg / Loop GK Modart MA01F 14 deg / Loop FW Seven Modart MA01H 19 deg / Crazy STP 85 Shinagawa Spilt Set / AMT Tour White S200 Gold's Factory T-102 Prototype (9 clubs) On some of the shots, I had to choke down and hit 3/4 shots etc... trying to make the most out of the clubs I had. And it worked out pretty good. When I hit the Shinagawa "Long" irons, well it was really really satisfying as they are essentially a 5 iron in blade form. Only issue I have with the split set were with the wedges.... just a bit too bulky. Next time around I will replace the Pitch (50) and Sand (58) with my Matsuyama Cleveland 588 RTX2.0 50, 54 and 58. Will increase the set to 10 cubs but still much lighter to haul around! 🙂 "The Walking Golfers Society" watch out! Here I come!!
  5. PRGR RS Wedges sold. Prices lowered on the other wedges.
  6. 1. Fourteen DJ-33 50, 54, 58 wedge set Cond. 8.5/10 Standard L/L/L Modus Wedge 125 on the 50 and 54 , MCI Wedge Mild 125 on the 58 !! SOLD !! 2. PRGR RS Wedge 52 , 56 heads only Cond. 8/10 Lie looks to be around 2 deg upright. !! SOLD !! 3. Miura S-01 99.3 Pure Wedges 52, 58 Cond. 6/10 Chrome is worn on the sole and face. These were custom ordered from Miura Craftsman World with Copper underlay Double Nickel Satin. 52 deg has a dent on the leading edge. Should not affect play. Looks ugly. 58 deg has copper underlay showing. I think this would be a good project for stripping the chrome and use it raw or re finish. Shafts are Modus Wedge 125 with Iomic IXX Black grips. $100 $80 + shipping 4. JDM Odyssey Stroke Lab #7 - 34" Super Stroke 2.0 grip Earlier this year I was having some putting issues with my Benock gamer so I wanted to try a mallet that didn't have a typical polymer insert. Found a brand new Original Stroke Lab online in Japan. Sure enough, this putter has a solid firmer feel than any Odyssey putter with an insert. I also replaced the original Stroke Lab pistol grip with a Super Stroke Mid 2.0 with a counter weight to mimic the grip weight of the original rubber grip since the whole point with these Stroke Lab putters is that they made the head slightly heavier and grip heavier with an ultra light shaft. Condition is close to new due to minimal use. Will include unused brand new head cover and unused original pistol grip. $150 + shipping Here are the pics: ]
  7. Thanks guys!! Gonna be making slight adjustments to my set up. - The 46 deg RTX 4 is not forgiving enough to get full shot distance consistently. Going back to the PW in the ID BL set. - Just picked up a couple fo Buchi SP-301 driving irons. 21.5 deg and 24.5 deg. (Remember these? been looking for them for a long time since Buchi no longer make them) - Putting JBeam GFW 3W back as well as Romaro Type R UT. *** Grandista RSD 9deg / Loop GK Jbeam G-FW 13 deg / Loop GK Romaro Type R UT 18 deg / Crazy STP 85 Buchi SP-301 21.5 & 24.5 / shafts TBD but likely DG AMT PRGR IDBL 5-PW / DG AMT S200 Cleveland RTX 4 Forged 50 56 deg / DG AMT Tour White S200 Benock Blue Dragon II
  8. Had an away Men’s club match play event today. Was paired against a 10 hdcp. I’m playing to a 4 now. Had to give 6 strokes!! That’s a lot to over come!! We were All square to No. 5 but starting on No.6, things started working my way. Won 6 to 9 for a 4up at the turn. Gave away No.10 due to a 3 putt, halved No.11. From there, I took 12 thru 14 to finish the match. 6 and 4!! Felt really good!!! Today’s set up: Grandista RSD 9deg / Loop GK Modart MA01F 14 deg / Loop FW Seven Modart MA01H 19 deg / Crazy STP 85 PRGR IDBL 5-9 / DG AMT S200 Cleveland RTX 4 46 deg / DG AMT S200 Cleveland RTX 4 Forged 50 56 deg / DG AMT Tour White S200 Benock Blue Dragon II
  9. Hi Folks, Here is one of my back up heads but this loft was not right for me. Grandista RS-D Driver Head Only 10 deg / 200g / Head Cover (unused) excellent used condition Face angle is neutral but to me looks a tiny bit open. My understanding is that they are all sold out of these heads and not making any more! Such great driver! Will ship worldwide. SOLD!! Thanks TSG!!
  10. Type R is so good! SP700 face too. And with that shaft, Maaaan!! what a combo!! such a good price too!. someone grab these quickly!! GLWS!!
  11. Send an email to Chris from the Proshop if you want custom refinishing.
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