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  1. Nothing against the SP Blues... I like them too. but I think they are Nippon's attempt to create something similar to Dynamic Golds. When you compare the steps on the SP Blue side by side against DG S200, they are almost identical. Obviously, quality control and tolerance are no comparison between the two but the design may be very similar.
  2. Modus 120 was their first Modus model. I honestly think they totally messed up with the stiffness specs. 105 was next and this time they did it right. 105 S is just above 950GH S which makes sense. 130 is a beast of a shaft. I actually won a set from Nippon when it was first introduced in the U.S. I had to Soft Step a Stiff. Here is a list of the top 7 stiffest in the list that I have but not including the DG X7 or the PX 7.0. I'm sure those are even stiffer. But notice how Modus 130 S is stiffer then X100. *** Modus 130 X 376 CPM K's Tour X 368 CPM Project X 6.5 362 CPM KBS Tour X 360 CPM Modus 130 S 359 CPM Project X 6.0 356 CPM Dynamic Gold X100 354 CPM
  3. I think an AF-Tour CB #4 or SUS-316 #4, AF-302 , AF-301 #4 would be good candidates loft wise. I think they are all 24 deg Any of these are more forgiving than a #4 AF-Tour MB in my opinion. If you are okay with other brands, Honma TW-U Forged #4 (24 deg) is a good multi-material driving iron that is quite forgiving for the size. It's not too bulky. I found that these Honma more forgiving that Mizuno's MP-18 MMC or Titleist T-MB in a smiler loft and better feel off the face.
  4. Thanks for the info!! Look at that.... paint in the cavity going flaky....
  5. Problem I had with the K's8001 ( which is a uniflex model ) was that I got too much spin resulting in loss of distance by a significant amount. Felt really nice though.
  6. I'm now wondering if 125 R might be a good one to try.
  7. Many that I have spoken in the past love the feel of Modus 120 Stiff with their forged irons. Then they try 105 Stiff and are not hoppy because the feel at impact is harsher. 105 Regular is at a similar CPM with the 120 Stiff. Hopefully they will feel as good as the 120 Stiff.
  8. In my quest for improving consistency in my irons, I've decided to try a couple of other shafts. Will be trying Modus 120 Stiff and Modus 105 Regular with my current irons to see if I can gain consistency over the 125 Stiff that I have been using the last 18 Mos. What I'm hoping to achieve is to be able to hit my irons without grunting on each swing.... and hopefully to bring out the better/softer feel of the forged heads. Obviously shaft frequency is not the only thing that determines how a shaft fits your swing... but nevertheless I feel the need to try. Perhaps this might be useful info for others too so.. Below is a list of Modus series in the order from stiffest down to least stiff. Also throwing in 950GH, DG S200 and X100 for comparison. All based on standard 5 iron length with similar weight heads. 130 X 376 CPM 130 S 359 CPM DG X100 354 CPM 130 R 350 CPM 125 X 351 CPM 130 R 350 CPM 105 X 343 CPM 120 TX 342 CPM 950GH X 340 CPM 125 S 339 CPM DG S200 335 CPM 120 X 327 CPM 105 S 327 CPM 950GH S 325 CPM 125 R 324 CPM 120 S 316 CPM 105 R 314 CPM 950GH R 311 CPM 120 R 308 CPM
  9. I’ve never tried graphite irons above 100g range... let us know how they work for you!! I’ve only tried the Recoil 95 in a driving iron. Was really good feeling.
  10. My swing unfortuinately isn't down blow enough to justify using blades full time. I'm guessing forgiving irons that are slightly larger in size tend to make me sloppy overall with my swing. With forgiving clubs I get away with some of the lousiest swings. Over time, It has a downward spiral effect in swing, score and game, The "improve score & handicap" initiative I've set at the start of the year really started to take a hit after switching to forgiving irons. Seems opposite but I remembered what Bob (Owner of a golf course in Bozeman, Montana) told me about "Game Improvement" clubs. He said if I wanted to improve my game, I needed to use the least forgiving clubs possible. The term "Game Improvement clubs" is deceiving because over time, your game (skills) will actually NOT improve. I'll be rotating ID BLs and Shinagawas MBs for a while to see if I can get back on track. Also have the Miura 99.3s that I can shaft up... yeah maybe I'll go ahead and do that.
  11. I need some medical leave from work for whatever disease this thing is.. 🙂
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