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  1. nobmontana

    Epon AF 202 3 HT wood (PRICE TO CLEAR)

    202 HT for me was a game changer in that it really gave me confidence to hit 3W off the deck. Anyone struggling to hit 3W off the turf should give this a try. It is very easy to hit despite its compact size. GLWS
  2. nobmontana

    Honma TW-U forged stock shafts....

    OK TW-U #4 is carrying 180 now , Good!! but 5 iron is still only going 160 carry.... It is waaaay more easier to hit than the Shinagawa blades is the same loft so I guess that'll do. The club now feels a bit better with the steel shafts compared to the Vizard shafts too which was a bonus that I was not expecting. In the bag they go!! Okay!! my two sets are all set for the season! bring out the sun!!
  3. I picked up a couple of TW-U Forged, #4 and #5 recently and was trying them out with the stock Vizard IB95 Stiff shafts. Though they felt wonderful and the club is overall very forgiving and a joy to hit, I wasn't quite getting the distances I was used to seeing with normal 4 & 5 Irons. With my 4 iron I usually get 180 or so carry which will take me to about 190 yards overall , 5 iron is abut 170 carry and 180 yards overall. That was with my 24 and 27 deg Shinagawa MB irons. With the same loft on these Honmas TW-U and provided that they have maraging steel faces, I would have thought I'd at least get like 10 more yards out of them easily... but that wasn't the case. I'm guessing that the Vizard shafts are just a bit too light and spinny for me. It goes super high and doesn't carry much and it doesn't roll much either. It's an iron so I am not looking for uber long distances but I do want them to go the right distance. So.. I am now re-shafting them with the Modus 125S that I had in my Shinagawa MB 4 &5 ... In the past, I have had experience where Modus 125 just went further for me compared to other lighter iron shafts. Lower flight and likely lower spin too. We shall see.
  4. nobmontana

    Mizuno ST190G impression.

    Well the match made in heaven did not last long!! I think 50g shafts are a bit too light for this head. Going back to a 60g Stiff. I think TP6 S would be a good match.
  5. nobmontana

    Mizuno ST190G impression.

    Tried the Speeder TR in the ST190G head and it is a match made in heaven!! Initially thought the Speeder TR was a bit boardy when I had it in a 200g head ... but in the 207g ST190G head, I can totally feel the head and loading. Interestingly it now feels quite similar to the Diamond Speeder. Never thought I'd be a Fujikura guy but they are working for me.
  6. nobmontana

    Epon AF-155iZ US Spec head only / Mizuno GX 9.5

    The head comes with one shaft sleeve (adapter). I'll also include a ferrule that is the right size. 🙂
  7. Looking to sell these quickly as I have decided to just go with the Mizuno ST190 that I am having great luck with. These additional drvers are distracting to me when I really need to focus and play more instead of experimenting!! So I decided to move these along with great loss on my part! : ( First up: Epon AF-155IZ US Spec limited edition ( Only 250 produced ) head with shaft sleeve (shaft adapter). Limited Edition head cover + Epon Wrench & user manual included 9 deg / 200g / 1.0 deg open face Condition is 9/10 faint brush marks on the sole if you look very closely. $400 OBO + shipping Next: Mizuno GX Driver 9.5 driver / Diamana W 60 S + Head cover Condition is 9/10 some faint marks on the sole from normal use. Original MFUSION shaft included. $250 OBO + shipping
  8. nobmontana

    Mizuno ST190G impression.

    Just got back from the range. Oh boy this Epon is a tough one. It's forgiving as the AF-153 but I think its super low spin! Have not seen balls drop like this since the original Epon Zero.... Speeder TR is too low spin for this head. Will need to think of a different combo. Was not expecting this at all!! 🙂
  9. nobmontana

    Mizuno ST190G impression.

    I received the Epon 155IZ today and re-shafted it with a Speeder TR . The matte black crown looks really nice together with the matte black paint of the Speeder TR shaft! We'll see how she performs!
  10. nobmontana

    Mizuno ST190G impression.

    Second range session of the day. Got on Top Tracer to hit both the ST190G / ATMOS TS Blk 5TX and GX / MFUSION D-49 S So I was right about the GX. I still could not go all out with this shaft but still reached 270 to 275 yards a fairly easy swing. Seriously thinking about trying a low launch shaft to see what the numbers will look like. The other highlight of this range session came from my other driver. ST190G makes quite the pingy sound especially with range balls. Aside from the sound I am starting to like it a lot. Most of all the distance I am getting. Boy... this thing is a monster! I don't even know if these Top Tracer thingy are even accurate but even if it's not, it made me pretty happy tonight. Normal shots were reaching 275 to 280 and then around the 10th shot.... 302 yards..... wow!! first 300+ on the top tracer. A few shots more... 308 yards ..... a few more shots... then it came ... 312 yards!! Holy smokes!! starting to look like numbers from a Rick Shiels video!! 🙂 and these are from pretty badly worn range rocks too... Dang, bring me some real ProV1X balls!! Sorry to brag... but pretty darn good for a 51 yr old guy! I'm gonna sleep well tonight!
  11. nobmontana

    Mizuno ST190G impression.

    I've tried the previous 460 Strong Luck. It was pretty good. New one looks nicer with that Batmobile like fin. Baldo know how to produce good drivers.
  12. nobmontana

    Mizuno ST190G impression.

    My Mizuno GX driver arrived today and I just came back from a quick range session. The stock MFUSION S flex shaft is too light and flexy for me. But when I slowed down my swing, the ball just wanted to go straight. For a 9.5 it does go higher with this shaft combo. Shape at address looks pretty classy but it is shallow and flat. Reminds me of the 2016 Titleist VG3 driver which was a good driver too. Gobs of forgiveness as far as I can tell. Sweet spot is huge. Sound and feel were very pleasing. Way better than the ST190G. But perhaps not as muted as the MP Driver Type 2. It had a nice pop without any high pitched tinny sound. BTW this head also uses SP700 face. For the moment, I have to say that the head has very good potential. A low launch / low spin shaft could turn this driver into a monster. The ball flight did not look spinny even with this stock shaft and I was consistently hitting high draws that did not ballon on me. Just a nice boring trajectory. Next I will try the Epon AF-155iZ and decide to keep that or the GX. ST190G has earned a place in the bag at this point I think.
  13. nobmontana

    Grandista RS-D

    Great choice!!! For me this has been the best JDM driver to date. I've experimented 5 to 6 different shafts and settled on the current Diamond Speeder. Such a great combo! Hope you can find one soon!
  14. nobmontana

    Some fine Driver heads

    I sent you a PM regarding shipping costs.
  15. nobmontana

    Some fine Driver heads

    Yes International no problem as long as you can cover the actual shipping cost.