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    Ping G with Basileus Fiamma (x flex) PRGR Egg spoon with Speeder 2 (X flex) Titleist 712U 3 iron Titleist 716 AP2/MB combo (4 to PW) Titleist Vokey Design Wedge set (52/56/60)

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  1. Petethepilot

    bryon GSS . 365g ltd 100 piece prototype

    Beautiful putter Stew. My spec as well, except the following divorce would cost me heaps. s**t aussie dollar doesn’t help me either! GLWS
  2. Hi Bjorn, keen on the A-Grind Fairway. You didn't mention shipping and if I remember correctly shipping to from your part of the world isn't cheap. wht price am I up for shipped to Australia. thanks, pete
  3. Petethepilot

    LAJOSI catalina style

    Hi Stu, could u email me some pic especially looking down at address position from above! btw, I am in Tokyo next thursday! regards, pete
  4. Petethepilot

    SOLD long ago

    He won't sell u anything if u call him Doug!
  5. Petethepilot

    Garage Sale - CLOSED

    Where do u reside Staxxx?
  6. Petethepilot

    Titleist Japan Serial numbers

    Hi All, got a set of Titleist Japan T-MB's (5 to PW) through a japanese auction site. Should they have etched serial numbers on the hosel? most Titleist stuff I have previously bought has those etched numbers/letters. Concerned they may be fake! any thoughts?
  7. Hi, very good condition (very minor bag chatter) MB5002 irons (3 to PW) with KBS Tour S flex shafts and Golf Pride grips. standard loft/Lie/length. $620US posted worldwide. ($560 heads only) thanks, pete
  8. Petethepilot

    TT Monaco .. prototypes stiff flex..3/pw+dgx100

    They are the best Stu.....just too much shaft for me now! will let a few guys I know about them. pete
  9. Petethepilot


    Great combo this! I have 2 eggs, both bought after I hit Stew's! They get out there (5 to 10 short of my driver!). Hit a par 5 from 265 yards the other day....and I'm old! GLWS Stew!
  10. Petethepilot


    Hope life is good in Tokyo Stu. I am flying up there again (although only 24 hours in Narita). Try to catch up sometime! regards, pete P.S. i know those Honma's are priceless, but you might want to put a price up there anyway! GLWS
  11. Petethepilot

    Crazy Noir TJ-46 Flex 7.2 shaft 43.5 inches long

    S flex putter shaft Dean!
  12. Petethepilot

    Edel "Brick" putter 34" with weight kit - SOLD

    Message sent Jerry. regards, pete
  13. Petethepilot

    Edel "Brick" putter 34" with weight kit - SOLD

    Hi Jerry, I'm in Brisbane in about 10 days. If it hasn't sold by then, I may be interested. Never seen one in the flesh so not willing to commit without seeing it in person! r u still at BGC? regards, pete
  14. Petethepilot

    33" Putter

    I was going to get that one second from the left stew (the proto) in the group of 4 putters but u forgot to bring it to Oz. Remember that day at StAndrews beach. I wasn't sure u would survive the walk and the heat....with a Vegas style hang-over! 😜